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We were all exhausted last night and somehow didn't realize that Captain Morgan got out. He usually sleeps with Jess or as far from me as he can, so I didn't know he wasn't in the house.

We are really worried. He isn't an outside cat at all and we cannot find him. I went all over and so did Jess, but no luck. We are in a big complex and all the doors look exactly alike. He is chipped but isn't wearing a collar. If he is found, that will change. I let husband and Jess go soft on the collar because he just hates them. I don't care how bad he hates it, he WILL keep a collar on if I have to superglue it to him. No, don't get upset, I would NEVER glue anything to him, I will just want to! But I don't want to go through this ever again.

Late last night I heard a cat outside and was feeling yucky so I didn't go look. I have done that countless times in the last two months only to have husband tell me I was silly because of course Captain wasn't outside. So the one time he probably WAS outside, I didn't even bother to get up. Of course I feel awful.

we are putting a small can of his used litter out by the door and husband's old dirty socks in the window (open a little bit) so that if he gets near he can smell home and meow for us. I WILL get up this time!

Any good thoughts, prayers, vibes, etc... would be most appreciated. He is every bit as much of a family member as my kids are, and husband is going to be totally heartbroken if Captain doesn't come home.

Thanks. I know how powerful board vibes are, and they are very much appreciated.


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Praying you find him. Hugs and hang in there, dont give up. See if you can get flyers to all your neighbors and good idea about his litter.

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Our cat followed us down the road once while we were walking the dog. She stayed in the woods and brush beside the road, but every so often, we would see her.

After that, we didn't see her for a few days.

It never occurred to us that she may not have been able to find her way home.

We took the dog that way again (instead of the other way, as we usually did).

And there was our cat.

Meowing like crazy when she saw us, she hightailed it for home through the woods. Not on the road with us, but through the woods and yards. When we got home, she was there at the door. I wonder if something similar is happening with Captain Morgan. Have you tried walking down every hallway and around the building?

Leaving litter and something with your scents on it is a great idea.

We have all seen those movies where the cat comes home from a great distance, so we think they can not get lost in their own neighborhoods, but our cat did. Maybe everything smells the same in the familiar places?

Especially if he does not go out much, that could be what is happening.

It's a rural area, but our cat was something like two blocks from home. It had to be that she wasn't sure how to get back. She was in the area where we had last seen her skulking along behind us, peeking out from behind trees and so on as we walked the dog.

She was hungry and scared, but happy to be home.

Poor Captain Morgan! I hope he finds his way home, soon.



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Two different neighbors have seen him as recently as very early yesterday morning (4 am-ish). So he is around. Animal control knows he is not a stray, but they don't have him. Another cat went missing in our complex yesterday, according to animal control.

I have searched when/where I can, so has Jess. We are doing what we can and hope he will be home soon. We are going to go door to door and tape up flyers later today.

Thanks for the good wishes. I really appreciate them.


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Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. Please keep them coming. More than a few people have said they saw him so we strongly believe he is close by but lost and scared. He is VERY distinctive looking and easy to identify because of his Siamese coloring and enormous size, so we are sure the sightings are correct. He is not Siamese like the cats in the movie "The Aristocrats". That is actually a type specifically bred to be very skinny. Cap'n is the actual traditional Siamese cat, which is a very solid and sturdy cat. He is also quite large of frame. Given my marshmallow willed husband, this translates to a VERY large cat. This means he is easy to spot and to identify from other cats, so we feel the sightings are reliable.

I am hoping to find a humane trap to borrow or rent in order to try to capture him at the dumpster. We have been spending time sitting there hoping he would come by and/or our scent would pool and he would spend more time there so that we can find him there. No luck so far, but I think a trap placed there might be effective. Anyone have experience with these?

Thank you, all of you. I miss my little guy.


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I was going to suggest a trap but was worried if I did, something would go wrong! Some cats/dogs and other animals can get the food out and quickly get out before it shuts - worst case I believe. My dad trapped a stray cat once and it didnt hurt it( I didnt talk to my dad for a long time for that). I think a cat is always trickier to catch, do you have any people in your area that specialize in catching them with any special tricks? ( Besides animal control-not really counting them) Im so feeling for you right now. Hugs . Wish I was there in person Id help you!


check for a cat rescue group or a group that does trap and release. Most groups around here will loan u a trap that does not hurt cats and explain how to use it.