Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    We're halfway through the week! Today we are suppose to get into the 30s for the first time since sometime in December! I know I'll have to tell students they have to wear their coats at recess-can you believe some don't want to wear them? They think it feels like a heat wave!

    After work difficult child has a therapist appointment. I have hopes of getting to the the club at some point but doubt it will happen. I've been so tired at night I haven't done much of anything lately. I have also managed to lose the Wii remote so I can't even do my Wii Fit Plus workout.:( I can't even blame one of the kiddos because I was the last one to use it:916blusher:

    Hope everyone enjoys their day and finds many reasons to laugh and smile:peaceful:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Wednesday.

    Sharon/WO, good luck with the kids wearing their coats. I wouldn't worry - kids often don't feel the cold, their metabolism will protect them. Now, me at 30 F - I'd be feeling the cold and looking like the Michelin man!

    It's been a bit cooler today, after a hot night. We slept with just a thin cotton sheet, mostly trown off. Tonight it's a bit cooler but we still won't need any blankets.

    We had a spectacular storm tonight, lots of thunder and lightning, and - wonder of wonders! Some rain! My vegetable garden got watered, it might save some of my seedlings.

    I saw the physio again this morning, I've been sore ever since. It's hard to beleive that me doing so little (it seems) can hurt so much! But it's all in a good cause...

    Tomorrow I'm going out with mother in law, someone else is driving for a change. I'll get to wander around a seaside plaza in one of our beachside suburbs. I'll be checking it out for possible places for husband & me to have lunch in, next week. Maybe get some shopping done too. Or not. It's a chance to have a bit of a break but still be available for mother in law for moral support for her. She's really lost her confidence.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  3. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    Sharon, sorry to hear you've lost your remote. Get a basket to hold all the remotes & put it near the television. It's the only way I've been able to keep track of remotes.

    Marg, glad you're getting out & about with-o the stress of driving. Relax & enjoy your time with mother in law.

    As discharge approaches for kt (this Friday) I have an intake mtg at a recognized attachment specialist - a woman. For years we've seen a man; kt requested a lady (too many embarasssing things to discuss). It's hard enough to go to a therapist AND if your a teen girl it's even worse when it's a man.

    This appointment is early in the day so it won't break up my day too badly. I'll be back for lunch & a nap then a few chores.

    Have a good day, friends.