Good Morning Saturday

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    G'day, people.

    Well, today was wet, just enough to call off the family picnic that had been organised at husband's train track. So I headed out to my writing group after all. It was valuable, it was intense and I needed to pull over on the way home and catnap. By the time I got going again it was after sunset. I'd also done a little shopping on the way home, towards dinner tonight and tomorrow night.

    We went down to mother in law's a bit later because tonight we were pan-frying steaks. I then deglazed the pan with some thinly sliced Swiss brown mushrooms in a little butter and pit a small dab of Bearnaise sauce over the steak and baby potatoes (I keep a supply of home-made Bearnaise sauce in mother in law's freezer, like herb butter). Then I did some preparation for tomorrow night's dinner - rouladen. husband beat the round steaks for me while I chopped up the carrots, celery & onion. Then while he cooked tonight's steak (rump) I made up the beef rolls ready to cook. Into the pan with the beef rolls as soon as I served up the mushrooms, so while we ate, I'd already quickly seared the beef rolls and had left the finely chopped vegetables softening in the same pan, again deglazing it. I put it all together in one of my new large pots and it's now in the fridge with some leftover turkey stock from a couple of days ago. Tomorrow I'll set it up on the slow hot plate to slow-cook for about five hours.

    So dinner tonight is taken care of, with only a little more effort than cooking dinner tonight.

    So now I'm snuggled up in my pyjamas typing this up, ready for bed. It's been a full Saturday and I'm looking forward to maybe a sleep-in tomorrow morning. I've got a bit more work to do then, a client to go see but at least she lives in the village and it won't take us long. Tomorrow is the local open day for artists, I'm looking forward to seeing what our talented neighbours have painted or sculpted in the past month.

    A stimulating time.

    Enjoy your Saturday.