Good Wednesday morning, friends....

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    Good morning friends & fellow warrior parents,

    Hard to believe that it's already Wednesday....this week has been very harried & busy for me. Lots of demands on my time & energies with little (that I can see) results. Okay, enough of the whine.

    kt has been up & going to school every day with-o complaining. wm has called me twice since our visit this past Saturday. I have to say I really enjoy my time with wm ~ he can be very pleasant when he puts his mind to it. He's my brilliant but troubled geek. :geek:

    My agenda today is a couple of errands; several emails & more correspondence. The legal business of death seems never ending & sometimes overwhelming. I just keep plugging through the pile hoping to see an end to it. (Sorry I seem to be doing a bit of whining this morning.)

    I'm up & sketching - working on getting my next painting going. Hope to have it transferred to water color paper by Friday. Then the fun begins. :painter: Looking forward to it.

    Have a good day ~ hope all is accomplished that you set out to do. Here's to cooperative & compliant difficult children. I think that's the least we can expect. :bigsmile:
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    :hawaii_girl: Good Morning!!!!

    Linda, you and I are up and ready to start the day - too bad the rest of the world sleeps. Think how productive we would be if we could start ticking off our to do list this early!!!! Hope you can start painting soon! Sorry there was no answer last night.......

    I was so tired last night, that I fell asleep on the sofa at 8:30!!! The early mornings and book fair all day are getting to me I guess! It's not just being at the fair all day - it's that I have an hour or two in the middle of the day that I'm "off". I use that time to run around and do errands, handle things at the house, etc. I'm on the move....... easy child came and stood above me at 9:15 and said, "Mom, isn't time for difficult child to bed? Mom?"

    :beach_ball: Why am I including the beach bum?? It's going to be in the low 70's today!!!!!!!!!!! What's up with that????? easy child is loving it because she is riding with her top down! They promise the seasonal weather will be back this weekend - if it's anything like what we've had so far this winter, it'll be in the 50's!

    I will be hitting the water for laps and 30 min of cardio in the class. The extra 1/2 hour is helping get me done and home by 7. The beginning of another day........

    I hope your day is a good one!

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folk.

    Linda, I'm glad kt's back at school. And it's good to hear form wm staying in touch. Enjoy your painting, it's respite from the burden of paperwork.

    Sharon/LDM, you need to get some rest. Your break time should be used - for a break!
    I like your beach bum, but he's nnot too aplicable here, it's grey and overcast here, temperatures are low for summer. Enjoy your swim.

    It's been a day of rest for me. I had a few tasks I tried to do, got most of the way there with them but otherwise, just took things quietly. It was a big day out yesterday and I have to go out tomorrow, to see the specialist and then the GP.

    husband is getting a bit jingoistic in the last few days, the patriotism surging as a result of the country pulling together over the various natural disasters. It's how he has to cope, to know that in the event of a crisis, people in this country will make you proud with how we support one another. And tonight on TV they had Bruce Woodley on an Aussie TV music quiz show, "Spicks & Specks". Bruce Woodley wrote what is currently the most popular Aussie national song, "I Am Australian". He talked about how he wrote the song, initialy using body percussion while singing in the shower (don't we do our best singing there?). It reminded husband that we have a number of recordings of this song. Our girls used to belong to the Australian Youth Choir and have actually sung this with Bruce Woodley on stage. We went scurrying through the CD collection tonight trying to find a decent copy of the song, with our girls on it. I thought we had a good copy already in iTunes, but it was not the best one. So after digging around, I found it at last. It's interesting listening to it - it was recorded about 14 years ago when the voices were 500 strong, but we can hear the descant with easy child, and we know easy child 2/difficult child 2 is in there too. I guess at times like this, being able to listen to it is comforting.

    It's heading for bed time, although I was hoping to get difficult child 3 to do some homework. And I still have to put some chicken on to marinate for dinner tomorrow night.

    Never enough time!

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with wm. Sketching sounds so cool and so does painting-I love that you are so artistic-I have trouble with stick people!!

    Sharon-You sound exhausted! Seventies sound heavenly right now although I do have to say we had mid 50s yesterday and it was wonderful! Enjoy your water class.

    Marg-Glad you had a day of rest! I'll have to check out the lyrics later!

    I've missed being on the morning thread the past few days but was in a bit of a funk and very tired so I slept until my alarm went off each morning.

    Last night I made it to book club! It's always so much. We all agreed we didn't like the book though!

    After school today difficult child has a therapist appointment and then I am hoping to convince myself to head straight to the health club!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  5. Janna

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    Morning ladies,

    Linda, how proud you must be of kt. I'm glad things are going well with wm too. Enjoy your painting.

    Sharon, it's to be in the 60s here today. Yippeeeeee! I'm sorry you're so worn down. I hope you get a break in at some point.

    Marg, good you got a day of rest. You do so much! Marinate the chicken and then put your feet up.

    Sharon, it's good to see you! Have fun at the club.

    Must be the time of year, I'm busier than ever too! I have to take B (ugh again I have to run this kid) to the Army recruiter today. We are meeting with him to discuss options. B wants to do part time, he has *finally* decided, and college. So, it'll be The Reserves or The National Guard. Then he has something else - I dont even remember without looking at the agenda LOL!

    I'm making an appointment today for J. He's having learning difficulties in school. There's a place here, sort of a Sylvan Learning Center of types, where you can go, get the help you need, and transition right back to school in the same calendar year. It's not for behavioral problem children - just learning. I want to get in there and check it out!

    And make a plan for D. :(

    Hope everyone has a good day!
  6. Rabbit

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    Good Morning Friends! Hope everyone has a nice day!
    Errands again! It seems they never end!

    Linda- Hope u get a lot done on your painting ;and KT continues to go to school and Wm continues to stay in touch.

    Sharon (LDM) - u deserve a real break today! hope somehow u get it!

    Marg- Glad u got some rest!

    Sharon-The book club sounds fun!

    Janna- Enjoy your busy day!

    Sending Hugs To All! Rabbit

  7. Marguerite

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    I'm back - I got out to the kitchen and husband was doing the chicken for me (and getting the kitchen tidied up and dishwasher loaded - he's a gem). So I helped then got on with a painting job I'm working on. Linda, I can commend this to you as something to do with your craft - I bought some whitewood desk organisers and I'm painting one for mother in law to match her kitchen. She has tiles with Tuscan scenes on them so I'm painting Tuscan scenes on her desk organiser. You could paint up something like this with your birds. Just use acrylics instead of watercolours, the techniques are then very similar.

    I didn't have much time to do a lot at one time, so I'm still working on the background. I did the sky a week ago, then had some blue left over so I added it to yellow and white to get the right shade of green for hills, then applied it as a wash. I then sanded the box back lightly a few days ago, so tonight I mixed up a tablespoon of green paint and just went over the hills in more depth. I'll put in some shading later; I didn't have the paint mixed very evenly, so I used the lighter and darker bits to do a little bit of shading already, to make the hills stand out. I need to put in some more white though, to highlight the tops of the hills. Then I go for the detail, using a fine-tipped brush and a little bit at a time. First put in some rows of grape vines, then leave it. Then put in some distant cypresses, then leave it. Then with some terracotta colour, the tiled roofs of some distant villages... each tree half a cm high, each house the size of a sequin.

    Very therapeutic. I had the TV on and watched (listened to) a documentary as I worked.

    I once painted a mural on the wall in the girls' bedroom, I painted it the same slow way. I would mix a spoonful of green paint (water-soluble house paint, in this case) and use it all up in painting individual leaves. That way the leaves were all slightly different shades of green, mixed through the tree. I mix my paint from primary colours.

    Everyone is so busy, we all are dashing here and there on errands. So I recommend picking up a paintbrush now and then, to make something beautiful and lasting.

    Enjoy your day.