Good Morning, Monday


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Good morning, sleepyheads! It's Monday :coffee:

We got some more snow and ice last night :grrr: Looks like we have some freezing rain going on now. I'm going to try to get into the office today. The kids have a 2 hour delay.

We went sledding last night again, it was fun. I put on SO's camo bibs, hat and gloves, the kids thought that was too funny!

SO was to go to work this morning. Left the house, 30 mins later is back in bed. Not running trucks today, too icy. Poor guy wants to work so bad.

Gonna brave the weather. Hope everyone enjoys their day!


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Good Morning,

Janna-I hate icy road conditions! I hope SO gets to work soon!

Here the big story has been the snow but unfortunately we will have school today-the plows are working all night to finish clearing the roads. Had a lot of fun in the snow yesterday and also made a new turkey breast recipe in the crockpot-easy child doesn't usually like turkey but she loved this!

I'm not looking forward to driving today because I'm guessing the roads will be somewhat icy-we had a lot of the heavy slushy stuff and I would guess it froze overnight-hopefully the salt will be working on the roads. After work I have my class tonight so it looks to be a long day-at least I had a relaxing weekend!

I hope everyone enjoys their Monday-hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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Good Morning Janna and all to follow :coffee:

It's No Meltdown Monday and the start of another week......only four more morning to go......

Janna, be careful driving in this morning. Wish we could do some sledding here. There was ice and snow all around us this weekend but all we got was rain. Absolutely no snow this winter :frown:

It's Monday so that means grocery, laundry, errands and house. easy child is leaving shorty for her behind the wheel and difficult child told me last night he wants me to wake him at 6:30. The boy doesn't start school until 9!!!!!! He's been mastering a game this weekend and wants to play before school. I'll let him sleep till 7:30 /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif

Have a great Monday everyone!



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Good Morning Sharon! We were posting at the same time! I did a bbq pork roast in the crock yesterday. I love that crock pot, especially in the winter. Have a great Monday.



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G'day, everybody.
I'm reading about your wintry conditions while husband & I are planning our holiday. We've been told that there's permanent snow where we've booked. There would have to be, with a couple of glaciers nearby (so you know we will be leaving Australia for this one). difficult child 3 is looking forward to it. So am I, although we'll have to make sure our winter gear is up to scratch, if all your winter tales are an indication. Icy roads, heavy snow falls... it will definitely be a new experience for us. I won't be able to ski, but I can still crawl onto a toboggan, I think. If we had more time and heaps more money, we'd be heading to the US to visit you guys.

We had a quiet Monday here, difficult child 3 working away despite a house full of young adults making a lot of noise.
Tomorrow is going to be busier for me - it always is, I have my local class to teach and then difficult child 3's drama class to go to, on the mainland.
Rain is continuing, on and off (mostly off). At least it's enough for the garden. Even the frog pond is almost full, after drying out to half since Christmas. And typical of the Aussie bush, everything is greening up fast, from the straw yellow it's been. Lovely. Bring on more rain!



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Good morning!
Janna- Be careful getting into work.
Sharon- Our plows worked through the night as well, be careful.
LDM- Enjoy your errand day.
Marg- Congratulations on the rain, I imagine the wild life is thriving.
We received several inches last night so I must shovel soon. I hope to drive Duckie into school today as I have to bring in a note to the school nurse releasing her from the allergy table. She psyched.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Good morning all! It's a day off of school for the kids, so it's a full house! We are going swimming this morning and skating in the backyard this afternoon...I'm tired already :smile:

Have a great day!
Good Morning Everyone!

Janna, Glad you had fun in the snow last night! Be careful driving today!

Sharon, I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend! Be careful driving today too! Your new turkey recipe is making me hungry!!!

Sharon, I hope your errand and cleaning day goes smoothly. If I could box up some snow and send it to you, I would!!! BBQ pork roast - HELP!!! All this talk of food in the a.m. is making me want something other than my yogurt,granola and fruit!!!

Marg, It is so nice that you and husband are planning a vacation!!! I'm glad you're going to get a chance to enjoy some quality time with your family... I'll think rainy day thoughts for you...

TM, I'm so glad Duckie is doing so well!!! I hope the shoveling goes quickly...

Christine, Swimming and skating all in one day - ENJOY!!! However, maybe you should make an extra large pot of :coffee: first...

Today, its back to school for my kids - I'm so HAPPY :smile:!!!
Last week was long and tough... :grrr:!!! difficult child 2's behavior was horrible :grrr:!!!

I'm going to have some more :coffee:, and then I have a bunch of errands to do and phone calls to make before having to pick difficult child 1 up at school.

I hope everyone has a great day :flower:!!! WFEN

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Good morning all,

Such a bright & cheery group this morning.

Janna, hope SO gets back to work soon - makes a man cranky not working.

Sharon, careful in that snow - it was a mess here yesterday; this morning will be a logistical nightmare for rush hour.

LDM, too funny about difficult child wanting to be up early to work on his new game. If only the tweedles would have that type of motivation with homework.

Marg, love seeing the garden take off.

TM, so cool about duckie coming off the "list". How exciting for all of you.

Christine, sounds like a fun day.

WFEN, sorry to hear that difficult child was so difficult - keeping body parts twisted that things pick up there.

"Hi", if I missed you or you snuck in.

I'm having a day not unlike LDM's. Laundry, housework, bill paying, etc. As husband has an interview this morning scheduled during our counseling appointment - I'm going to cancel that.

A day with-o having to leave the building sounds good.

Enjoy your Monday; keep it calm & safe.


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Good morning everyone.
Just popped in quickly to wish everyone a good day.
Going to children's hospital today for diabetic checkup on difficult child. She's not going to be pleased with the amount of weight gain he's had over the last 3 months, I'm not either. But trying to explain to difficult child why he can't constantly eat is like explaining it to a brick wall.
Once again I hope all have a great and stress free day.

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Good Morning!
I'm trying to get it together this morning. I have resumes to send out and house cleaning to do. Thought this would be the perfect time for spring cleaning since I'm not working right now.

We don't have anything anywhere near snow here. The weather has been great except for the wind damage from a couple of days ago. Looks like I get to have roofers over soon. Ripped lots of shingles off. :smile:

Have a meltdown free day!



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Be careful Janna! Sorry things were horrible all wk, WFEN...
Today is much better. difficult child was happy and well behaved.
(Of course... never for me, but at least I sent him out into the world in good condition.)
Still working on the obit... the family said $ is no object so I can do a long one.
I'm off to the dr to get a scrip for a sinus infect and earache.
Ack! As I was typing this I just got a call from the handyman svc... the guy who was coming out tomorrow hurt his back so our work will remain half finished for quite some time. That's an occupational hazard of being a handyman.


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Good Morning everyone. Hope you have a safe drive to those in the snow areas.
I have painters and gutter replacers working on the outside of the house all week. Paint seems to peel very quickly in the brutal sun of North Texas.
difficult child continues his application process for jobs.

Have a good day all.