Good Morning Thursday

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    G'day, people.

    Even though it's still winter here, there is a heatwave on the way. Sunday is expected to reach 30 C (86 F) because paradoxically there is a cold front right behind it and the approaching front pulls in hot weather from the interior ahead of it. Still cold at night, though.

    My rock orchids have been budding - trouble is, the blasted white cockatoos have found the flowers and have snipped them off at the base of the flower stem. I'm NOT happy - these things only flower once a year, the flower stems hold the flowers for weeks and weeks, they look fabulous - but every year these blasted birds commit vandalism. They're not eating the flowers - it's just sheer butchery by bored birds.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 turned up today, I got back from my pain clinic appointment, put on a load of washing and it was just finishing when easy child 2/difficult child 2 turned up to do HER washing. While it was going, we visited my friend who is helping with sewing and also collected the next edition of the local paper (still looking for jobs for her). Then she visited friend while I stayed and helped difficult child 3 with his science experiments.

    Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my engagement ring assessed. The diamond needs certification so I can put the ring in for repairs and know I'll get the same diamond back. Years ago my sister put her ring in for cleaning (several times, different jewellers) and each time she got it back, another of the 10 diamonds had been swapped for a poorer quality one. She watched the white diamonds getting swapped for yellow. No proof, nothing she could do except not go back to THAT jeweller again... but with my ring, it's never been in a jeweller's hands since the day we got it. But the setting is worn and needs to be re-set. If I can, I'd like it to be done before easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding, in 6 weeks' time.

    My friend is coming with me, she promised to take me shopping for an outfit for the wedding. I did a bit of window shopping yesterday, I know which shops to avoid!

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

  2. Fran

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    Hello Marguerite, how sad about sister's diamonds. Theft is an ugly thing isn't it? Good idea about having yours certified.
    husband got me a lovely ring for our 20th anniversary and I always hesitate to have it cleanded unless I go to the dealer who sold it to us.

    My middle sis is coming up from Texas for a bit before heading to mom's. She is bringing a buddy so I suspect they won't need much entertaining.

    We had enough cloud cover to make the temps tolerable. I got the pups to take a longer than normal summer walk. They were done in by the time we got home.
    Today is a lot of errands starting with the plant nursery to diagnose this horrid disease on my plants. I have a beautiful crop of cukes but they are shriveling on the vine because the main stem and leaves are withering. Not pretty.

    Guess if I'm having guests it would be good to have food. Off I got today.

    Hope your heat wave thaws you out a bit. I know you are looking forward to spring.

    Good luck for difficult child 2.
  3. therese005us

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    good morning

    if I hadn't know differently (and I don't believe in it anyway) I would have thought it was FRIDAY the 13th.
    We had no running water today (the pump packed up or something); so the kitchen was a mess; running late for everything; flat tyre on the trailer, and then the mechanic said the trailer was not roadworthy - it's falling apart due to rust (how did you even get here, he says?) After driving for it, the piano lesson was cancelled at the last minute.... there was something else too, can't think of it right now...... A kinda bad day.

    Cherub was pretty naughty at school, and went through all her clothes and undies. The dept wanted to reinterview her about the allegation whcih she did at bio mum's home today. Apparently it didn't go so well. and bio mum just rang and said that if they said the kids are not to have contact with the daddy, then she's leaving the State with the kids and not coming back if she can't see her partner.

    This makes me sad, as she's putting the protection of her kids last and herself first (as usual). Cherub went home a day early due to a weekend trip that is planned. So, I may not see her again. It's going to be a long weekend. And it hasn't even started yet!!

    WEll, have a lovely Thursday every one.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-Smart thinking on getting the diamond assessed. Very sad about your sister's ring. Sorry about your orchids! Nice heat wave for winter-here we think it's a heat wave in winter when we hit the mid 30s!

    Fran-Enjoy your visit with your sister! I still haven't seen my sister in years and she lives only 4 hours away. I'll be so glad when she is done with her nursing program so that she isn't working full time and going to school. That way we'll have opportunities to visit. I am very proud of her but miss seeing her, thank goodness for telephones! Glad you were able to get out with the pups for a good walk!

    Trish-Very sad about Cherub. Hard to understand the mom's line of thinking. Hope tomorrow is a better day (not so Friday the 13ish).

    Lots to do this morning to get ready to leave on our trip to Michigan. We need to pack (bless husband's heart he got all the laundry done yesterday) and drop the dog off at the kennel. We'll do that when we take easy child to her driver's ed class. Then at noon we'll pick her up and head out of town.

    Cross your fingers for a pleasant ride. Our ac in the mini van isn't working well and the temps are suppose to be warm. On top of that we usually leave at night so the kids are sleeping and can't fight. husband brought lots of snacks and they have their ipods and videos so hopefully it will go o.k.

    Should be a fun weekend. It's husband's class reunion and we'll be meeting up with some close friends on Friday night after we have a bbq at his parents. Saturday night is the reunion and my niece's bachelorette party. Not sure if I'll get to meet up with the girls or not, one more thing to add to my list, I still haven't bought a present!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day and weekend.:peaceful:
  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, you're taking the route I took with my wedding ring before it needed repair. Good luck on the dress shopping today.

    Fran, hope you find the culprit attacking your cukes ~ I love a veggie garden & am considering one next year.

    Trish, I have kids that came from that type of environment ~ makes for an ugly, heart breaking situation. Keeping fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

    Sharon, good luck on the trip ~ I've made several like that with the a/c in the van on the fritz. I finally got it repaired & I feel like I'm in heaven.

    I'm running late ~ rec'd a call that woke me up from one of the sub contractors complaining that the contractor didn't bill me for $250 & wants to come over & get me to pay. I was told that all the bills had come in when I paid the final due on my remodel. I'm so ticked right now.

    I'm not able to golf this afternoon ~ darned right eye won't open. However, late last evening I got Sally to walk next to my walker & we made it around the block. It felt good.

    I'm off here to go move the sprinkler to the next area of my flower garden.

    Have a good day - keep it calm.