Good Morning Saturday


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G'day, everyone. It's after sunset (I guess) but we've got a heavy thunderstorm overhead. They've been forecasting these for ages and one actually turned up!

I had a meeting to get to today but I wasn't missing my swim. But the morning dragged on with crowds in the local village shops slowing everything down. I finally dashed to the beach for a midday "power swim" followed by a fast "power shower" at home. Ten minutes later - on the road out of town. But first - fuel for the car. And more queues. This is a quiet town! All these people - where did they come from?
Then stuck behind a slow 4WD all the long drive to the mainland, through the winding curves (I'm sure they were really enjoying the scenery). Tourist season - and me without a gun!

Good meeting though. Glad I went. But the clouds were gathering as we left. I gave a young woman a lift home. She wanted to walk the last few km but a huge lightning bolt and some early rain made me decide to make the extra drive. As I dropped her off we were getting lighting followed by thunder only a fraction of a second later, if at all. And it kept going. Not a lot of rain at this point, so she dashed inside. I drove home as the rain got heavier and I timed the lightning and thunder. From what I could work out it was a huge storm cell stretching over about 20 or more km, so it seemed to follow me home (can we keep it?). Although, the further east I got the less rain there was. It was almost dry at home, but it's not now. Lovely rain! Blessed rain! But I'm not going out to dance in it because we're still getting a lot of nearby lightning. I might swim with sharks but I'm not that much of a risk taker!

Rain was falling so hard at times it didn't have time to run away. The road was flooded in places, just from an overload of run-off. Mind you, as I drove home, car swerving as it hit water sheeting across the road in places (haven't seen this much rain in months!) it was lovely to see all the tourists heading OUT of town and back into the city. Long strings of traffic heading out - and little old me, heading home. Lovely.

Thunder's still growling but the rain has almost stopped and the air is cool. Of course, the humidity is going to climb again but as long as we can keep the cool breeze overnight... please?

Enjoy your Saturday.

PS From Marg's Man

As she walked in when she got home she said "It followed me home - can I keep it?"

Of course I said yes but it was such wild weather that it ran away. We're in for a hot sticky night and the cool breeze she wanted probably won't eventuate.


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Good morning everyone.

Glad you were able to get some time in for a swim Marg. Darn tourists need to go home. LOL. Glad the meeting went well. Glad you were able to make it home safely. (We can't always keep what we want.. :smile: ) Hopefully the night won't get too humid for you.

Supposed to be nice here today. 35 for the high but no snow, I can live with that. difficult child woke up at 7am and crawled in my bed, although I was trying to make my bed, it will have to wait though. He shut the cat in the computer room, but with that big part of the door out from his episode that time, the cat jumped right through it, but now back in here with me.
Got some laundry to do, but other than that, I think I will kick back and relax.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I'm glad you got in your swim-a girl after my own heart! It's great you got some rain finally-I hope you get more soon.

Joanne-Glad you have a somewhat relaxing day planned-Enjoy!

Well I took the morning off from working at ww and I'm so glad I did-we already have about 4 inches of snow on the ground. We're supposed to get a break for awhile today and then it is supposed to snow again-all total I've heard anywhere from 12-16 inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon-why couldn't this have come on a Monday so we could have had a snow day out of it? Oh well-husband and I did buy a snowblower yesterday because we've decided we're getting too old to shovel!

Not much on the agenda today-if the roads are o.k. I'll go for a workout at the club :smile:husband's sisters are in town but staying with my niece so I'm not sure we'll see them today with the weather.

I hope everyone enjoys a fun day. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning all. Just wanted to stop in and say Hi. Hope your difficult child's act like easy child's today.


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Good morning. :smile:
Marg- We get tourists as well... but having been a professional retail manager I tend to look at them with $$$ in my eyes, lol! :wink:
Joanne- It sounds like your bedroom is the place to be this morning! I hope your day stays relaxing. :flower:
Sharon- I hear you about the shovelling. Of course husband doesn't think we need a snow thrower because it only snows significantly when he's out of town. :hammer:
Fran- Good morning to you as well! :kisses:
I've just got laundry today and I will attempt to make a banana bread with Duckie. Wish me luck! :warrior:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, glad you were able to get out swimming.

Joanne, sounds like a peaceful morning.

Sharon, we got the sleet last night - our forecast is for 18 inches over the weekend.

Fran, have a good day.

We're supposed to pick kt up from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) this morning - not sure that's going to happen as we've gotten 1/4 inch of sleet/ice on the roads this morning, soon to be covered by lots of snow.

Going to get a pot of chili going, catch up on the checkbook & read the paper before heading out to pick up kt.

"Hi" if you popped in - enjoy your day.

Have a positive day all - keep it calm.


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I Hope everyone has a nice day!!

difficult child and i got home late last night from the laundry mat. It is about a half hour away, and is very popular so i try to go when it won't be crowded. Yikes he was off the wall, as his medications. had worn off, but thankfully the place had about eight people in it. Today a few errands, then have to get difficult child to finish his homework as he decided to wait until today to start it. He has bowling tonight, so am hoping for a good day.


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:smile: Good Saturday Morning All :smile:

Yippie, it's Saturday and I got to sleep in this morning. difficult child and I actually woke up at the same time. I was sitting on the edge of bed getting ready to get ready to get up ( :grin:) when I heard his door creak open. I looked at the clock and realized that he and I slept until 8:30. Felt great.

Not a huge day planned here - but some small errands and household stuff - should be a nice day. I wish all of you the same.


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Good morning everyone! Yippee, it's Saturday! Got to sleep in, have a peaceful coffee and morning paper read. :coffee:

I have errands to run today and the usual housecleaning and laundry. difficult child is still sleeping and I just found out the easy child and her boyfriend have broken up so I will probably get a call from her later on. :slap:

Have a great day! :angel: