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Good Morning Friends,

This is one of those mornings when I really wish I drank coffee:bloodshot:
Yesterday was such a very long day. Looks like another one ahead as well. Both of the kids psychiatrist appts went well-I may post update later.

After work today husband, difficult child, and I are headed to the health club and then home for dinner. Around 7:30 I need to go pick up easy child from cheer practice (1/2 hour ride each way). I'm really glad she is in cheer-just wish practice was right after school like it is for most sports.

Going to try and catch a couple of extra zzzzs right now before heading off to work.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:


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Hey Sharon, hope you were able to catch a little extra sleep before work! I know what you mean about glad she is in cheer but.....easy child, from middle thru high, attended schools that were a distance from home. When she was able to drive, it was like heaven! Have a good one!

In a rush here, need to be in the shower right now! I want to put some dinner in the crock pot before difficult child heads to school and I head to the office! Diablo Beef for dinner!

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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Good morning all,

Sharon, catch those zzzzz's ~ you are constantly on the go. Don't want to see you get sick this year.

Sharon, your dinner sounds wonderful - what time should I be there? ;)

kt is finally up & moving; we'll see if she makes the bus this morning; if not it will be an early drive across town.

I spent entirely too much time walking yesterday. After kt's therapist appointment, we had 2 stops to make & it's never quick with ktbug along. I can barely move this morning ~ I didn't use the scooters like I'm supposed to. My choice - I'm bad.

PCA nurse supervisor will be here at noon today to update kt's care plan. I have a lot of paperwork to attend to & phone calls to make this morning.

Have a good day all ~ let's keep it calm out there. :D


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G'day, folks.

Sharon/WO, I hope you get to catch up on sleep before you get to work. Sleeping on the job isn't good! I hope things can quiet down for you a bit.

Sharon/LDM, crockpots are the salvation of busy families.

Linda, exercise is best IN MODERATION. I have to tell myself this, too.

husband & I had our wedding anniversary today - 32 years. We had to fit things in around my usual cleaning day plus other chores. Then we also needed to visit mother in law (still in hospital) and try to sort things out a bit there too. It's been busy, but in there we managed to have a relaxing lunch together, then we saw a movie "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep. Darn, but she's a good actress! Just about any other actress would not have done justice to that role.

Tomorrow is husband's birthday. Hopefully we'll get some more relax time in. We're not planning to visit mother in law tomorrow because Saturday is our family big day going to the theatre, and we're springing mother in law from hospital for that.

So assuming no crises, tomorrow hopefully we relax a bit more.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.