Good Morning Tuesday

pigless in VA

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You guys have no idea what a daunting task it is for me to come here and post something positive at o dark thirty in the morning. I feel like :hairy: but I want to start the thread like :good_morning:.

Yesterday, I wrote a whole negatively slanted post, rewrote it in order to reframe my mood and hopefully my day. Then I tromped off to work to have a :censored2: :censored2::censored2: day. I'm a realist; I expect more of the same today.

HMBgal, I hope baby Hannah keeps on a cookin'. I like the idea of having ocean week at the end of school. We are deep in standardized testing mode, and I think that makes everyone even more nuts than usual. I think the whole structure of the school day needs to be reworked to give the kids more outside time.

Copa, will you please come to my house and clean? I hate cleaning, and it shows. I find upsetting things when I clean.

I'm off to face the music. It will be loud.


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I do not miss test week. There is a great deal I don't miss about being on staff. I love working only when I want to.

I am girding my loins for the onslaught of foul weather today. I finally got my vehicle in the garage.

Scent of Cedar *

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You do great, pigless. I was beginning to wonder what was the matter with me. Everyone seems so cheerful in the morning that I could not post until later!

Pasa, keep your loins girded and stay safe.

Good Morning everybody, and wishing all a nice day.




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It's hard to be cheerful so early. Going to fourth day in a row of work, first time I worked so many days in a row since car accident. No, I don't like it. Perfect part time to me is M-W-F. And no interest in full time work.

It's sunny at least and going to be nice today.

Well, time to walk the dogs. Have a super duper day all!!!


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Good morning!

Hubby is fed and out the door, the dog is objecting mightily to another canine walking by the house, I'm sipping iced tea and watching the tail end of the local news. Supposed to be close to 90 degrees today. Yeah.

Day 5 of Buddhism is available today. It's fascinating, but I'm understanding less and less as time goes on. Maybe the lesson is simply to expand my thinking. I still have Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism to take.

I'm almost finished with my murder mystery, and i still haven't figured out "whodunit." Then to write the review, and look for a new book...

I got in over 12,000 steps yesterday. if I'm going to walk today, I need to get hopping, otherwise it will be too hot.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Tanya M

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Good Morning All,

I left the house this morning, turned on my wipers to "wash away" residue of rain and the driver side wiper came off!!
I was still in the subdivision so I was able to pick it up.
Sent hubby a text and asked him if he would stop by my work and put it back on,
(since he's the one who replaced the old oneso_O)

My boss is in one of her moods so I will do my best to avoid eye contact and stay under the radar.:beafraid:

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


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Ha! Guess I'm a morning person.

If I want to get anything done, I do it in the morning. Everything is done better, the earlier I do it. The later it gets, the less peppy I get.

Thanks, Pigless, for starting the thread even though you don't feel like it!

We have standardized testing in late February/early March around here. Seems strange, to me, to do that before the kids have had the whole school year to learn the whole year's lessons. Mid/late April sounds about right to me.

SWOT--do you have some days off after today?

KT--your classes sound so interesting!



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Baby Hannah remains where she belongs, although my daughter lost part of her mucous plug (I know, gross, sorry if it made you spit out your coffee) so I'm hoping that she's not that close, but she's getting her hospital bag ready, and I guess I should start thinking about it. It's overwhelming to think of leaving my home for 8 weeks and leaving my dear, long-suffering husband with the two grandkids full time on his own. I'm trying to come up with the funds for some day camps and swimming lessons so at least they'll all get a break from each other and have some fun and enrichment activities.

Other than that, Perfect Granddaughter, who never asks for anything, asked if we could take her shopping and get her some new shoes. She picked out the brightest, most comfy shoes she could find and she was leaping and twirling all the way through the mall and back to the car. She is a pure pleasure, that one. So much light and positivity. She has the same genes as her parents, yet they are expressed so differently than her brother's. Good heavens, it's like they aren't even related. Mind you, I do realize she hasn't hit the tween years yet. But I'm enjoying her so much.

I hope your days go well today, lovely ladies!


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I don't usually get migraines. But the last two days the barometric pressure is so high that I've been ill. Still getting stuff done, but with naps in between and not much eating...

Today, weather is supposed to change, from blazingly clear, to cloudy and showers. I'm hoping that the barometric pressure comes down with the change in weather!


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Good morning Warriors!

It's going to be a hot one today, already 80 degrees before 8 AM. I love the warm weather! Plus, when it's this warm, the nights are ALMOST like those balmy evenings in the south that I love so much, so later, we can sit outside on the patio without our hooded sweatshirts on!

Started back on our exercising, now that we're home...... we've been doing a lot more hiking lately too, all around us are mountains and parks which have endless hiking trails......we did a tiny bit of cheating on our strict diet while away, but we're both glad to be back on our schedule. Asheville has a chocolate cafe the likes of which I've never seen and we couldn't resist one little morsel......and man was it good!

Later I'm off to my acupuncture appointment, which for me is like a "tune up" I do every couple of daughter goes with me so it'll be good to catch up with her.

Then to the Farmers Market to get this ancient grain bread we found,'s the best bread I've ever had and it's filled with healthy grains which are actually good for you!

I've always been kind of a health nut, and now I have the time to really put energy into it.......going to Farmers Markets and organic groceries.....learning how to make vegan's fun and exciting!

I hope you all have a spectacular day!! :love_heart:


I Am The Walrus
Another cool, rainy day here. We are supposed to get it all week and it bums me out. I love a good rainy day once in awhile, but we have just had days and days and days of it. Just dreary.

On a good note, I got an unexpected bonus check at work today. It won't send me somewhere tropical, in fact it wasn't big at all, but it sure brightened my day.


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Good Morning all.

My day consists of the usual, shower, makeup, fight to find parking, work, goof off, work...I have to go see if I have a parking ticket in a minute.

Jabber just finished Doctor appointments...worried about possible rotator cuff issues. He's been in considerable pain, my poor baby.

It's cold and rainy here again today, but it's supposed to end today. Currently 50 and rainy, but supposed to be 69 and sunny tomorrow. Missouri is so weird. I'm so thrilled I bought basil and tomatoes and zucchini Sunday, which are sitting in their little pots in the cold, waiting to be planted. :( Yeah, my gardening is much curtailed this year, but since we left the garden bed - since we're not rushing to sell anymore, I have to plant something!

Hope you all have a great day!

Wiped Out

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RE- I am so jealous of your weather!!! Please send some my way!! I wore two sweaters and a jacket most of the day today!!