Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    We're still getting odd weather. It was cool and overcast today, not the best day for the nearby village art fair. We got woken by the phone - mother in law was in hospital, she had food poisoning through the night and very sensibly rang the ambulance. Do husband set off to see what was up and left me to get difficult child 3 working on his homework and then to go visit the fair on our own.

    We parked at therapist's house, she wasn't going but pointed out the way to walk through the bush. difficult child 3 was getting anxious tat we wouldn't find our way safely, but we did it. It was a lovely day, there wasn't as much art as usual but what there was was really good. The art exhibition in the bay - I waited until the tide was easing out, but in plenty of time to see much of the sculptures floating.
    One clever sculpture was made of plastic cola bottles half-filled with sand and lightly gold-sprayed, all arranged in the shape of a giant dollar sign. Will it float or sink?

    I bought some CDs there of a local opera singer, I just downloaded them to my iPod because that is where we listen to all our music at the moment. I just listened to them - she is good! I think difficult child 3 will enjoy them too. difficult child 3 took photos of everything, including of every art exhibit. He walked out into the bay with his ugg boots on, I think it will be summer before they're dry and he's going to have a salt high-water mark on his boots.I really don't know why he didn't take them off - some kids!

    We got back home after husband, who had been ringing me from the hospital to keep me updated. difficult child 3 did more work on his essay and I was so tired I fell asleep. Right now it's dinner time and because it's just three of us I'm grilling sausages for difficult child 3 and I'm going to re-heat some beef korma for me and husband. difficult child 1 is at church after helping girlfriend move more of her stuff into their flat today. I'm hoping he comes straight home after church, we need to get his car down to the garage so they can work on it tomorrow.

    Tomorrow is a busy day for us, with difficult child 3 really having to work hard to catch up on his schoolwork. I have to organise difficult child 1's car, book mine in for service as well, as well as probably fetch mother in law from the hospital if she's finally over the food poisoning.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  2. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, what a busy day your family had. Glad to hear mother in law is feeling better. The art fair sounds lovely. I wish our town had more accessible fairs.....smaller more walker/walking friendly. The tend to be huge affairs that can be uncomfortable...too many people & you can feel suffocated. I will make it to your little island some day.

    Busy busy weekend here.....all these Bob the Builder's hanging about. My baby brother & my brother in law designed the porch/deck/half tiered steps out back. It's about finished (which to me is incredible given the complexity of the design); the Bob's will be back this morning to put on the hand & guard rails.

    Early on in the day, I was on the back porch (3 seasoned porch) with Sally, who wanted to go outside. The Bob's were just setting up & I saw nothing wrong with letting the dog out for a bit. Turns out the Bob's had torn out the steps. Poor Sally ....... fell off the porch down 3 or 4 feet. She hit pretty hard & looked a bit dazed. I felt so bad. All the Bob's kept laughing. They shut up after I threatened to dump the beer down the sink & not feed them. I know after I turned my back there was snickering going on.

    My job is to head out to get another dozen fresh bagels & Dad request donuts this morning. I think I can manage that.

    Have a peaceful calm day.

  3. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Hope everyone has a Great Stress
    free day! Sending hugs out to everyone. Rabbit
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    :dance: Good Sunday Morning! :dance:

    I love this time change!!

    Marg, sounds like a nice day you and difficult child 3 had today. I'm glad to hear that mother in law is on the mend and probably home tomorrow. Rest up for your busy day tomorrow!

    Linda, glad to hear the Bobs are moving along! Poor Sally - but I can see the Bobs laughing now. This is going to be great for your ease of access to the backyard sanctuary. You are blessed to have these caring family members in your life - you are well loved.

    I took the day off yesterday. Didn't get out of my nightgown until the afternoon! Felt great! Today is another not-too-busy day. Bonehead and honeywife have invited the kids for lunch and a movie at their condo. easy child and I will be heading to the gym at 3:30. There is a class at 4:30 but easy child wants me to walk her around the weight machines. She has decided to start going a couple days a week before school in the morning. difficult child has a little work on his science experiement - materials list and procedure. Shouldn't take but 30 mins or so for that.

    The weather was a balmy 75 yesterday but about 62 today. We seem to be yoyoing this fall.

    Wishing everyone a great day today :winks:

  5. Andy

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    Marg - What a good day at the art fair. I hope mother in law is able to go home soon and difficult child 3 gets all his homework done.

    Timer - You sure know how to get the Bob's attention. Love it - get rid of their beer and food.

    Rabbit - Have a great day!

    Little Dude's Mom - Great day for you yesterday. Have a good time with easy child. I hope difficult child gets the homework done in a timely manner.

    This morning I need to try to get more people to join one of my tables for a trivia fund raiser on Friday. I really hope my friend D and her husband are able to do this - she is thinking about it - I am sure she has done this before. I did find a very fun person yesterday. I can't believe she and her husband haven't done this before. She asked if they would be the only 'older' couple. Nope - all ages participate and it is loads of fun! One 'older' single lady asked if she could be on my table so that solves my dilema of what to do with my seat on the original table. I will give her my seat since that group of people is set and knows how this works and I will work with my 2nd table. I have a friend starting my 2nd table that I do not want to abandon - you know, invite but don't spend time with. That wouldn't be nice. She doesn't go to our church and probably won't know anyone else.

    husband is working with difficult child to get yard work done. City wide leaf pick up was this last Wed, about one day before the majority of the leaves fell!

    I will go into work this afternoon so that I can have tomorrow off. I have one duty that must be done the 1st working day of the month so it doesn't work for me to take that day off of work. I hope my computer works.

    Clocks backed worked great! Would have been better if difficult child didn't come into my room at the new 5:30 and bug me. :tongue:

    Everyone have a great day! Last day for many to get their difficult child's back from holiday mode and on normal schedule to face school tomorrow. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

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    Just jumping in to wish everyone a great sunday!!! :)