Good Saturday morning....

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Up & about early again this morning so I've been dusting & doing some very light cleaning. :hammer:

It's supposed to be a beautiful day; husband & I set up a new sofa set for our 3 season front porch last weekend. Tomorrow may be the day to sit & enjoy it - reading the newspaper & a new novel that husband picked up for me.

I expect I'll run out sometime today to get makings for a chef's salad for dinner. Other than that, I expect to just hang out - sleep & read or vice versa.

Enjoy your Saturday - keep it calm.


Good Morning

Linda you have been up early recently. find time to nap.

First week of school ended. Had the one email on Thursday that he refused work. Recieved another tonight with other issues.

There is a festival at the park near my house today. first time. There will be three live bands, beer garden, kiddie rides and "much more". Don't know what this is all about. I am sure all the neighbors will be there. I will have to go visit. I get done with work at noon and will be ready for sleep late afternoon. Since there are three live bands, and this is only a block from my house (if that far), I don't think I'll be getting much sleep.

Have a fun Weekend.


Linda hope you get that nap/read in.

KJS sounds like an interesting day.

I am going to a baby shower this afternoon. I enjoyed picking out some cute girl gifts (she already knows). Miss those days. (What am I thinking.) Hoping not to have to get to tuff with easy child. For some reason she has decided that she no longer has to do dishes. Ho hum. So far I am holding out. Making husband hold out too. She wanted to go somewhere last evening and I just said no. At first I think she thought I was joking until she looked at me. Gotta love teenagers. No going out til she does them is what I am starting with. Then other things will go. Got my nights and days mixed up so I am off to a nap til the shower.



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:wink: Good Saturday Morning Everyone!

Linda, you need to stop posting in the middle of the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your peace and quiet.

Kjs, I certainly hope you are able to sleep with the expected noise going one! Take care.

MrsCat, enjoy the shower. I just love buying baby clothes now too - especially for little girls!

easy child and I have to take her car in this morning. Her engine light has been on since last weekend. The dealer said as long as it was not blinking she was ok to ride back and forth to school. It's first come, first serve on Saturday and they open at 7:30. We want to get there by 7:15 at the latest.

She has plans with a group of kids today ending at our hot tub! She will be spending the day with your boyfriend as well.

Not sure what my middle schooler and I will get into! He is so proud of himself. He was overjoyed yesterday 'cause he got his locker! Came out late to the car, I was getting ready to go in and find him. "Sorry mom, couldn't get my lock open!" Week one - so far so good :thumb:.

I'm not yet back into my fall sleeping schedule. I can't seem to sleep when I hit the bed at night since I'm going about 2 hours earlier than I did in the summer. I'm tired. I'm hoping, like the preceeding posters, for a nap. Wish me luck!

Wishing everyone a great Saturday :salute:.


Good Saturday morning!

Linda, enjoy you day reading and napping. Chef's salad sounds yummy.

Kjs, hope you enjoy the festival and get some sleep in spite of it.

Beth, enjoy the baby shower.

It's been a whirlwind first week of school, and everyone is exhausted. I had no problem getting the kids to bed last night, and they're still snoozing away. J is going into rehearsal today for a play he did over the summer that is now being entered in a children's festival at Wolf Trap in Virginia in late September. A is playing middle school soccer this fall and wants to go to the gym with me this morning to "get into shape." M has decided to learn the cello in school. We rented one yesterday, and she very excitedly tried it out last evening. I have a feeling we'll be hearing it a lot this weekend. Other than that, I have to take the girls shoe shopping and we have to fill in school supplies that the teachers so nicely informed us about after school started.

Have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.

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Good Morning,

Linda-I hope you are sleeping by now. Your weekend sounds very peaceful and you deserve it!

Kjs-I hope the festival is fun and not too loud!

Beth-Good for you for standing firm with-easy child! Have fun at the baby shower! I just love those tiny baby clothes!

Sharon-Sounds like all is well in the LDM household. I'm glad difficult child's week went so well. I hope easy child's day is fun! The hot tub sounds so good right now!

SW-I know that end of the first week exhausted feeling. I hope M enjoys the cello-I played when I was younger.

Even though we were all tired last night no one made it to bed early except possibly easy child. difficult child usually falls asleep with-in an hour after his medications-he lasted three hours!

easy child and husband came home around 8:45 last night from easy child's photo shoot. Apparently she had a wonderful time and the photographers were saying how awesome the photos were. One said she was so natural in front of the camera she should take up acting. She was beaming last night! Can't wait to see the pictures. They are on a cd and we have to download some software first!

Then around 9:30 husband and I hit the health club!

I'm off to work in a bit. Then home hopefully for a nap. After that there is a ww work meeting I've been hoping to avoid but think I'll end up at (even though it means missing part of my football game-though after last week's game that might not be all bad).

Enjoy your day-I hope it is meltdown free! Hi if you snuck in!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Your day sounds idyllic. :reading:
Kjs- I hope you manage to get some sleep. :geek:
Beth- Enjoy the shower! :thumb:
LDM- Fingers crossed here that it's something simple & inexpensive for easy child's car. :angel:
Smallworld- It's great how active your kids are! :smile:
Sharon- I hope you don't miss too much of the game. :bow:
Duckie's cheer squad came in 3rd place in the competition last night. :bravo: This is great because they started practicing later than a lot of squads. Yay!!! She looked so cute! Her three years of dance have really paid off. She often looked a little confused or a step behind at practice, but she looked like a pro up there on that stage! :flower: She has a parade today, it should be fun as long as the run holds off. :rolleyes:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, everybody.

Linda, curling up on the patio with a good book sounds restful. You've got nobody around the house today - take it easy.

Kjs, the festival sounds like fun. We get a couple a year here, one of them really big. They're a whole lot of fun, especially when you know everyone you see there. Don't fret about sleep - I use those squishy ear plugs, I could sleep through an earthquake then.

Bath, the baby shower sounds fun. We waited until difficult child 3 was born before we had his baby shower.

Sharon I, I hope you get some answers for easy child's car today.

Smallworld, enjoy your first weekend of the school year. Congrats on the play for J and A's soccer. M's cello sounds good - is she riding it sidesaddle? Need to avoid mini-skirts. And it could be worse - she could have chosen tuba!

Sharon II, the photos sound interesting - was it a modelling shoot or just a glamour studio? if the latter, don't believe everything those boys tell you - while they flatter you, they get prettier photos.

TM, Congrats to Duckie for doing so well with the cheer squad. It is hard work, here's hoping it doesn't rain on her parade today.

husband let me sleep in this morning, then I had a friend's book launch to attend - this is the one I was working on publishing for her, about a month ago. Very well received.
BF2 still has a sore mouth after his tooth extraction a few days ago, so we're cooking a lot of mashed potato. Nothing on TV tonight, so husband & easy child 2/difficult child 2 are watching "Logan's Run".
APEC - did you see the outfits? At least they're not as colourful as usual. Those Drizabones are really practical, husband wears one in winter and wet weather, looks like this time George W has something he can wear happily when he gets home. I didn't hear if they were given kangaroo 'pouch' coin purses. We were told they ARE getting a toy koala, so they haven't totally escaped kitsch. Apparently no Akubra hats, though - the wide brim makes it too hard to get good photos. Pity.

George W is flying back to the US about now, after a lavish dinner at the Opera House. APEC doesn't finish until tomorrow, so Laura is going to miss out on the great lunch at Bondi Iceberg's tomorrow.
I do feel sorry for Helen Clark's husband - he's the only bloke in the WAGS (wives and girlfriends). He should feel right at home in Bondi - lots of New Zealanders there, they say it's because it's the closest welfare office to New Zealand!
it's OK, they sling off at us, too, every chance they get.

Enjoy your Saturday.



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Good morning my friends. Sorry to be so scarce. This moving isn't for sissies.

Linda, you sound like you are getting stronger and more yourself. Sending good thoughts.

Kjs, hope the festival is fun but doesn't keep you awake.

Mrscatinthehat,I always loved little girl things. Fortunately, my baby brother and his wife gave us a girl a little over a week ago. It's the first on my side. My sisters and I are really enjoying the shopping.

LDM,good news about difficult child being overjoyed. I remember feeling so grown up when getting a locker. Now I have a mortgage to remind me that I'm grown up. :smile: Hope you get rested. by the way, last I checked I don't have a boyfriend. LOL.

Smallworld, how very cool about the cello. I hope she loves it.

Wiped out, how wonderful about the positive photo shoot. I'm sure it did a great deal for her self esteem. Hopefully she won't grow diva ways.(unless she is out and on her own).

TM, I love that Duckie was a pro when the time came. I often am a step behind and confused. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to pull it together like Duckie. Good for her. Have fun at the parade.

Marguerite, glad you are keeping up with our Pres. I haven't been keeping up with the news and didn't realize he was enjoying your lovely country. Pretty funny about the comments about New Zealand. Countries like people always seem to find something to dislike about the other. Hopefully it is just playful bantering.

difficult child is finishing up his last week of work and will head towards N.C. for a while. We will wait to hear about his acceptance to the program. I think he will have a 3 day/night stay to meet everyone in the program. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

easy child is loving NYC. He gets to get standing room "seats" for plays at greatly reduced rates. He is busy and loving his life. Hope it is reflected in his school work. husband met him for dinner one night.

It's been a busy week getting things in order for the move. Painters, rug shampoo people and all sorts of service type people to help get the house ready for the furniture. One of the pups got sick and one got lost. Very stressful week for this mom.

All is well now and things are progressing. I look forward to cooler temps though. Have a peaceful weekend.


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Fran, Kiwis & Aussies are always slinging off at each other but it is good-natured. It's not a case of dislike at all - we each think a lot of the other, it's like the gentle playful jibes of brothers at a family reunion.

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and the NZ hospitality was wonderful - although the banter continued there, too - even as someone was being very careful as they helped us on or off a boat, they'd be making teasing remarks about something about Australia, and something in NZ that was better - it was all in good fun. We talk about each other as being "the mob from across the ditch" (Tasman Sea). They make jokes about our trees having to chase the dogs (due to the drought) and we make remarks about sheep. Very ribald remarks. Then they respond with comments like, "at least we've found extra uses for sheep!" and it's all on. I've never seen Kiwis & Aussies in a full-on blue, it's all light-hearted.

Helen Clark is, I think, a great PM. I was surprised at how many Kiwis dislike her, I really couldn't fault her. But then, we are less familiar with her policies than those who have to endure them. And a lot of Kiwis think the sun rises out of John Howard's rear end, but we don't think much of him - our polls show him to be now less popular than Rasputin; not enough brains to give himself a headache. Although frankly, he IS smart - very. Just has no conscience until it is necessary for winning votes.

I shut up now. otherwise I'd utter a barrel full of Aussie insults which would throw this site censor into meltdown.

Hey, reckon we could do a deal with the Kiwis, and swap?