Good Sleepy Sunday Morning


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:coffee: Good, feels like too early, Sunday Morning :coffee:

Oh right, it is an hour earlier - I was not ready for this time change so early in the year. We usually have until Palm Sunday or Easter and it feels more like spring.

I wonder how many of my youth will show up for Sunday school this morning. Most of them are driving on their own and not coming along with their parents.

After worship today, we are taking the youth (along with our honory member, difficult child) out for a Mexican lunch and then back to our youth director's place (our local seminary) for watching Agnes of God on the bigsreen. We are prepping our youth group for a big youth event friday night at our church. We are hosting 100 teens from many different faiths to a live production of Agnes of God, followed by pizza and discuussion, followed by a dance till midnight. We wanted our youth to be familiar with the story and the subject matter.

At some point in time today, difficult child and I have to sit down so he can make a decision between three topics for his science fair project.

So, it will by a busy day, but nothing too strenuous. I wish the same for you - some relaxing time with your family or some relaxing time alone - whichever you choose or need :bath:

Happy Sunday :angel:



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G'day Sharon. I hope you all enjoy "Agnes of God". I've never seen it, always wanted to. A good cast, an interesting idea.

We had our village annual fair today. The art exhibition was still on too, of course - it's an important part of it. That was in the community hall, while outside on what some people would call the village green, under the trees we had a few concentric circles of stalls around an open area with a raised stage, with live jazz and rock all day (good music, too). In front of the stage people lounged on picnic blankets or sat in picnic chairs and listened to the music. It's mostly shady under the trees but there was enough sun for me to colour up a bit more, even though I kept my hat on as much as I could (it was hot, though). A wonderful, relaxing day.

difficult child 3 would not hang around with us but instead wandered over to the skate park area where older kids 'hang out'. We watched from a distance and although we saw some kids rough-housing, difficult child 3 was avoiding that sort of thing. He stayed on the edges and we could see from his behaviour that he was stressed, but he insisted on staying there. He had no meltdowns and no problem with other kids, for which I was very grateful. I was able to introduce husband to the woman whose car difficult child 3 hit on his bike so that helped clear up things a bit more.

I was a bit later home than husband, but we did manage to organise ourselves to have a quick afternoon swim. Although we can feel the evenings are cooler the days are still summery and the water still warm.

One of our local photographers has a commission (along with other local artists) from an organisation in the city and has organised to photograph difficult child 3 for it. Not a paying job, but we'll get some nice prints of difficult child 3 taken by a professional photographer for our troubles.

An enjoyable, relaxing day. Back to heavy load of schoolwork tomorrow.


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Good Morning,

Sharon-It sounds like a busy but pleasant day for you. The big event on Friday sounds like fun. I bet difficult child will have fun doing a science fair project-let us know which one he chooses.

Marguerite-The annual village fair sounds like fun. It's good difficult child didn't get involved in the roughhousing and didn't melt down. I'm glad you got your swim in. I'm sure with cooler days ahead you want to get in as many as possible.

The wrestling tournament yesterday went well but was exhausting. I worked admissions for 3 hours. Then ran results for 3 hours to the lab and back to tables. The next 3 1/2 hours I worked concessions. husband worked in the computer lab most of the day but when he finished came to finish my work in concessions because by that time I had a huge headache. I actually got to leave at 4:30 and he left shortly after that. Thankfully my niece picked up difficult child because he was just starting to lose it. We all went out for a nice dinner but I was so tired I went to bed at 8:15 while husband and niece stayed up and watched movies.

Today I'm leaving for church in a bit. I'm going to get in my first workout in a week which I desparately need and then difficult child goes to respite for 4 hours this afternoon-yeah!! I'll be taking a nap then!

I hope everyone finds some peace in their day. Hi to anyone who snuck in! :kisses:


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Good morning all! husband is still sleeping. He was not feeling well when he went to bed last night. I have been up since 6:30.
I haven't been sleeping well lately. I think my upcomming surgery is worrying me. today is going to be a quiet day around here. We were going to go to the Art museum but with husband not feeling well I am sure that is out. I will probably finish up some smaller projects around the house and pay some bills. -RM

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Good morning friends!

Sharon, sounds like another busy day in your life.

Marg, I love fairs like this - glad you had such a good day out.

Sharon, enjoy respite!!!! I love respite - my very favorite thing next to sex (er, ah, chocolate) - wait, that comes with respite. too much information! :rofl: :surprise: Napping is good too. :angel:

RM, I hope you get some peaceful sleep soon.

Yes, very sleepy this morning - downing :coffee: like crazy. I stayed up late sewing with kt last night. She's creating a whole new wardrobe for the dolls she made yesterday. A very busy girl.

Heading out soon to take kt back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) then off to visit wm. It will be interesting to balance this visiting schedule once kt gets home. Hopefully Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) family therapy will help the tweedles "tolerate" one another & have healthy visits a couple of times a month.

Enjoy your day - I plan on it. :flower:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning all. Our power went out at 4AM. Guess they weren't ready for DST. I got home late last night. easy child got home from his first adult free spring break. He and 2 friends spent a week at Disney. I call that adult vacation with training wheels. They were still somewhat protected. easy child also interviewed for a summer job. Seems he is ready to jump into post high school life with both feet. He leaves the day after graduation.
Still hasn't heard a peep from any of the colleges he applied to. :rolleyes: Hope he hears soon. The wait is making him restless.

The trees in the yard are thick with white blossoms. They look like snow. It's gorgeous. I plan to start to freshen up the landscaping a bit. The drought last year really did a number on the plants and bushes.

difficult child is working today. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm going to open windows and get the house cleaned up after spring break.
Hope your day is peaceful. </span>


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Good morning.

I, too, am a victim of the time change. I am sooo tired. The sun is shining today, though, and that helps.

Sharon - the day spent with your church and the kids sounds like fun.

Marg - I am totally jealous. If I try very hard, I can picture sitting in the grass with a picnic basket - warm breeze - great music. The fair sounds great.

Sharon - after the wrestling tournament, I understand your need for a nap. Hope you get one today.

RM - hope the art museum is not completely out of the question. That sounds like fun.

Linda - glad you and kt found something fun to do and hope your visit with wm is a good one. I am sure you will find a way to work out the schedule when kt is living at home again. Things have a way of working themselves out one way or another.

Fran - your trees sound beautiful. Again I am jealous.

I guess living in the northeast has its downfalls for me this time of year. While it has been in the 40s this weekend - rain yesterday, but sunny today - I have been in a bit of a cabin fever state of mind lately. I cannot wait to sit out on my deck in the sunshine - cannot wait to get flowers planted and pack away my sweaters. It seems like spring cannot get here soon enough for me this year.

Yesterday, husband & I took both munchkins, along with my sister, her husband and his son and went bowling. It was pouring out and none of us had any plans, so off we went. difficult child bowls in a league this year and it was his time to show everyone how good he has become. He did pretty well. And, I must say that although I hadn't bowled in more than 11 years, I didn't do too badly myself. However, I must also say that I am sore today. God, how out of shape am I??? It's funny, I didn't even know I had muscles in some of the places I hurt in today. Hee hee.

Nothing huge planned for today - have to clean the fishtank (yippee) and take difficult child to the store to buy a gift for easy child's birthday - she turns 8 on Wednesday. Other than that, since I can't sit in the sun on my deck, I guess I might take a nap myself. Sounds better the longer I think about it! :wink:

So, hope everyone has a good day - Good morning to anyone else who snuck in while I was posting!
Morning all,
I've got nothing on the agenda for today and that is just fine with me. I actually slept in this morning, or atleast it feels like that with the time change. Got up and took a luxurious bubble bath and braided my hair. I may visit difficult child again. Went yesterday with my dad and it was a nice visit.

I hope everyone has a good and peaceful Sunday.