Good Tuesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    It's way too early to be up but difficult child was up sick again. Other than the actual getting sick part he has no fever-I'm really hoping he might be able to go to school today but we'll see.

    It's going to be a rainy cool day here with the temps hitting only about 62-think I'll pull out my jeans. I hate to do it when we have so much cleaning we are doing at work and it gets so hot. I'm having the kiddos empty their desks and lockers today except for a book and a notebook and a pencil.

    After work difficult child has an intake appointment for a new therapy place that is suppose to be really good.

    Maybe I'll make it to the club but we'll see. The last week of school it's kind of hard to get there because by about 6:00 I feel ready for bed!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All. Hope everyone has a good day!
    Sharon- Hope your difficult child feels better.
    I am hoping for a quiet day today because I have a number of appointments Tomorrow.
    Sending hugs to all. Rabbit
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :coffee: Good Tuesday Morning!

    For some reason I'm needing a little extra coffee this morning - well, I know the reason, I read in bed way too long last night!

    Sharon, hope difficult child is doing well and you can make it to work - but it doesn't bode well that he is getting sick two hours before leaving for school.

    Rabbit, nice to have a down day!

    My day is not too bad - I'll work until about 1, then I want to touch up my roots (I use the nice and easy root stuff - it's great and gives me about 3 extra weeks before doing the whole head), and then clean out the car. I'm meeting my mom for lunch tomorrow. We are meeting 1/2 the distance between us (an hour). She is bringing me a pair of lamps and some curtains for easy child's old room that I am making into another guestroom (remember the painter who spent a week here in April - that was the big room he did because there was a lot of plaster repair in that room).

    Hope everyone has a great day today.

    Sharon :peaceful:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folk.

    Sharon/WO, sorry difficult child is sick again. It means a lot of hands-on from you plus loss of sleep. Have you considered the possibility that his sickness is anxiety-related?

    Rabbit, I hope you get to rest today to re-charge your energy for tomorrow's busy day.

    difficult child 3 had a study day today, it was well-attended. There would have been about 30 students there as well as a number of teachers and other parents. I stayed for the first session (poetry) and was pleased to see difficult child 3 engaging in it and talking to the teacher. But I was very tired, I left to go back to the car after their morning break. I slept soundly for over an hour, I didn't get back to the kids until after their lunch break. husband was sitting in the school library (right next to where the classes were) but difficult child 3 didn't need him; lunch and refreshments were all included.

    Class finished later than usual and I had a doctor appointment scheduled across town, so we hit the road fast. Only 15 minutes late (a miracle) plus the doctor was running late anyway. I talked to the doctor about the chest pain I had on Sunday, she told me to call the ambulance next time and ensure an ECG gets done while I'm still in pain. But she is also thinking that heart problems are probably not the cause. However, I do have to have a stress test to rule it out. OK - more doctors, more tests. Just what I didn't need to fill my empty, dreary and boring life...

    We left the doctor in time to get to drama class for difficult child 3, then we wen tto dinner. difficult child 3 always buys his own fast food (each week he laternates - pizza one week, burger the next. Even if he felt like the other, he has to stick to his schedule) so this week we said, "Go get your burger and eat it, then join us in the restaurant, we will order food we know you like."

    Which we did - only he had also taken advantage of our long absence at the doctor's earlier, and bought a bag of M&Ms which he had polished off. So - no room in the inn, folks. Stuffed to the gills. So we doggy-bagged it all (difficult child 3 saying, "Woof, woof!" to the waiter) and because tomorrow is a day when we get to come right back home after the early morning radiation treatment, we'll eat or leftovers for lunch and hopefully difficult child 3 will have more room. We are trying to teach him to come in to the restaurant for dinner with us; he's been getting more rigid about his food again.

    So now we're home, just got in, it's still early evening but we've had dinner already, the budgies are back in their cage for the night, difficult child 3 is feeding the chickens (also all in bed) and I'm following the birds' example and heading for bed too. The tiredness from the radiation has just ramped up another notch!

    So - enjoy your Tuesday.

  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (WO), I hope difficult child feels well enough to go to school today. It sounds like even if you can't make it to the club, you'll be getting a workout at work!

    Rabbit - I hope you get your quiet day!!!

    Sharon (LDM), Hope you get everything on your to do list accomplished. I'm sure your guestroom is going to be beautiful! Enjoy lunch with your mother tomorrow!

    Marg, difficult child 2 always has certain routines he has to follow all the time too. If he doesn't do things exactly the same way all of the time, he gets very upset. I hope you're able to get difficult child 3 to be less rigid about his food choices and eat in the restaurant with you and your husband. It makes life so much harder than it needs to be when our kids are in "stuck" mode. Although you aren't looking forward to the stress test, I'm glad you're having it! Hopefully, there will never be another time when you experience the sort of pain you did Sunday. However, if it ever happens again, PLEASE follow the advice of your doctor, CD "family," and your husband - Get help ASAP!!! Hope you manage to get a decent night's rest.

    Today it's going to be sunny and pleasant - Low 70's. I'm going to finish my coffee and go for a long jog. I really need it!!!

    My "favorite sanity saver" had to have her sutures redone. Poor thing!!! I dropped her off yesterday and my husband picked her up last night. She is miserable today and can't take pain medications because they make her sick. I'm going to stay at home most of the day to keep an eye on her.

    difficult child 2 starts a class at our local community college this morning. He is being picked up by cab at the high school and dropped off there when the class is over. He is going to be supported by an individual from a local human services agency while on campus, at least for first week. I'm hoping his support services will continue way past the first week!!! Keeping my fingers crossed all goes smoothly...

    As always, I hope everyone has a good day!!! SFR