Good Sunday morning, fellow

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:warrior: parents. I slept 3 straight hours & feel fairly refreshed though I expect to be back in bed sleeping in a couple of hours for another few hours.

kt heads back from respite today at 3 this afternoon. I believe (can't remember right now) that husband was going out to visit wm this morning. I got nixed from the visit. I agree - I'm not looking very good this morning.

I'm putting together a pasta salad for dinner tonight, even as we speak, before the heat hits for the day. Then I'll be done.

I believe a run out to half priced books my be on my agenda - wonder if other circumstances will cooperate? :future:

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. :angel:


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G'day Linda, and all to follow.

Spring is definitely here, although they're forecasting another cold snap to hit tonight. Yesterday & today I was working in mother in law's garden in singlet top and jeans. I didn't think I did much, but every muscle in my legs is screaming. I put in a lot of tiny seedlings and some potted pansies, so she now has a lot of colour in her garden beds. We watered them in thoroughly - yesterday difficult child 3 was running interference with the watering can, this afternoon we delayed gardening work until 3.30 pm. It was after 4 pm when I finished so we were allowed to use the hose. husband watered everything including the sad lawn with its balding patches.

And difficult child 3 has just got out of a very HOT bath, telling me it's my turn. I'm sandy, sweaty and desperately sore, from muscles that really do not like to be asked to do anything. Linda - watch out for that one, you will get this problem too for a while. You think it's easy to sit on the ground and poke plants into a hole - you're bending, twisting, using your legs more than you realise.

I'm in pa-a-a-i-i-n. Hot bubbles, here I come... and maybe then a massage with that new gizmo we picked up on Friday, it looks like a pink three-legged spider and feels wonderful on sore muscles.


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Found that out already - our tree fell during a storm; I was just out in the yard trying to pick up random branches & stuff. Really overdid it - I'll regret that one hour of work for days to come I expect.

Hope you're bath helps! :bath: :flower:


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Are you looking for another fiction series to read? Get some rest! :reading:
Marg- I'm sore as well, but from standing at the sausage stand for 7 hours. My feet and ankles hurt hurt, and my lower back is one big knot. And I go back for more today. Yippee!!! :hammer:
Poor Duckie was bit by a horsefly yesterday. She was convinced it was a bee and was screaming for husband to take her to hospital. husband took her inside and gave her some benadryl. She was fine (of course!) but times likes this really highlights to me just how hard all of her allergies have been on her emotionally. Poor kid. :crying:
On the plus side, our front deck is well on it's way to completion. We need stairs and railings. husband enjoyed sitting out there last night with the lap top in the evening air. Too bad it's supposed to be cloudy tonight, it would make a great place to sit out and view the Perseid's meteor shower. :beach:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.


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Good Morning Linda and Marguerite.
Sorry to hear both of you have aching muscles and pain. Hope today is a more comfortable day for both of you.

husband is home this weekend which is lovely. Lots of stuff to do before the craziness of the next 3 wks. easy child arrives home on Friday from his summer at Disney World. difficult child goes on his trip to visit friends and check out a vocational/independent living program that one of the friends attends. It's difficult child's first attempt to find his own path. We will have a few days all together as a family before easy child goes off to college. :surprise: I must admit that I am a little nervous for easy child but I suppose that's to be expected.

We are adjusting to life with two pups. They are confused and we aren't sure what they want some of the time. So far, so good.

Today it's clean the house for our realtors open house. Ugh. I'll be happy to get this over with. I feel like I'm being inspected by the Drill Sargeant. LOL.

Have a peaceful and pleasant Sunday.


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:wink: Good Sunday Morning Ladies!

Linda, so sorry you won't be able to see wm - sounds like he was really working hard for this visit with your guys - know you are disappointed as well. Take care and enjoy a good long nap.

Marg, the garden work will definately let you know those muscles are still there! Enjoy the :bath:

TM, poor duckie, she's been conditioned to expect the worse because of the past. easy child called me last night about 10 and said that she and her friend (who are at the beach for a week) were waiting up till one then going down on the beach for the meteor shower. Her friend's parents had gone to bed but set their alarm so they could all go together. What a beautiful sight that must be over the dark water of the Atlantic :angel:. I hope it continues tonight as difficult child and I leave for the beach shortly!

Fran, glad the new "children" are adjusting and you are all gettting to know each other. Hope the open house today brings lots of solid prospects :future:!!!!!!!!!!!

difficult child and I should pull out of here in about a half hour for the beach :beach:, We'll be back on Wednesday - be good everyone!

Good morning, all! Not much to report here. Took the cubs to Costco and the pool yesterday. Bought tix at Costco for Wild Rivers, a nearby water park. Too bad you can't get a Costco discount for the concession stands there -- food at these parks is ridiculous. Not much planned for today, but I do need to make everyone clean up and I have to pack for my trip to St. Louis tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good day!

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Good Morning,

Linda-I hope you are sleeping by now! I also hope you are able to get to the bookstore today. :reading:

Marguerite-Sorry you are so sore-I hope those sore muscles recover quickly. :bath:

TM-Sorry about you sore muscles too! :flower: Poor Duckie! I remember at one point when difficult child was little and had been bitten or stung by something during an afternoon nap and his eye swelled shut and he had hives spreading down his body. The doctor at the immediate care thought he was allergic to bees. We found out through testing six weeks later but for years every time difficult child saw a bee he panicked-even now he gets scared but doesn't panic.

Fran-New pups? Very cool! :princess: I hope your house sells quickly!!

Sharon-Enjoy the beach-sounds like heaven! :beach:

We returned from our Griswald's like family vacation on Friday late afternoon. Last night husband had a night away and I made the mistake of saying difficult child could sleep in my bed. The boy is a blanket hog and a bed hog! Not to mention he snores! Not my best night of sleep ever and my back is killing me!

Not sure what is on the agenda for today. I just bought Lean Mean Thirteen yesterday so probably a lot of reading. I may take difficult child to the pool this afternoon and tonight husband and I will go to the club.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :kisses:


Morning all

Today is a new day...

this will be my mantra. Would be nice if I didn't feel like death warmed over with cramps on the side!

We will most likely make church this morning. Then we will visit my Nanna (93) at her new pad in assisted living. Always a fun trip.

I expect a quiet day, mainly because poor difficult child II screamed so much the other evening during the d/h drama that he's lost his voice!

Maybe I will start a book, but I am looking forward to starting the ROME season II DVD's. We will see. I will admitt without d/h here I feel very at ease.

Have a good day all! ianav


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Godd Morning ALL!

I hope you all have been doing well, i have not had time to post lately. Things here are calm, difficult child went and walked 4.5 miles home from a youth center last night, so he is a little sore. My nephew has his bike so a ride was out of the question. We are waiting for his school supply list to arrive, last year it came a week before school and all the cheap store, walmart, kmart, and target were sold out of everything. I had to get it all at staples, and that was a rip off. Today i am concentrating on nice thoughts to my new neighbors downstairs, i have been woken up the last two nights and days and am getting very angry, ugh the downside of apt. life. Have a great day, and week if i don't get back on.