Good thing I've been on this board ... NAMI training is HARD!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Sep 11, 2012.

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    I signed up for a NAMI course and boy, is it accelerated. I'm used to taking lifelong learning classes for memoir writing just for fun!

    It didn't help that I missed the first class ... I had decided not to go but it turned out that a former neighbor is going and we can ride together. We're only a couple of miles apart, which is much better than the 30 miles to drive alone to the class.

    It is fascinating and very thorough. It covers the medical diagnosis aspects, and then allows people to chat a bit, but only a little, because they work hard to stay on time.

    One funny thing was all the food there. It starts at 6 and I had been snacking so I wouldn't pass out by 8 p.m. I thought, wow, a free class, pd for by tax dollars, and all that food too? How do they get the funding? And at the end of the class, the instructor/facilitator passed around a sign-up sheet because we're all supposed to make food to bring ... lol.

    Wow there is sooo much crossover between dxes. One thing we all agreed on was MD jerks who make immediate assessments/dxes, having only met a person once. You really have to get to know somebody and watch their behavior for a long time to be certain.

    Anyway, thank you all because I would be floundering with-o this board. I know 80% of the terminology and issues, at least so the other % doesn't overwhelm me. Not sure what I'm going to do with-the completion certificate because I do NOT want to be a facilitator!

    Although teaching husband could be just enough to say I'm an instructor. :) Because he doesn't have time to go, of course ...
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    That sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I wish they had something like that around here. I would love to go to something like that.
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    TeDo, look up NAMI online and it should have a section for local support groups. I found this by accident, though ... in the back of a local free health newspaper.
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    I have done that before and there aren't any within a 2 hour driving distance of me. That's the part that really hoovers about living in the middle of nowhere.
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    TeDo... first, keep looking, because you never know when someone will spearhead a group that ends up being closer to where you are.

    Here... even with "public" services, where things get located is largely driven by where the interest is. Even people in "the middle of nowhere" (we have lots of that here) get stuff like this, on an interest-driven basis. Is there any way to make your interest known? Maybe there's a list somewhere?
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    Good idea, Insane. TeDo, call your local hospital (assuming there is one close by) and ask them to help you find a free mtng space ... it's good PR for them and keeps their name out there, since the groups meet every week. Just a thought.