Good Sunday Morning!

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  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    My crazy weekend is on it's last legs. Duckie has a football game this morning then we are done. We've had cheerleading every day this week since Tuesday. It's such a grueling schedule for Duckie! :cheerleader:

    She might swim and I have to print out some photos for a collage assignment she needs to work on. We'll try to have a relaxing day. We need it. :coffee2:

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Sunday.

    TM, I hope you have a creative and relaxing day for Duckie. You and Duckie need to stay home and collage the afternoon away.

    We've had a full weekend. Today easy child had to leave mid-morning so she could head back to Canberra & sister in law so they could get their weekly shopping done. Meanwhile easy child 2/difficult child 2 was heading back our way with 3rd bridesmaid, who lives in the other direction to easy child and was making a similarly long car journey. Luckily 3rd bridesmaid arrived before easy child left so they got to have their dresses on at the same time so easy child 2/difficult child 2 could check the fit and the hemlines. She's tacked the hemlines so she can adapt them if she needs to. It's difficult, not being able to organise fittings with all the bridesmaids together. The others still haven't met the 4th bridesmaid - she couldn't make it this weekend because she had her baby yesterday.
    So we practiced with hair and makeup today, but this time with daughter in law and the 3rd bridesmaid. I've been wanting to experiment with makeup for daughter in law. She is ab solutely beautiful but doesn't usually wear makeup, so although she can put on lipstick and not get it wrong, she doesn't get enough practice. easy child 2/difficult child 2 worked on her hair, then on the dress. Making that dress fit has been a huge ordeal - daughter in law is built like a Barbie doll, but on a larger scale. She's not a stick-thin figure, but has a huge bust (natural) and large hips, with what seems an impossibly tiny waist. If not for that tiny waist she could be a plus-size model. She looked so lovely, I made a point of getting her to show her husband (difficult child 1) who could only say, "Wow".
    They left late afternoon, heading for evening church. Their friends would have had a surprise - she had her hair in long curls and her face made up subtly but effectively.

    husband polished our small van today, put in a lot of effort. It's going to be one of the wedding cars. He's exhausted tonight. He also was working on the wire base for the flowergirl's coronet (I'm going to wind ivy around it so the wire won't be seen).

    Tomorrow is hopefully a quiet day at home with difficult child 3, a school day. Tuesday husband & I are going with easy child 2/difficult child 2 and BF2 to meet with the caterer, then afterwards drop in on BF2's sister (4th bridesmaid who just had the baby). We're taking a tape measure so we can begin work on her dress. We've got to get it made fast!

    I'm so tired I cant keep my eyes open. I didn't sleep well last night, too much pain. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight. I'm posting this using my laptop because difficult child 3 is trying to sort out a computer problem on our main house computer.

    At least today was a glorious day, weather-wise. I took the three dresses down to my friend's place tonight, she has offered to do the hems for us (now easy child 2/difficult child 2 has the hems tacked in place). It was just on sunset as I scooted along the streets and there was a lovely golden glow everywhere. You can smell spring here, the mingled scent of jasmine and wisteria, with the honey smell of eucalypt gum blossom. I love the warmer weather.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. smallworld

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    Good morning, friends!

    TM, sorry your weekend's been so crazy, but glad things will soon settle down.

    husband and I returned home at midnight from visiting our son at his Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in Utah. He has been there a little over two weeks and is doing well. We attended a lot of family and group therapy sessions as well as parenting seminars on Thursday and Friday as well as a triathlon on Saturday (his Residential Treatment Center (RTC) has the boys train for triathlons as part of their therapy). J didn't race in the tri since he hasn't been there long enough, but he did pass out waters at the finish line. He was a little sad when we left, but he now has the insight to know after wilderness why heeds to be there. We are very proud of him.

    Today I have to scurry around and get the house in shape becase I face reconstructive foot surgery tomorrow morning. I tored a tendon last February and finally have time to get it taken care of. I will be in a cast for five weeks and a boot for five weeks. For the first two weeks I need to keep my foot elevated so I can't leave my house. husband will have to work from home for a few days, and we found a college student to drive the girls to after-school activities. I'm an active person so this is going to be hard for me.

    Hope you have a peaceful Sunday. Hi if you snuck in.
  4. Fran

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    Good morning kids. It's cool enough to sit on the patio and drink coffee while the two younger dogs run circles around the yard and bark.

    TM, you do have a packed schedule. Glad Duckie enjoys herself.

    Marguerite, I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain. You have been working so hard all year on both weddings. Your children must be so grateful. Hope spring re energizes you. I love my big vines of wisteria that are wrapped around the 4 large pine trees in front. I only wish the blooms lasted longer or they bloomed more than once. They are gorgeous. I have hundreds of seed pods. I should collect them and send them out to friends and family.
    Your wedding plans seem to be coming along well. Good luck with this upcoming week.

    Smallworld, I must have missed that your difficult child is at camp. Good for him for understanding that he needs to be there. I did not care for the mandatory family counseling but we participated. It helped us cope a bit better but we didn't feel the family needed fixed. The triatholon sounds like a good thing to be part of. I know difficult child looked the best he ever looked after his routine physical exercise. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the initiative to do it but it helped with burning off all that adolescent energy and frustration.

    I'm sorry to hear about your foot and surgery. I'm sure sitting with your foot up for a few weeks will be frustrating. husband ruptured his achille's tendon when easy child was about 1 yr old. I had to push him and baby in wheelchair. Not fun. In the end, husband turned the wheel chair around, put his knee of operated leg on seat and use his good leg for momentum and thrust, his wheelchair became a chariot. He went to work that way. Goof ball.

    We are now, toddler free. We drove 2yr old niece halfway home and parents met us. She was a joy and a delight and a demanding 2 yr old. I'm happy to have my house back. Today, I'll clean up all the fingerprints and try to organize my week.

    difficult child had a nice date with girlfriend. The parents decided with school that 1 day a week was enough. :crazy2: Can you see me roll my eyes? These kids seldom find anything like a normal relationship. Let them take steps forward to be like their peers. difficult child is respectful of the parent's wishes. They went to the Natural History Museum, then difficult child took her to lunch. In the end they spent the rest of the day at her house working on some school work. :rofl: Parents like "early dates" like 12 noon to 8 PM. I think they are treating them like playmates. difficult child is handling it.

    I'm hoping everything stays calm for a week. Have a good day.

    Hope you have a peacefull Sunday.