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    Good Morning Everyone,

    I can't believe I'm actually starting a Saturday morning thread, especially since the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet! husband left a few minutes ago to take easy child/difficult child 3 to the high school for SAT's this morning.

    Not too much on my to do list today. I have to get to the grocery store - Not sure what I want to make for dinner. If it doesn't rain, it would be nice to grill something outside. Hoping to take my favorite sanity saver to the park for a long walk too.

    As always, hope everyone has a great day and all of our difficult children decide to give us the weekend off from all difficult child type behavior... (I guess I can dream, right?) SFR
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    Unfortunately my J didn't read your post, SFR! He was "good" all morning then spoilt it by kicking and shouting at his scooter (bet you call these something else in the States) because it was doing something he didn't like and putting his tongue out at a little girl in the village, for no reason at all... When I reprimanded him, he started saying "I'm going to tell Daddy about you, I'm going to tell him you don't like me"... Hmmm. I do get very cross about this sort of thing, partly conscious that it is my dislike of social embarrassment...
    Apart from that, he is now with the childminder, I am editing a book about the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (not to be confused, of course, with the country called the Congo...) and a wild wind is whistling around the house. Spring has disappeared! Hope she reappears soon.
    If the miracle does not occur and your challenging children continue to be challenging - may you have the strength, wisdom and lightness of being to deal with it all!
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    Good Morning everyone! Sippin on my HMJ + espresso right now, trying to wake up. I am making venison stew for a big family dinner tonight (some of my fam & DHs together which should be fun). I got up at 7 to put the roast in the slow-cooker and who do you think was sitting at the table helping herself to giant bowl of sugary cereal? L of course, who then told me she'd been up since husband left for work at 5:30, she had already burst into C & Ks room and demanded they get up because she was bored. C then announced that she thinks L is a vampire & doesn't sleep (Thank You Twilight) so L proceeded to run around acting as if she were a (crazed) vampire & trying to bite everyone. Thank goodness she calmed down quickly and no one was actually Yay....Im up way earlier than I wanted to be this morning & L is in full difficult child mode already. I still have to take the kids to the grocery store with me, which I DREAD, to get the rest of dinner. And no doubt tonight will be very trying, although I am glad that most of the ppl coming over are fairly understanding about L.

    I hope all of you have a beautiful Saturday, it's going to be sunny & 75 here :) & I hope that your difficult children did not get up at 5:30 like mine LoL Best wishes for an uneventful day!
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    G'day, people. I'm curled up in bed under a WARM duvet, after having been too cold over the last few nights. Short on sleep, heading for bed but with some work to do after a very busy week. "Pirates of the Caribbean" is on (Dead Man's Chest) and it's interesting watching jack Davenport in it and remembering the stories from difficult child 1 and easy child 2/difficult child 2 from the TV mini-series they were on with him, a few years ago. My kids were only extras, but there were only about 20 extras and they worked together for a solid month. Lots of great stories!

    I need the touch of fun at the moment. difficult child 3 has been struggling with schoolwork badly this year. Trying hard, but has problems with executive function. He had an assessment task this week which I was not allowed to help him with. But I am allowed to help him organise his thoughts and get back on task, so I finally did in the last few hours of the job and, wonder of wonders! He finished in time with half an hour to spare for me to make the mail It had to be postmarked by yesterday's mail.

    This morning I had an early funeral to go to - the daughter of a friend and client. I did not know the daughter quite so well, but we had talked at times when she was home at the times I was working with her mother. She had been ill for a year, had not told her mother (very independent woman, the daughter) and when doctors finally realised it was ovarian cancer, it was far too late. I went to the funeral after a night of poor sleep plus being late to bed - I had been working on my notes for tomorrow. I staggered off this morning expecting to have time after the funeral and before my meeting, but the funeral went for almost two hours. It was a lovely service, I was amazed at the strength of my friend, she's in her 80s but did so much - speaking, singing, talking to people afterwards. I was more unstuck than she was. But I had to leave to go to my meeting (a small writers workshop group) which went from midday to 5.30 pm without a break. It was dark when we left, mentally drained even further.

    During the writers workshop a text came through from husband - his uncle had died. Not unexpected, but coming so soon after an open casket funeral, I'm feeling a bit shellshocked. husband has also had a rough day, and he rushed home to spend the afternoon with his mother, watching movies together. I finally got down there in time to help with dinner. mother in law is feeling pretty rough - she has lost a man who was her late husband's brother, as well as her late sister's husband. husband at least, is expecting to fly up to the funeral. Depending on my schedule, I will go too. But there are school events this week and next that I am needed for, and it's far too soon to know when the funeral will be.

    Tomorrow I am organising our church service. Our custom is to do this job in pairs - one person is the speaker, the other does everything else. I'm the everything else tomorrow. So I'm hoping I sleep better, my eyes aren't so red, my cold is improved and I feel at least a little human. But while I've been lying here in bed typing (and watching TV) I have sent my notes to the printer, including copes of my running sheet for the speaker and the musician. All done. So I can sleep comfortably, knowing I'm prepared.

    Enjoy your Mothers Day tomorrow. In my research I found that Mothers Day is the oldest festival of its kind in the world - there is evidence it goes back to 6000 BC. I don't think they had crass commercialism in those days!


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    Good Morning Everyone! I woke up much later than I wanted to (9am). husband and I were going to go golfing today but he informed me this morning that his back hurts (he often has trouble with back spasms/pain) so nixing that plan. The kids are still sleeping and husband loaded and ran the dishwasher for me.

    I might run to the library for more books - it looks like it is going to be a lazy day for us!

    Marg, I'm so sorry for you and husband on your loss and coming directly after another funeral. You are in my thoughts.
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