Good Sundy morning

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It promises to be a beautiful day here today. husband & I went to visit wm yesterday & it was a fairly pleasant outing. kt comes home from respite around 3 or so this afternoon.

In the meantime, I'll be working in the yard or I'll be sleeping. Been up half the night - just cannot sleep.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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Good morning Linda and all to follow. :coffee:
I hope you were able to get back to sleep. :smile: I have church today (it's my altar guild weekend and there's a Christian Ed meeting after service). Duckie may or may not attend: she was up kind of late last night. :hypnosis: She and husband "camped out" in the living room since we still have to move our bed back into our room after painting. The good news is that all my wall-to-wall carpet is gone! We lucked out that the floor was in decent shape so we don't need to refinish it. Yay!!! :thumb:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


Good morning everyone!

Linda, hope you get some rest today before kt comes home.

TM, my kids love doing "campouts" in the house. Last night husband was exhausted from his work week and feel asleep on the couch early so M and I had a sleepover in my bed. Once in a while it's fun.

Yesterday afternoon we had a nice outing at the pool with our former favorite babysitter, her husband and her 3-year-old daughter. It wasn't that sunny, but it was still warm enough to go swimming. M is so nurturing with younger kids; it's wonderful to see. Then we headed out to a Chinese restaurant for a casual dinner.

While we were out, A called from her overnight camp in Maine. I can't believe we missed her! But she left a message that she would try again tonight. I sure hope we connect. We did receive a second letter in the mail yesterday, and she sounds terrific. She landed a role in the camp musical, and she is just thrilled.

Not much on the agenda today. Trying to catch up on all the paperwork before we head up to New England on our vacation next Sunday. I'm also going to try to get to the gym for a workout. I haven't skipped a day of exercise in a week -- a record for me!

Keep it cool. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good Morning All!!

Linda- Enjoy your nap i will most likely be doing the same thing later

Tm- the campout sounded like fun, my difficult child won't do stuff like that anymore

Smallworld- so your coming up my neck of the woods huh, you'll have so much fun the weather has been great, have a good workout!

Well difficult child and i had a blast at poison last night. This is his second time seeing them and last year were lucky enough to have fifth row seats. Well last night we are back in section where i could see fine, but i knew difficult child might have trouble seeing. So the first band was over and difficult child and i were talking when this lady in headphones came over and goes hi, she said her name and then said i saw this young man , and i believe it is all about the kids being able to see and having a good time, follow me and i'll move your seats. So i'm thinking okay maybe down a few rows, heck no this lady put us in a vip box, complete with a waitress, and such an amazing few of the stage. We ended up in same section as last year, only the vip seat are raised so you see awesome. difficult child was so excited, and at nine when his medicine wore off, and he was bouncing off the walls, no one knew he was different, and no one cared because everyone was bouncing off the walls. Too bad everynight couldn't be like that!


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:beach: Good Sunday Morning!

Linda, enjoy the next few hours - hope you get nice nap in before kt gets home.

TM, the campout sounds fun. Glad your floors were in good shape.

SW, sounds like a wonderful day yesterday! Hope you catch A's call tonight. Glad she seems to be doing well.

Jen, great about the seat move. Glad difficult child had such a great time!

Both of mine as still asleep! easy child is doing ok from her surgery on Friday. Once side of her face is more swollen than the other, but she only took two pain pills on Friday and hasn't needed anything stronger than alieve since. I count that as good. The frozen peas have gotten a good workout!!!!

difficult child is doing well. The adderall was stopped on Wednesday and he has totally been off the remeron since thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed but my eyes open!

Going to do some laundry this morning and putz a little outside in the backyard. The weather is supposed to be lovely today. Low humidity and mid 80's. Been a while since it's been that nice.

Have a great Sunday all.