Good Wednesday morning, my friends.....

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It's to be a quiet day at my home today....nothing scheduled other than I get my new stove delivered today.

My old stove finally bit the dust & I ordered my new one a week or two ago. It's being delivered this afternoon - a pretty new stove. I can bake again!!! :thumb: kt's been asking for homemade granola & oatmeal cookies. I've had a taste for lemon poppyseed muffins & husband has requested meatloaf several times over the last couple of weeks.

Funny how when you can't have something, for whatever reason, is the time you want it most.

Before bed, kt had already made plans to "be sick". We'll see how that works this morning. I've made plans for her to "attend school". Let's see who wins this clash of wills. :warrior:

Enjoy your Wednesday - keep it calm. I plan on it. :flower:

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Good Morning Linda and all who follow,

Linda-A quiet day sounds heavenly. :angel: I hope you win and kt goes to school. How fun to be getting a new stove. Gas or electric? We just had to get a new dryer last week because ours died.

I'm feeling a bit worn out today. The field day yesterday, while fun, wore me down-guess that fresh air can really take it out of you.

Got a report that difficult child had his cookies stolen from his lunch yesterday. The aide told husband that difficult child handled it very well and deserved an ice cream from Dairy Queen. So husband took him after school. They did catch the child who stole the cookies.

Regular stuff planned for today-just work and a workout. It's supposed to be cool again-right now it is only 45. I can deal with these temps well now that we are in school-LDM-I hope this weather is coming your way.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi if you snuck in. :kisses:


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:coffee: Good Morning!

Linda, how exciting about the new store! Hope you win the battle this morning :warrior:

Sharon, they tell us it's coming - it was supposed to be here last night, but it's 70 already. I did feel a little lowering of the humidity level last night thought and it is only supposed to be 83 (much better than 91). Great news that difficult child handled his situation well - he deserved a DQ! Have a great day :thumb:

Got mom off yesterday. Unfortunately most of her journey was through the thunder storms from Charlottesville VA to Charlreston WVA. She should have been there by 2 but didn't arrive until 4:30. I was so worried because she wasn't answering her cell and I heard about the terrible storms on the noon weather. But she is safe.

easy child and difficult child are doing well. I am thrilled with difficult child's attitude. I fill you in later about what is happening with his 1:1.

Well, another day locked in the house. The a/c guy never showed up yesterday. His first service call took most of the day. So I wasted away here yesterday when I should have gone to the office. I have some projects I want to work on. They promise a serviceman at 8:30 this morning. Bonehead has gone to Miami with his honey so I'll approve any work to be here!!!!! I'll get my new system yet my pretty!!!!!!!

Wishing you all a great day!



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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- I have no doubt, that minus a raging fever or broken bones, kt will be on that bus. :devil:
Sharon- Good for difficult child! I'm glad he's learning to handle such upsetting situations so well. :bravo:
LDM- Go for it! Get the AC fixed now... tee hee hee! :rofl:
I begin my school library volunteering today. I'm sure there's lots of re-shelving to do already. :crazy: Duckie slept like a rock last night, she's still asleep actually. I've got to go get that girlie up so she doesn't miss the bus. Other than that, she has cheer tonight. :princess:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Sorry I don't have time to respond to each of you individually. I have to go to work for a little while, run errands, and go to difficult child 2's Team Meeting. I'll be glad when today is over!!!

As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or smile today... :flower: WFEN :flower:


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G'day, everybody.

Linda, what I used to do if difficult child 3 was determined to be 'too sick to go to school' and I just wasn't sure enough to insist, I developed a rule - "school work during school hours". it meant that even if he had a fever, I would give him schoolwork to do. The only way out of doing it was to sleep - which is what a genuinely sick kid will do. If he was well enough to sit up in bed, he was well enough to do schoolwork.
Enjoy your new stove.

Sharon I, good on difficult child for handling the theft well. I'm glad they caught the Cookie Monster!

Sharon II, I'm glad your mum is safe. It's scary when unpredictable weather complicates things. Sorry the a/c guy didn't turn up yesterday - you would think he could have called to let you know.

TM,enjoy the library work.

WFEN, make time for yourself in your busy day.

difficult child 3 is slowly but surely catching up on his workload. I posted off another fat envelope today. I'm hoping he can play his piano music for his teacher tomorrow, that will be more work out of the way. Saw an odd sight this evening as I went to the local shop just before sunset - it looked like a flock of very large black swans, paddling determinedly into the beach. Very odd - until they reached the shore and then stood up - it was a surfing school, students in wetsuits, crouched onto their boards and paddling. Trick of the eye... and a sign of warmer weather to come.

Enjoy your Wednesday.