Good Tuesday morning, my friends....

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I know it's a tad early for the morning thread - can't seem to sleep this very long night. Oh well - reading a new mystery novel by Victoria Laurie :reading: & listening to some quiet jazz.

Yesterday was a mostly busy day for kt; kept her busy with chores so she could earn the rest of her allowance for a second fish for her new fish tank. She's named her 2 fish Crackers. Now she has Cheese & Crackers in her fish tank. :surprise: (husband has been pushing for fish & chips or something of that nature, making kt stomp her foot & give him "the look".)

I put dinner together early yesterday (in the crock pot) as it's the only way I'll ever cook nowadays.

husband had a business mtg for his 2nd part time job this evening; kt & I did well alone for 2 hours after the PCA left for the day & we have an agreement regarding acting out & tantrums - we'll see how long it lasts.

Today is a day with no appointments & it looks as though it will be another stormy day. Time to get out some fall crafting materials for kt & PCA to work on.

Saturday, I started practicing piano a bit here & there. Though it sounds terrible, it feels good to sit down at my piano & play. I played for a half hour this evening & am feeling a bit more confidence than I did even a week ago. I do believe I will be able to continue with lessons this coming fall.

Well, I've rattled on for a bit. Hope everyone has a good day; keep it calm & safel :flower:


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Good morning, Linda ~

I love the fishes names LOL! So cute, ha. I also love my crock pot. I have found so many easy, easy, EASY recipes for that thing. I'm glad you're getting to the piano. You sound so relaxed (and a tad tired). Get some rest today.

Well, we made it through the first day of school with no calls LOL! Day one down. I figured. Only one I was worried about was (is) difficult child 2. But new teacher this year, new rules, and she's a bada*s. I don't think he's gonna get much empathy from her lol. GOOD!

Gotta make a call this morning to the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), again. Last week it was the therapist's ignorance re: medications and the awful cough they ignored. Last night, Dylan tells me it's been 2 weeks, and he's had one bowel movement. *sigh* Done the encopresis already. I guess nobody listened to me during admissions. I made sure I told every person I came in contact with he has to be reminded ~ the signal is dead ~ nobody hears me. Two weeks ~ and I hate the place.

Hope everyone enjoys their day.

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Good Morning Linda and Janna (and all to follow),

Linda, I am picturing an angry little girl stomping her foot at her dad and it makes me laugh - I love the fish's names also. And I love crock pot cooking - seems a bit too summery for it here though. I am not in "Fall" mode just yet.

Janna, New teachers were always hardest for difficult child. While easy child was excited to figure her new teachers out, difficult child hated them before the day was through. I hope difficult child 2 cuts the teacher a little slack - they always try to be tough the first couple of weeks which I don't think is always the wisest thing to do with kids, especially teens. But what do I know? I hope Dylan's poopy issues improve - he must be so uncomfortable, poor kid. Hugs mom.

I am up early today, couldn't sleep; thinking too much about things with difficult child and our upcoming vaca. I was up late last night doing things and now I guess I have more to do this AM before work. I canned some mixed veggies from our garden last night: jalapenos, cauliflower, celery, carrots, onions and garlic - smelled very yummy, can't wait to try it. I also cleaned out my car and finished up the laundry. We leave for VA tomorrow to go visit easy child - I CANNOT wait! I miss her sooooo much I can't stand it. She's not a real huggy person so I will have to contain a bit of my enthusiasm. After 2 days with easy child, we're moving along to see my sister in WV and go white water rafting & camp out (our end of summer hoorah!). One the way back (a 12 hour drive to CT), we're picking up my mom - pure torture - and must be home early enough to unwind a bit for school and work the next day. I think this will prove to be a nice getaway and, let's face it, the best part for me will be to see my easy child!

Well, better get going. I have laundry to fold, a garden to harvest and some veggies to blanch and freeze before I head off to work. Have a great day everyone!


Good morning, I think.

Linda I hope you get a chance to rest. The fish and kt and your husband sound cute. I can see my husband having done that.

Janna glad no calls yesterday and hope none today from school. RTcs can be a challenge I deal with two different ones. Hang tuff.

Jo sounds like a fun trip. Hope it goes well.

I am sitting here trying to work into going to work. (I clean for a couple hours a day a business) The problem is yesterday my hip went out while on my way to gfg1s Residential Treatment Center (RTC). It is making anything hurt. Can't seem to convince it to go back in. The car ride yesterday didn't help. easy child informed me I was b****y last night. I thought you try having a hip out. I also reminded her that I wasn't the one with an attitude because of something silly. Ah well. husband is going with me to clean so at least it will go quicker and I can come back to the heating pad.

Good morning o anyone that snuck in.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Did you happen to catch a peek of the lunar eclipse? :hypnosis:
Janna- I hope D's encopresis can be remedied without a trip to the hospital. Ugh. :hammer:
Jo- Have a safe trip. And don't be surprised if easy child wants a hug, she's probably missed you! :kisses:
Duckie has been invited to a play date this morning (yay!!!) and I have to drop off her epipens & benadryl to the school and bus line if the right people are in today. Plus, I'm trying to sort out the Sunday School stuff at church. Then there is cheer later Ugh!!!
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Good moring ladies :smile:

TM - That's wonderful that you think you may be able to continue with your piano and lessons. I have to laugh at the names too although I had two fish when I was a teenager and named them war and peace. I haven't used a crock pot before, I'll have to look into that.

Janna - I'm sorry to hear what Dylan is going through. Is he getting any help? I hope difficult child 2 continues not to get phone calls.

Jo - Enjoy your vacation! Sounds exciting. I've never gone white water rafting before but it's always been something I've wanted to try.

We may go to the park today, looks like it'll be a nice day. Our first offer was not accepted and the guy wants full price. Unfortunately husband and I do not feel it's worth that much so it looks like we will be passing on the house. We really love the house but our guts are telling us we are being fooled. difficult child passed the next phase of his try-outs, more tonight!!!!! Your good thoughts are working and we could use some more tonight!!!!

Have a great day everyone :smile:

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Good Morning All,

Sorry for not addressing everyone individually this morning. I have a work meeting that I have to leave for in a bit. Should be interesting as I had less than three hours of sleep-Linda about the time you were starting the thread I was still tossing in bed trying to sleep. All my fault as I had two and a half sodas with-caffiene last night. I did finish a book! Wish I had some toothpicks to hold open my eys.

Hopefully this afternoon I will get a long nap. Tonight I will hit the club.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! :kisses:


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Sorry for rushing in and rushing out again - we've been watching the lunar eclipse. Amazing totality! fabulously clear sky! And, wonder of wonders, today felt warm enough to be summer, I've been outside at night in a sleeveless top and cotton skirt, and bare feet - the paving still felt warm. husband was taking photos until the power on light of the camera made finding the now-dark moon in the viewfinder almost impossible.

A heck of a week coming up - no time to scratch myself, and I'm desperate for rest. I see a couple more doctors tomorrow, I'm hoping for answers then.



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Good morning everyone.

Linda, it sounds like you are progressing towards your old self. What's up with all that rain?

Janna, sorry that you hate the place. It helped me to focus on my difficult child and the behavior plan. How they ignored me or treated me was secondary to them helping difficult child. It doesn't sound like you like their treatment plan either. It's too bad. difficult child had done so well for so long and now he is struggling to get back to his normal.

JoG,what a fun vacation. Hope easy child lets you hug her as much as you want. I haven't ever wwrafted in W.Va. I have heard it's really exciting. Enjoy yourself.

mrscith, sorry to hear about your hip. How nice of husband to help you out.

TM,did Duckie start school yet? Hope they can make arrangements for her to feel comfortable. You hate to think they start school being distraught.

mum2JK&TH, sorry about the house. It's a difficult process. We walked away from our house. We were too far apart. 4 days later the countered again. Hope things work out.

Wiped out,hope you get a nap in soon.

Marguerite, I looked at the lunar eclipse this morning. There are some advantages to waking up early.

Hope all of you who read the Good Morning thread have a calm, productive day.

I am going to obedience class with the pups today. :hypnosis: They are pretty good but I want to be sure that they know how to behave in the house and when walking on a leash.

Long "to do" list and I'm procrastinating the start. Hopefully, I'll get through it.
Have a good day.


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Fran, Duckie goes back on the Wednesday after Labor Day. She seems to be a little more accepting of the busing situation, we are just hoping she has a friend on the bus with her.
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Linda, Thanks for the laugh! I LOVE the fish names!!! Fish and Chips sounds like something my husband would say... It's really nice to find you here today. You sound much, much better!!!

Janna, I hope difficult child 2's new teacher can keep him in line!!! Does she have a "clone"? difficult child 1 hasn't even started school yet but something tells me it isn't going to go well... I HOPE I'm wrong!!! Sorry to hear about Dylan. I hope his cough is better and the staff pay more attention to what you say to them!!! difficult child 2 has to be kept on a regular schedule as far as BMs. He has to be reminded to go... Hope you get a bit of "me" time!!!

JoG, ENJOY your vacation!!! It's so nice that you'll get to spend some quality time with easy child!!! Whitewater rafting sounds like so much fun!!! ( I can be packed and ready at a seconds notice!!!) The veggies sound delicious!!!

Beth, I hope you feel better soon!!! I'm glad husband is going to help you this morning. Teen PCs can be soooooo TOUGH!!!

TM, I hope Duckie enjoys her play date. You're always so BUSY!!! Duckie must look so cute at cheerleading practice!!! I hope you get a bit of "me" time!!!

Christine, I'm sorry about the house. I'm sure it just wasn't meant to be and something better will come along soon... Way To Go difficult child!!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for him again tonight!!!

Sharon, I hope you manage to take a much needed LONG nap today!!! I'm glad you're still going to the health club later. Reading your posts about exercise has helped me realize how much I will benefit from joining one too. THANKS!!!

Marg, Hopefully some of the pictures of the lunar eclipse that husband took will come out. I hope the doctors you're going to see will be able to give you the answers you need!!! I hope you're able to get some rest with your hectic schedule...

Fran, I hope obedience class with the pups goes well today. I had so much fun when my favorite sanity saver was a "baby". easy child and I took her to puppy kindergarten. After her "graduation", I took her to basic training. In fact, even though she "graduated from basic training the first time, I took her a second time. Her manners when loose leash walking needed some improvement. Even now, although she knows what to do and is fine in her own neighborhood, if we take her somewhere new and she is excited, she forgets all about her "manners". I hope you get through your to-do list. Moving is so much hard work!!!

TM, I'm glad Duckie is more accepting about the bus. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she has a friend on it...I'll be looking for an update...

Today I've got to pick up back to school supplies for the kids. They start school next Wednesday. I can't wait!!! I'll be doing the "happy dance" the entire day!!! :princess: :princess: :smile:!!!

Hi to anyone who snuck in...

As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today :flower: WFEN :flower: :flower:


I think it's great you are playing the piano. In another lifetime, when I have more time I think I'd like to take lessons too. Take care and have a great day :smile: