Good Tuesday Morning!

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Good Morning All,

I did get my workout in last night. Just took a step out and watched tv while I stepped for 40 minutes. Another chilly day here but I guess it's going to get worse before it gets better. By the weekend they are calling for a high of only 6 with lows in the double digits below zero *

After work today I'm picking up difficult child so husband can help our niece get her tvo (sp?) hooked up and then I'll probably be taking difficult child to wrestling practice. I told husband he would have to make the chicken parmesan. :smile:

I hope everyone enjoys their day. :smile:


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Good Morning!
Sharon- glad to hear you got your work out in, have fun at difficult child's practice i always found this a perfect time to catch up on a good book.

Well so much for my quiet week, my co-teacher was canned, so i worked by my self with four kids yesterday, the others got moved to different rooms for the day. Then on my lunch break i ran out to buy difficult child some new jeans and my car was acting weird. So on my way home last night i broke down in a really bad spot on a curve. I froze my but off waiting for my mom to show up to push me with her car to a parking lot then wait another hour for triple a to tow me. Lol now i have no car and get to be driven to and from work, i think i am going back to horse and buggy stage!


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* Good Tuesday Morning Everyone *

Sharon, glad you got your workout in - easy child, best bud and I will be hitting the :smile: right after school pick up! No kick boxing this time! Have a great day :grin:

Jen, so sorry 'bout the car /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif It's a bummer to have to rely on others for a ride. Hope you can get it fixed soon - and it doesn't break the bank :smile:

Feel like I've been away for weeks. I have been really busy and haven't said good morning in days. I miss my morning chat and :smile:

difficult child is excited since he has the day off tomorrow. Teacher work day. It's a nice break - two days on, one off, two days on, two off! His last several days at school have been fine - no more incidents. He called at the end of the day yesterday and said he didn't want to go to mad science - just wanted to come home. I picked him up and he was happy but tired.

easy child is returning to school today after a nice break. We never did get to see Dream Girls yesterday. The show times were a little later than we thought (with her working and difficult child needing to be picked up). But, we did spend the day running around together and had a nice lunch at a local Mexian place. She drove me around all day!

Ex and I have our mediation meeting on Sat where we will go over our agreement. I feel that I have crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's but I still am feeling a little anxious that I have thought of everything.

Well, I'm going to get going on my day. Still working on my year close out at the office and I will work all day today.

Wishing everyone a great day!



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G'day everybody.

Sharon A, I can't work those step machines. I doubt we'd have room for one anyway. The chicken parmesan sounds nice.

Jen, sorry to hear about your co-teacher. And the car, too - we always seem to cop it all at once.

LDM/Sharon - good to see you back. I've been wondering how the mad science is going. Good luck with the mediation.

difficult child 3 & I had another late afternoon at the beach. The water is very warm but I missed the chance to boost my tan (and his - he's too pale). But our spell of ultra-hot weather is easing off for the next week. We might even get a few drops of rain!

difficult child 3 is really working well already, so early in his school year. We have to go out tomorrow to see the paediatrician, I have so much I need to ask him for. But I'm hoping I can still get difficult child 3 to get some more work done, even though we'll have a disruptive day, study-wise.

Have a good Tuesday, everyone.

Good Morning Everyone,

I'm in a R U S H this morning!!! I have to bring my car in for repairs - nothing major though. I'm always grateful for small miracles... :smile:

I just want to wish all of you a peaceful, "melt-down" free, day.

Got to run - Hope I have time for the drive-thu on my way... I need some more :smile: WFEN


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Good morning ladies!
Sorry I can't address each of you, but I need to get Duckie rolling (she's not being too pleasant this morning).
Have a great day! :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, we have the same cold heading our way. *
Jen, sorry to hear about your car. :crazy: Hope it doesn't take much to repair.
Sharon, it has been awhile - missing that morning :smile: with you.
TM, have a good one.

It's a cold 2 degrees this morning. I'm grateful there isn't a great deal on the calendar - too cold to be running about. *

I'm recovering - I was able to sleep in my bed last night versus our reclining chair. I also slept through the entire night. :bravo: Believe I'm seeing the end stages of the crud.

Keep your loved ones in your heart. Stay warm.


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Good Morning my friends. Unfortunately I am running late. I fell asleep at 9:30 only to wake up an hour later. I ended up watching ColdCase Files until 1AM. :hammer: I did finish the first novel in the series I'm planning to read.

Wiped out, I'm so glad you go your work out in. It must make you feel so much better.

Raz, how scary about the car breaking down in the curve of the road. :wildone: Thank goodness for cell phones. Glad your mom could help you out. It's one of the coldest days of the year isn't it? You poor thing. *

LDM,it would seem perfectly appropriate to be anxious. You are infact severing the strings that connect the two of you as adults. You will always be joined by the kids but that's a different set of strings that bind. I'm sure it is nerve wracking. I would be also but you are prepared.

Marguerite, sorry you missed your opportunity to tan. Maybe today. Our beach is too wintry to be in the water or tan but I still love it. Enjoy your day.

WFEN,thanks for the good morning greetings. Same back at you. I am going to enjoy the morning :smile: before heading out.

TM, good morning to you too.

Linda, brrrrrrr * Baby sis called to give me the update on frigid Minnesota/Wisconsin. Her in laws are visiting from the UK. :rofl: I'm sure they are wishing baby sis still lived in Texas or Florida.

easy child went to a tutor last night. He has been lagging behind in pre Calculus with the play going so strong. He seems to think this will help him catch up. husband is going out of town for the night after work today. I figure I will drive him in and take his cute car since easy child is driving mine. I think easy child will finally have his back by Friday. I have a few errands to run. I didn't know picking hardware for kitchen cabinets would be such a chore. It's the last part of the the kitchen remodel. It turned out quite well considering I'm 5 hrs away.
difficult child filled up some applications and has an interview on Thursday. He seems motivated. Keep your fingers crossed. :smile:
It's the same old, same old. Have a peaceful day. :smile:


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I forgot to mention that Lothlorian has taken over the Natural Treatment forum from typical teen. She will moderate N/T as well as with-C.
Thank you Loth. You are the best.