Good Tuesday Morning

pigless in VA

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My step-mother made it through surgery okay. The doctor isn't sure that he fixed her arrhythmia. My dad only got lost once inside the hospital. His driving seems fine, better than my brother's who gave me a ride back to my truck. I enjoyed spending time with him yesterday.

Over the 4th of July weekend we will be in Denver, CO with the International GALA Choral Festival. There will literally be thousands of us from all over the globe gathered. Think good thoughts for us, and go beyond. Stand up for every human - whatever your thoughts on guns are, we all deserve to live our lives without the fear that someone will murder us because they hate a certain group of people. Be heard.

Stay safe, Witz. I will never understand a hatred so fierce that a person can take so many other lives.

Scent of Cedar *

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My dad only got lost once inside the hospital. His driving seems fine, better than my brother's who gave me a ride back to my truck. I enjoyed spending time with him yesterday.

I'm glad, pigless.

I thought is was cute when you posted that your father only got lost once. A sweet day.



Rainy and cool here again, everyone.

Today, I am shopping at Saver's. I have all kinds of things to bring there from all the cleaning I have been doing. I hope to find something cool, and am especially in the market for birdhouses for the new rock garden. We cannot have bird feeders, or the bears will come. One time, years ago, the husband of the lady who lives down the street electrified her upper deck in a fit of machismo.

Apparently, it was a male bear, because the electricity did not stop him.

But by the time the bear, whatever sex it was, made it through the electrified part, he was not only big and very hungry, but p*ssed.

So we only have birdhouses in our gardens.

Wishing everyone a very nice day.


Wiped Out

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Good morning

Pigless, I'm glad to hear surgery went well and that your dad's driving was good! I remember years ago when my grandma was still driving and she ran 3 red lights driving is to Niagara Falls ( about a 30 minute drive from her house)!

Cedar, good luck with your shopping. No bird feeders sounds like a good idea!

Both kids have work today. I was going to drive to Green Bay today to see my mom, dad & stepmom but our van is taking longer to get fixed than expected. Tonight I'm heading to a friend's condo for some relation and fun with friends!

Wishing all a beautiful day!


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Getting a haircut this morning...that always makes me feel better. I go to a nearby town, and then shop a little as they have some cute stores on their Main Street.

I have been trying to declutter the laundry room. I have a couple boxes of things to take to donate. Next area to tackle... My crafty corner of scrapbooking supplies. I have been going thru things and then taking a box of scrapbooking stuff to a SB retreat that I go to twice a year and give it away to who ever wants it. Some other ps do the same and we have a big table of goodies to go thru. Ones woman's trash, another's treasures!

Well, got to call the plumber...again..the toilet on the main floor has a slow drip into the basement, so now husband and I try to go upstairs...but in the middle of the night, that is no fun.



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Thanks for sharing, all. Piggie, glad surgery is over and that Dad did not get lost!

I have Dayb2 of job training. It is the most physically taxing job I've had in decades but it's a good workout

I too am very upset by the shooting. Awful.

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day.


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Great news Pigless! I am waiting for the ADT guy to come and change out two of the sensors. My grands have convinced me that we need a road trip to the coast on Saturday.


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Happy Flag Day!

Well, I am again waiting for my daughter to get her teeth brushed and get ready to go to her morning classes. I will have to rush to pick her up after, because she has an on-line writing class right after. It will be her first live on-line class, so I am nervous. Writing is her weakest subject, so I hope she will like it. If it goes well, I will have her do more on-line classes for the fall semester. When we were talking about the class, and I was telling her that everyone will probably be at different levels, since it is a mixed-age class and some kids really enjoy writing and are taking the class for fun, she was shocked. People enjoy writing? Yes, just like you like computers and science and math. Some people actually dislike the subjects you like. Really?

I have a busy day ahead. While she is gone, I need to gather my old homeschool books and get it all ready for the sale tomorrow. Tomorrow will be busy as well, as I try to get to the sale, set up, and pull it down before daughter's classes end.

Oh, I went last evening for my "test patch" for my underarm laser hair removal. It didn't hurt even a tiny bit, and all seems well this morning, so I will be going to have my first treatment tomorrow! Also, they told me that electrolysis would be best for someone with a small amount of facial hair. If you have a stray hair here and there, they do it in 20-minute intervals for about $25. Sounds wonderful, so I plan on doing that as well! 20 minutes would be more than enough time for what I need.

Well. better get going. I have a busy day and lots to do!

Have a great day!



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Good morning!

I'm a little sloth today - Hubby hurt his back working in the yard on Sunday, so he's home and throwing off my schedule.

Day Three of Islam starts today. I'm not enjoying this course as much as I did the others. In Christianity and in Buddhism, I felt a joy in their worship, a sense of peace and pleasure in their beliefs, and I'm not getting that so far with Islam.

I'm going to my mom's to help her with computer stuff, and while I'm there, we're making butterscotch.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


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Morning all. It's going to be 92 degrees outside today and it's currently 78 degrees IN MY OFFICE! Could be worse, the boss's office is over 80. The AC is not on. Apparently, they're working on it.

I'm tired and cranky and hot and nervous. Tomorrow is court with- Difficult Child. :(

And I need to do overtime tonight.


I Am The Walrus
I spent my morning doing some yard work before it got too hot. It wasn't bad - still in the 70s and overcast. Now it is hot, bright, and sunny.

Then I finished my morning cleaning. My husband would say it looks the same. The joke is that I clean a "clean" house. Can't help it - a little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

I hope to spend the rest of my afternoon with a good book.


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Ugg...the Online class started out with some difficulty. Daughter had some trouble getting adjusted and wasn't sure what to do at some points. They speak and listen with headsets so I couldn't hear what was said, so I couldn't help. She definitely needs to work on her typing speed.

Then, of course, I got several phone calls, which I tried to ignore, but my brother (who is still a d c even now) called twice, and then called hubby to complain that I wasn't answering my phone so hubby called me to tell me to call him so that he would stop calling him at work...

She is now happily doing the homework, so I guess it turned out alright in the end.

We will see how it goes.

Got meat marinading for fajita now. Just have to take daughter to Jazz this afternoon and finish getting the books ready for the book sale.

Walrus--there's never such a thing as too clean!

Lil--is this court date for not finishing the community service?


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Lil--is this court date for not finishing the community service?

Yes. I don't know what's going to happen there. I just had a co-worker tell me we should hire an attorney here at the last minute, get a continuance and let him work things out, but even though I get a discount thru an Employee Assistance Program - I don't WANT to! I don't feel that I should pay an attorney - and our son has no money to do so. (Well, 90% of me feels that way.) So...well that's that. We go and tell the judge "he screwed up" and see what happens. The lawyer part of me feels like I should be able to get him off completely. The angry mother part of me doesn't really care if he get's a few days in jail and a conviction, except I'm afraid he'll blame Jabber and me.

I've been useless today and I'm behind at work and really need to work. :( If all goes well, maybe I'll come in tomorrow after court.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
Good luck Lil!

Came back from our mini trip to Florida early in the morning Monday and had to be at work at 8am. Yawn.

Our friend lost consciousness on flight home for about 45 seconds. He never had any problems before. 45, healthy, fit, police officer. Luckily there was a paramedic on board. I know CPR, have been certified for 8 years but have never had to use it. But I was so glad the paramedic was there!! His wife said he stopped breathing. We were sitting in front of them and when I first turned to look I swear he looked dead for a minute! Frightening.

He walked off the plane fine but his wife made him go to the hospital yesterday and he has been there for 24 hours for observation and they cannot find ANYTHING so far. No reason.

Just a reminder of how everything can change in an instant.:plus:


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The butterscotch was delicious! I think we used a little too much sugar though.

The recipe:

About 2 cups brown sugar (we used exactly 2 cups and it was a little grainy)
3/4 cup water
pinch of cream of tartar
4 oz butter
4 tbsp of cream

Cover a baking tray with foil and spray with cooking spray. Don't use olive oil or it will taste funny. Heat sugar and water to boil and add cream of tartar. Heat to hard crack stage, then add butter and cream. Pour quickly into tray.

We did not wait for it to set...we ate most of it off the tray with spoons. It's very good on vanilla ice cream while still warm. According to the recipe, it's supposed to be a hard candy.