Good report card!


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difficult child came home with-all A's and B's except in English, which was a C. His behavior comments were a Plus in "participates in class" and "works independently" (yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!) but a Minus in "self control." Hey, 2 out of 3 sure beats what we were going through last yr.
A lot of the progress is from holding him back in 3rd gr, and from his medications. But I'm hoping that some is permanent progress.

He lied about his medications on our trip... I missed seeing him take them at least twice and if I don't actually see it go down, it's a pretty safe bet he hid it somewhere. But even so, he was 50% better even with-o the medications than he was a yr ago at this time.
Still, I'm exhausted. Two flights in close quarters was more than we could both handle. We both have fingernail marks on our hands... he was doing repetitive motions (smacking his empty bottle of Sprite on the seat in front of him, much to the Chinese bizpeople's dismay :blush:), and shoving his elbow into me HARD for 20 min straight. :eek: I finally took away the Sprite, which is when the biting and fingernail digging began. I would have gotten up and changed seats with-an unsuspecting passenger :cool: but it all happened during a very long landing so we were strapped in.
He was an angel during the memorial svc. for my f-i-l... sat on the floor up front with-my 12-yr-old nephew and actually listened to people speak from the podium. (It was wall-to-wall people, standing room only)so there's always something to be thankful for.
Meanwhile, last night he continued to act up after we'd walked in the door, and called me "Stupid" among other things. I took away his computer mouse until Sat.
by the way, my little sister took him to the Rainforest Cafe' in her area, and he was great. I was going to warn her not to do that, but kind of wanted him to act up, (evil person that I am, since she doesn't believe me) and he didn't act up!!!!! I asked him why it was okay this time and he didn't know. I'm wondering if A) he hadn't taken his medications when we were up there at Christmas; B) whether being with-someone closer to his age helped his behavior; and C) whether maybe his blood sugar wasn't as low so that wasn't a factor.
I just don't get it.