Good Mornng Friday


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G'day, everybody. I'm getting in now because my working householders will be home in half an hour and from that point on, it's uncertain whether I'll have access to the computer for the rest of the evening. Dinner is ready, I'm trying to rest as much as I can today.

The vertigo IS a bit better, but a half hour stint in the garden showing difficult child 3 the best way to get up grass growing where it shouldn't, and I had to go lie down again until the pretty colours went away... not good.

We had a lovely sunny day in the middle of the day today, but mornings and evenings are cool and cloudy. Not enough rain - more of the state has now been declared drought-affected. I think it's up to about 78%. I have this theory - the drought affected percentage plus the dam level percentage probably together adds up to 100%. Our state government is moving ahead with reckless abandon to build a desalination plant, which is energy-expensive and produces as much greenhouse gas as would be compensated for by the extra water it will produce. If only they put the same money and effort into a recycling plant, we would be much better off. husband & I are thinking of putting in another couple of rainwater tanks, probably hooked up to a drinking water filtration system. The desal plant will not make enough difference and our state will run out of water within two years at this rate. Before it gets to that stage, husband & I will be hooking up the existing rainwater tank to our washing machine and installing an outdoor shower (gravity-fed). I was planning one anyway, to wash beach sand and salt off people after a swim. I've lived with a home-made gravity-fed shower, it's amazing how clean you can get when you know you've only got two litres to wash with.

In the garden - I have a rapidly-growing clump of Spanish moss hanging from my Aussie she-oak. difficult child 3 is fascinated - how can this stuff grow and thrive, with no roots? The stuff literally blew in one day, I think I know whose garden it blew from, but since then it's prospered and I'm about to spread it around a bit more. Maybe time to put a piece under the microscope for difficult child 3?
So if there's enough moisture in the air for the Spanish moss, at least our humidity is high enough to give us a drop or two of rain now and then.

Have a good Friday, everyone.


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I'm glad the vertigo was a bit better today but I hope it all clears up soon! Sometimes it does seem as though government doesn't think things through! I can see where difficult child would be fascinated at the Spanish moss growing with-o roots.

Today it's work and then I'm off to Michigan for the weekend-we're going to visit husband's parents and the rest of the family. They are going to have a big cookout tomorrow so it should be lots of fun! We will also get a bit of a break because difficult child will stay with mother in law and father in law. husband and I are going to stay at a hotel (my sister in law works there and is getting us a good rate). easy child is staying here-didn't want to make the long trip so she is staying at my niece's-no sibling fighting the entire weekend-Ahhh! :whew:

See you all sometime on Sunday night-enjoy the day and the weekend!! :flower:


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:smile: Happy Free Choice Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made it through another week!

Marg, showering in only 2 litres of water :surprise: I can't imagine! I love Spanish Moss as well. I remember going to St Augstine with my family when I was young. I've never see so much of it as I did in that town. I fell in love with it then at about 12. Enjoy your weekend :grin:

Sharon, sounds like a great weekend for you and husband! You deserve it. Enjoy the freedom and the peace :bow:

Very prodcutive meeting with asst princ yesterday. I asked her to have the Special Education teacher bring the notebook down to us so we could go through and compile a list of exactly what was needed. There are a couple writing assignments that can qualify for two requirements - for example - a descriptive paragraph can be taken from a story assignment. He has about 3 webs to complete (difficult child is given a writing assignment and just goes for it, doesn't like to do the prework), 2/3 that are edited and have to be rewritten, 1 to write from scratch, and a handful of worksheets to show he has been working on grammer rules.

So, it's not a ton of work, it's just a challenge to get him to get it done :devil: But, I'm sure you guys understand!

easy child wanted me to straightend her hair last night. She has been wearing it curly about the last 10 days (kinda afraid to do too much to it). While doing that last night, it appears her hair is still coming out a lot. She told me that she thought it was slowing down a little. I don't appears to be coming out the same to me. It's definately getting noticably thin and harder to hide some of the spots. I mentioned the wig thing last night but she was not ready to talk about it. :frown:

Cleaning folks coming this morning, then I'm getting my nails done, then doing the grocery shopping. All in all, a nice Friday for me.

Wishing the rest of you a great Friday - make a good free choice today :smile:


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Good morning friends,

Marg, my friend - I thought after yesterday's doctor appointment (that vibrator situation) you were supposed to be feeling better.

Sharon, I'm glad you're getting away for the weekend. I hope difficult child behaves for grandma & grandpa.

Sharon, it's good to hear that difficult child doesn't have a ton of work to finish.

kt is heading back to school this morning, albeit, with many protests & "I still don't feel good" whines. A well, she milked the strep long enough & the doctor's office called yesterday to check on kt. Yup, no fever she can go back to school.

No running today - lots of catch up on things around the house this morning. Nap before kt gets home from school.

Enjoy your Friday - keep it calm.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- I find the microscope & telescope can keep Duckie (& husband!) fascinated for hours. We get to transplant mammoth sunflowers this weekend. That should be fun. :smile:
Sharon- Enjoy the trip and weekend respite. The cookout sounds fun. :smile:
LDM- I hope that you are wrong about easy child's hair and that the loss is indeed slowing. When does she go back to the dermatologist? :smile:
I have more household stuff today (yuck!). And Duckie has her dance picture after school. Which may not go well because I let her stay up last night to attend a Magic Tree House book club. Bad mommy. :rofl:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:
Happy Friday!
Marg, here is hoping that the vertigo continues to improve.

Sharon, your weekend sounds fabulous, Enjoy!

Other Sharon (by the way, I LOVE your screen name), how cool to see that they will take part of one assignment and apply it to another. That just makes good sense. Sorry to hear about easy child's hair, girl that age must be devastated. Hint: curly hides thin hair better than straight...

Linda, hope all goes well with kt's return to school. Maybe it won't be a huge deal, considering she then has the weekend. Enjoy that nap.

Anyone care to hear my adventures of insomnia last night? Went to bed at 10. Midnight, woke up, realized that it is 143 degrees in my house. I don't get how I can't cool this apartment off. It is 60 degrees outside, I have doors & windows open and fans going, and it is like a sauna in here. I'm on the 2nd floor, not the 53rd, for crying out loud. So, flipped on the AC for an hour, got it cold enough in the place to hang meat, went back to bed. 3AM. What's that? OH, I need to change my pad. AGAIN. Getting a hysterectomy next month, and in preparation, the doctor took me off Megace, which had stopped me from bleeding since Nov. Now I am making up for lost time. Up for another 1/2 hour. CRAMPING. Nice. Back to bed. 5:30, neighbor's car alarm...

I feel hungover. I am making coffee, yet I am afraid if I drink any, I will bounce off one wall and right out the window. Pixie is only in school for 1/2 day which does not allow time for a nap, and I could really use one because I have a show tonight.

OK, all done whining. Gonna take about 23 Midol and hope for the best. Hello to anyone else that snuck in...


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Good Morning all of you early birds.

Marguerite,the gravity shower sounds like a good idea. We have an outside shower at the house near the ocean. It keeps more of the sand outside.
I know those drought conditions are really worrisome. I know the last few years have been tough here. It seems our recent spring showers has really concentrated a great deal of rain but it took several good drenchings. Our lakes are doing much better. We are still limited in how often to water the lawn and garden but you can almost hear the earth sigh with relief.
Spanish moss is always equated in my mind with mystery,darkness and a good mystery/scary story. LOL. (too much Anne Rice)

Wiped out, a whole weekend of respite from both kids. What a great idea! You get to take the "mom hat" off for a while and actually just be an adult.

LDM,your day sounds delightful. Enjoy.
Glad to hear that there is some resolution about assignments with difficult child. Did anyone have any insight as to why difficult child is a little more volatile? Sorry to hear easy child is still struggling with hair loss. Hugs.

Linda, sounds like Kt is on the road to recovery. Don't have too much fun at home doing home things.

TM, I love sunflowers. There are acres and acres of them growing in fields across Italy. It is an amazing picture as the breeze goes through them. I tried growing them here but the large ants went to town on them and sucked the sap right out of the stems.

BBK,sorry to hear you are struggling. Hope you feel better and get some sort of nap.

The a/c guy is coming back to tell me the bad news. I know we need an overhaul of the system. Ugh.
I'm planning a few projects. Not sure I'll get to them. It takes me a while to build up the courage to take on painting a room. It always seems a much bigger job than it really is.

difficult child works a few hours today. Can you believe I did a search on bagging groceries and found a step by step instructions? I love the internet. I thought if he could get reinforcement, he can learn to go faster.
Somedays I'm more hopeful he will be independent than others. Today isn't one of them. LOL.

It's a weekend of comings and going with all of us so hopefully we will all meet on Sunday for a dinner before the craziness of the end of the school year brings. 2 weeks!


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Good morning everyone. It is definately safer for me to sit here and post then walk into the kitchen where difficult child has decided I have too many big spoons and is messing around with them instead of getting his breakfast...15 minutes before the bus comes and he has nothing but being dressed done. I am not saying anything. One of these days it will be simple, just not today, lol!

Have a great Friday everyone. Still feeling pretty good as our hockey team won the first game of the series! GO SENS GO!

Busy weekend ahead as easy child has another horse show and difficult child has hockey if he makes it past today, lol!

Happy Mothers Day if I don't get a chance to get back on :smile:
Good Morning :coffee:,

Marg, I hope the vertigo is gone SOON!!!

Sharon, ENJOY your weekend!!!

Sharon, Glad the school meeting was productive!!! Praying that easy child stops losing hair - I feel so badly for her!!!

Linda, I'm happy kt is going back to school. Enjoy your nap - you deserve it!!!

TM, I hope Duckie's dance picture is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I remember easy child's pictures from gymnastics... They always make me smile...

BigBadKitty, I hope you feel better SOON!!!

Fran, I hope your AC problem gets resolved ASAP and isn't too expensive. I'm glad you found some bagging instructions for difficult child. I hope they help!!! Sounds like you're so BUSY - Try to get some "ME" time in...

I'm running late today - Haven't even done my :smile: yet... So, I've got to go...

Hi to anyone who snuck in... Hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today :flower: WFEN


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So sorry about the vertigo, Marg but it does sound better.

Have a good time in Mich, Sharon.

So sorry about easy child's hair, VA Sharon.

Linda, get a lot done. I know you're thankful difficult child went to school!

Good luck with-the dance picture TM. Maybe by the end of the day she will have evened out instead of slowed down?

143 degrees Bad Kitty? Yikes. I love ice cold AC. So sorry about your cramps and everything. I had ablation a few yrs ago and it didn't work. I opted out of a hysterectomy and decided to fight through the rest of it for the next few yrs.

Good luck with-the AC estimate, Fran. We may need a new one, too. Sheesh, they're expensive!

Christine, good choice to stay out of the kitchen and de-stress! Congrats on the hockey game. And I love horses!

Have a great workout, WFEN.

I booked a flt to MN to help my sister, who is moving out (long story, but it was expected), and my best friend's dad just died and the funeral is Mon. (Midwest Mom, you can PM me if you want, to see if you're anywhere near where I will be.) It's actually good timing because I can kill two birds with-one stone. Unfortunately, I didn't book the flt last night because I was too tired and there were too many choices. This a.m. the fare had doubled! I am so upset. :mad: This will not be a "fun" trip, per se, but frankly, it's not MY stress so I am, still, in fact getting away. :grin: And it will be a good excuse to see my Dad, too. He has Alzheimer's and lives in an apt in a retirement home. The fun thing about talking to him is that I'm not around enough to be aggravated by his repetive questions, but I can still get an appropriate response the first, second and third times I tell him something. He still knows the kids' names (with-a bit of help) and still likes to talk politics.
I will go out for tea with-husband and the kids after they finish church, on my way to the airport, but there won't be a huge brunch this yr. I spent it all on airfare! :eek: