Good Wednesday morning....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    friends & fellow warrior mums & dads. :warrior: HMJ is brewing away as I woke far earlier than I'd intended & didn't fall asleep as I'd intended. :coffee2: It will be one of "those":sleeping: kind of days.

    Up & about early this morning - I woke up with a new idea for a watercolor painting & wanted to get those ideas & thumbnail sketches down on paper before I forgot them. And I got a subscription gift magazine in the mail yesterday from my sister - stayed up to late reading as much as I could.

    Today is kt's first visit to the nursing home as a volunteer. She & I had a rather bumpy in home therapy therapist appointment. I believe it's now time to get that in home therapy side out of here to the nearest park, office or something. I simply cannot allow any child of mine to make wild & untrue comments about me (disrespect included), in my home. Not going to happen anymore. therapist, of course, corrected kt - who escalated & accused me of neglect.

    Oh well, new day - new opportunities. Thank goodness for that.

    It's snowing lightly this morning - I have a neuro doctor appointment this morning, so of course it has to be snowing. husband is ready & willing, if necessary to drive me if it becomes necessary.

    Cleaning lady due in today for a few hours - clean floors are on their way!

    Enjoy your day - I hope it's a positive one. Keep it calm & safe today. Don't forget to hug your loved ones. :flower:

    Be gentle with yourselves today.
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, Linda and all to follow.

    Linda, do go safely to your appointment. I hope the snow doesn't get too heavy.

    I got my biopsy results today. I posted on Watercooler, but I'm fed up. The doctor wants me to lose weight (of course) and I really wish I could, but I think it would be easier to change my eye colour. Or my height. I'd really love to lose weight. I'm seriously considering the Bobby Sands diet...

    Tomorrow I take difficult child 3 to school for a Study Day. I might be also bringing difficult child 1, so we can drop in on a place where we might be able to get him an apprenticeship. I'm fed up with waiting for the disability agency to get him a job (a sensible one) or apprenticeship (which should have been their no 1 priority). Getting him that job washing cars in a car yard sure got him off disability, but not with any permanence. He needs a lifelong career, not just a job for a few minutes.

    I had to call the nurse last night for another antibiotic injection, so between a liver that's one step away from paté de foie gras and kidneys not going brilliantly, sometimes I just want to go sit on a mountain somewhere and pretend it's not all happening.

    At least I get to sit down for a bit tomorrow, while difficult child 3 is with his teachers.

    Hopefully I'll be in a better frame of mind by tomorrow's thread.

    Enjoy your Wednesday. May it be better than mine.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Sorry kt's appointment. was so rocky yesterday. I hope her first day goes well at the nursing home. Be careful with that snow!

    Marg-I'm sorry to hear about your liver and kidneys. I read the post in watercooler and will respond later when I have time and am awake enough to actually think. Gentle hugs as I understand that feeling of wanting to pretend things are just not happening.

    Another long day ahead. I've already missed two workout days in a row and that makes me not happy. After work today I'm going to try and at least squeeze in a workout at the westside club that I don't like as much as the one I usually workout at. Not sure I'll be able to get it in but I'm crossing my fingers I do.

    Then we'll head to the psychiatric hospital for a visit with difficult child. I skipped yesterday so really need to go today. He called me yesterday at exactly the start of visiting hours wondering where I was. I told him an appointment and didn't dad get up early and visit and tell you I couldn't come. Yep but again his concept of time is horrible.

    I hope everyone enjoys a calm, peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :try2fly:Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!!!!!!

    Linda, snowing huh? I actually woke up early as well. I have my alarm set to the oldies station and I usually set it for about 40 minutes before I want to get up. When it went off at 5 this morning, it was one of my favorite songs by Jackson Brown. Instead of hitting it for an extra 10 mintues, I just lay there and enjoyed the music and thought how quickly the last 29 years have gone by!! Wishing you a nap after your doctor appointment :sleeping:.

    Marg, I know how tough it is to loose the weight. I have a lot more to loose than you, and it is really tough! You really have had a quick jump in medical issues lately - I wish for you good health :angel2:. I hope you get a good rest tonight and your Thursday is more restful and uneventful!

    Today is my "whatever" day. I usually don't plan anything on Wed and reserve it for whatever additional stuff needs to be done around the house, inside or out. So, I will do my walking program this morning (and I tried one of the "Girls Nextdoor" toning exercise routines through my On Demand - boy am I no where near ready for that :wildone:!!!!!!!!!!). I'm going to go ahead and do easy child's laundry, she usually does her own, since she is going to the state finals competition of DECA out of town this weekend. Not sure what else I will get into, but it's nice to have an open palate!!

    Have a great Wednesday everyone :salute:

  5. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-Good luck to easy child at state competition! I so remember competing at state DECA competition.
  6. DavidH

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    Hello all.. I never post here but.. up early again.. almost done with my coffee and can not stop thinking about Justin and this coming Saturday for family day and to bring him home for a pass ... Just too excited to spend some time with him being dad/son.

    Today I have to drive to one of my stores 130 miles away - got a manager not up to par need to make a hard choice on his future - I hate this part of the job!!

    After last nights storm... we finally have a soggy ground... much needed here in NC - man was it hard rain and heavy fast winds, poor dog had no clue what was going on.. she refused to go out side and pee... and was holding it till this am... amazing

    everyone have a awesome day....
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all. It's unfortunate that those of you in the north end of the country are still suffering snow and freezing temps.
    Like David, we had a large rain storm. Ground is definitely soggy. The pups were a tad muddy when they came in this morning. One of the pups has storm anxiety and she was up panting and walking and shivering for a long time. We desparately needed the rain though.

    Linda, hope you get a nap in today.
    Sharon, I like that "coasting" in the morning when you are somewhere between sleep and awake. Good luck to easy child. I like the idea of a "whatever day".
    Wiped out, your schedule is grueling. Hope you can get some sort of work out going. It will help with your emotions I'm sure.

    Marguerite, I'm sorry to hear that you are still ailing. I'm pretty sick of the whole "lose weight" thing from everyone. If it was possible I'm sure you would. They need to help instead of just telling someone to do it.

    We had a bit of bad news yesterday. We adopted 2 rescue dogs in August and I have just loved their sweet nature. Tuesday morning Honey sue woke up with a limp and a golf ball size lump on her front paw. I got her to the vet by 9AM expecting a ligament and surgery but ends up our sweet HoneySue has Osteosarcoma of the bone. She is very young(less than 3yrs old). I am just devastated. We saw an oncologist but the statistics are dismal even with amputation and chemo. So our plan is to keep her home and medicated for pain until we can't. I'm just heartsick. Her brother and she have never been separated. I'm not ready to say good bye.
    I know there are a lot of dog lovers in our group so I hoped it was ok to share. :crying: