Good Thursday morning...

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Good morning all,

I'm struggling to sleep again tonight so thought I'd start the morning thread.

The staffing for kt yesterday was cancelled due to illness on a few professionals parts. There is a virulent stomach flu & strep throat running rampant through Residential Treatment Center (RTC) again. kt was ill yesterday. We're to pick her up this afternoon if she's feeling better for another long weekend pass - otherwise, it will be Friday.

I spent yesterday cooking a batch of chicken soup. Put on a loaf of bread in the breakmaker - the thing died half way between cycles. Sigh - it was a good machine. For nearly 10 years I used it almost weekly.

I've a doctor's appointment today, along with piano lessons. Not much else going on.

Enjoy your day - keep your loved ones close to your heart.


Morning, sunshine. I'm Sleepless in Mid Mo myself. Trying to find the earliest organized trail ride so I can schedule myself something to look forward to.

Good morning, all!


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Good Morning!!! And good night.... I have yet to hit the hay...hope you all have had a wonderful rest. I am doing the insomniac theatre. Hard to sleep when husband is out of town...


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Morning all.
Reading your bit about the breadmaker reminds me what i forgot to do last night, oh well geuss we have pitta bread sandwiches today,(sigh).
Cant beat the smell of fresh bread in the morning can you?

Its a season for yucky bugs it seems, D seems to be on his 3rd cold of the winter, but still happy so its not so bad i geuss.
Been painting all week ready for putting house on the market, boy do ADHD kids make some interesting interior decorations!!!!!

Well best go,
Have a good day all,


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Good Morning fellow insomniacs. I didn't expect to see anyone but it's a party today.

Linda, I keep hearing about a tough bug going around. I'm knocking on wood that it skips our family. Sorry to hear the bread machine has met it's demise. I don't use mine nearly enough.

Shari, how long is a trail ride? Do you go alone or are you part of a group?

totoro, is that avatar a picture of your backyard? How is the weather in Idaho? :smile: I've only been there once while visiting my favorite place in the world.(yellowstone)

Capri, I just responded to your post. It's just so nice to see an old friend.

I hope you all get some sleep. I have a busy day and will be out and about. easy child starts the play tonight. I am so ready for this to be over. We attend tomorrow. :princess:

Hope you have a peaceful day. :smile:


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Good morning, ladies,

Linda, hope you get your long weekend with kt and she's feeling better. Bummer about the bread, guess it's time for a new one :frown:

Shari, the trail sounds fun. Enjoy yourself.

Totoro, hope you get some rest today.

Capri, good luck with the painting. Sorry to hear difficult child is sick.

Fran, hope you enjoy the play. I'm sure easy child is excited. You sound tired, I hope you get some rest in somewhere.

Well, difficult child 2 called me on his own last night. He wanted to see how I was doing :wildone: It was nice to hear from him. I called the principal yesterday - no incidents or problems since that one he had when he first got into school. I'm glad. He seems to be doing okay, but doesn't really care for where he is. I kinda figured, feel bad, still weighing options. Attorney gave me 3: he can come home, stay where he is, or think about Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Apparantley, we're letting the judge decide :smile: Why? Because he has the word judge in front of his name (and yep, that's really the only reason).

Need to get my ducks in a row so I have something to present to him. Maybe I should work on making a decision about what I want to do with my son, too? :hammer:

Dylan is doing well! easy child got a prescription for 5 mg. Adderal yesterday. Another medication. Geez.

Hope everyone enjoys their day. I'm very tired lately, and very very stressed. If I'm not posting as much as I should be, I apologize. I'm trying to get here as much as I can.



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Good Morning!

So get this we had a staff meeting last night, and our bosses go yeah on Friday we both won't be in we'll be at a conference, i lightly kick the girl sitting next to me, she goes what. I said Friday is the day my co-teacher is giving her notice. So i told this girl you better call her up and tell her to come in today, she has it off. Yikes they are going to flip. Well got to run car is a sheet of ice!

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Good Morning,

Linda-I hope kt is feeling better. Guess it's time to shop for a new bread machine.

Shari-I hope you get your trail scheduled soon.

Totoro-I hope your sleeping away by now.

Capri-I shouldn't be laughing but you are so right about the interesting interior decorators.

Fran-Enjoy your busy day. Just think the play is almost over!

Janna-You have a lot on your plate. I hope you get the rest you need. Hugs.

As for me I am very tired and feel maybe the start of a sore throat. I left the house at around 6:50 yesterday morning and didn't get home till 8:00. I was so tired I couldn't even reply to any posts last night-which for me is very tired! Tonight after school I'm coming home for a bit but then have to head back across town. There is a meeting for parents of students entering high school at easy child's school. It's from 7:30-9:00 :smile: Guess I'll be heading straight to bed when I get home! The good news is the weekend is almost here and Saturday night difficult child goes to respite!

I hope everyone enjoys their day-hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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:smile: Good Thursday Morning :smile:

WOW - I can't believe how many of you were up early this morning (before going to bed). I don't know how you function with so little sleep - I would be like this /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif all day :blush:

Linda, sorry about the breakmaker - hope you have a nice day.

Shari, hope you find the early ride you are looking for.

Totoro, hope you are sleeping now!

Capri, my easy child has been really sick twice this winter - either the bugs are meaner or it's working with the kids at the gym (her part time job).

Fran, you sure have been up early lately. Good luck to easy child on opening night!

Janna, nice that difficult child 3 called. Glad Dylan has settled some and I hope the adderall is effective for easy child - it was the one that turned difficult child around in a positive way - I wish the same for your easy child.

Sharon, you have the busiest life! You are always running - only two more days till Saturday........

Gosh, so many of you here early this morning that all the responding made me forget what I had to share this morning!!!!! My brain is only 1/2 awake since I've only had one cup of hmj.

difficult child had another meltdown at school yesterday. Calmed himself quicker, not severe like they used to be but....... trying to hold myself back from overreacting and assuming he's sliding or that the ad removal this weekend is responsible. Trying to just sit on my hands and wait and see......

Well, it's thursday so that means the office for me. Fortunately my carpool run for easy child will be taken by a friend since they are out early for exams all week and I need to work all day.

The temps are dropping * but no sign or chance of the white stuff......

Have a great day everyone!



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G'day people,

I'm thoroughly wiped out. I've got no energy to really respond to people, other than - welcome, Capri, and Linda - the new model of bread machine has some good features, you'll like it. Hope you were able to finish the bread in the oven - I find the bread will 'prove' just from having it in an 'off' oven but with the light on. Desperate measures. But it only works if you KNOW the bread machine has just died on you - finding it ten hours later with bread dough invading the kitchen like the Return of The Blob (where's Steve McQueen when you need him?) is futile.

The kids did their film bit today. husband was an extra - I was supposed to be also, but difficult child 3 needed me (even though they had a paid Special Education teacher to work with the autistic kids). So I became the official holder of the Nintendo DS and spare stylus. A couple of production people said they were grateful for this - hundreds of extras today, holding up filming to search for a lost stylus (like we had to on Saturday) would have been disastrous. But I was so busy organising spare medications for the kids, that I totally forgot mine - flamin' idiot that I am! I thought I'd just been doing too much...

I took most of my daily dose 12 hours late, along with some other strong fast-acting pills and I'm temporarily functioning again, but a good night's sleep (assuming I can keep the pain under control) will help.

husband posted separately in my name on Watercooler and came and woke me to review what he'd written. There is so much more, but I'm too tired/wrecked/[other words I'm not permitted to use here].

Have a good Thursday, everyone. I'm off to see if easy child & boyfriend have arrived from Canberra yet. They're driving up to stay for our long weekend (Australia Day tomorrow).

But tomorrow is another day...



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Good morning friends!
A minor head cold seems to be going through our house as well. My head feels like it's full of cotton balls. Yuck. Duckie *seems* to be doing a little better from last weekend, but she's sniffling up a storm. Oh well. We'll send her to school as there's no classes tomorrow.
Have a great day. I hope you insomniacs have an easy day to with your sleeplessness. :smile:
Good Morning Everyone,

I'm only half functioning today - I haven't had enough :smile: yet!!! I feel like I'm going to need a whole pot to get going...

To all of you who aren't feeling well, hope you feel better soon!!! And, to those of you who are healthy, hope you stay healthy!!!

We've had a cold going around in our house for ages... No matter how much I clean, disinfect, etc., etc., it doesn't seem to help. difficult child 1 was sick last night but is feeling much better this morning - I'm so glad for small miracles!!!

Anyway, I'm too toasted to write much more this morning. Just want to wish all of you a great day!!! WFEN


Mom? What's a difficult child?
UGH- well it is 8 am here and of course an hour and a half after I tried to lay down... who starts screaming about the CATS!!! My 2 yo easy child/difficult child. Too funny... so she was fully amped up...I had to bring her in my bed (again). She managed to turn like a little clock the rest of the night/early morning...feet in my face,elbows. JOY.

She was worried about where the cats were???

Fran I don't know where that picture is from, but I put it up because it does indeed look like my area.

Good mid-morning. Hope everyones day is/was good.

Need more coffee, might be a movie day for the girls, I am trying to strip wallpaper in my bathroom, yuck. Just finished our bedroom...



I ought to get my bread machine out. I haven't seen it in years. Wonder where its even at....???

Fran, the ride I'm looking for will be several days (long weekend to a week). Usually can opt to go out for a morning ride, come back for lunch, then an afternoon and/or evening ride, or you can opt to pack you lunch and be gone all day. These are generally group rides. I like to ride alone, but not so much with this horse now, I just don't trust him enuf yet to turn him loose in 50,000 acres.

Capri, this flu season has been a booger. I just got back from the vet - even our dog has it. Poor guy. (there's my critters again, Fran)

Janna, how cool difficult child called. Its a start!

WO, I hope you aren't getting it, too.

LDM, congrats on difficult child's non-major meltdown (is there such a thing???) Progress.

Marg, I haven't read your post, but I'm hoping you're ok...will check it out pronto.

Tm's getting it, too? NO!!!! Too many.

WFEN - too toasted? Hm... Maybe I want to live with you???

Totoro, difficult child 2 woke me up this morning, screaming about being afraid of some black thing. It was the black kitten, Boo, curled up on the end of the couch.