Good Wednesday morning....

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We're half way through the week - hope there haven't been too many disasters or such for each of you

I've yet to get any sleep tonight; I fear it will be a day of many cat naps today. That's okay - no where to go, no one to see today. In home PT is in for a therapy session & that's it.

I've planned on grilling out sesame chicken this morning to make a wonderful salad for dinner tonight. That with a loaf of homemade bread & fresh melon. Sounds good.

Hope I stay awake for it. :rofl:

Enjoy your day - keep it calm; I plan on it. :flower:


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The sesame chicken sounds delicious. I'm currently roasting a chook and veggies in the oven. Don't worry about the lack of sleep - the catnaps will really make up for it. I found when I was really unwell that I wouldn't be able to keep going for too many hours at a time, I had to have catnaps to continue through a full day. But the catnap also meant I needed less at night.

difficult child 3 is still feeling fairly well. We're working on a new evening routine, it's taking a lot more supervision than we used to but we have to be consistent.

It's still quite cold especially at night and in the mornings, but outside I can feel a hint of warmth in the air. I do declare, I think spring is only a short time away. The gum trees are still in tight bud, there's no sign of peach blossom yet, but soon...



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning Linda and Marguerite.
Linda, hope you feel well with little catnaps and your strength is growing.

Marguerite, hints of spring are starting make themselves felt. Means we are starting to wind down our summer weather but I can't complain. It's wet enough to stop the drought and cool enough to not hit 100. Perfect summer for me. Although the storm and humidity yesterday was reall similar to Miami. My front door windows were fogged with condensation.

difficult child is doing very well. I noticed he seemed more settled than I have seen in a long time. Just a difference in personality. Yesterday he told me that he feels different. He seems to be thinking clearer and have more focus. He noticed that he was watching how others did a job and copied it. He can't account for this clarity returning but I'm hopeful it stays. He asked about a vocational program that is closer to where we are going to live. Another shocker for us. He actually has an interest and possibly a plan. I'm grateful for any day that is a good one.

Hope today brings good things to all of you and your difficult children.</span>


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Morning ladies!

Linda, enjoy your cat naps. The chicken sounds wonderful!
Marg, good luck with difficult child 3 and the new routine. Spring sounds wonderful, it's been so hot here. I wouldn't mind the cooler temperatures.
Fran, so glad to hear difficult child is doing so well! Wow! Congrats to him!!

easy child has a dentist appointment this morning then I'm off to work. Not much exciting on the agenda for today. difficult child 2 starts his job at Wendy's tonight. I hope he's able to maintain himself at a mature level. He seems to have alot of difficulty doing that here or in the camp environment. He's very, very immature and needs alot of supervision and redirection. Terrible for 15 years old.

Hope you all enjoy your day!


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/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif Good Morning Everyone from Hot and Muggy Central Va!

Linda, I do that too - I usually will cook a couple extra breasts when I cook chicken on the grill to have for salad! Hope you get your nappying in :kisses:.

Marg, signs of spring :flower:... hope the new routine works with gf3.

Fran, my little diamond windows in the foyer were totally fogged after the big thunder boomer that came through here last night! I heard on the news that after years, the drought is officially over in Texas. The news on difficult child is getting better and better. It seems he has been taking responsiblity, making plans, trying to improve his job.......sounds like maturity and progress :bravo: with everything you have on your plate lately, this couldn't have come at a better time!

Janna, wishing difficult child good luck in his first job! You never know, this could really raise his matrity level - if he can hang in there until that first paycheck........ Have a good day.

Today is prep day for The Visit :surprise:. difficult child and I will spend most of the day here at the house. I do want to make a Costco run for salmon (going to grill salmon with garlic and ginger for dinner tomorrow) and crab (crabcakes friday) and then the farmers market for some corn and tomotoes.

Took my first wellbutrin yesterday to help me quit smoking. Didn't notice any side effets other than I was kinda tired all day. But, I also got up at 3:45 yesterday to get easy child off on her trip so.........

Have a great day everyone!


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Good Morning!

Linda-I sure hope you are taking a nap by now. The sesame chicken sounds delicious! It's not that far of a drive-I could be there for dinner! :wink:

Marguerite-As Fran said, hearing you talk of spring makes me realize fall is right around the corner for us. I'm not quite ready for that yet. It means heading back to work and although I enjoy my job I'm not ready to give up summer just yet! At least with the fall comes football which makes it easier!

Fran-It's great to hear difficult child is doing so well! :princess:How neat that he is making a plan!! :smile:

Janna-Crossing my fingers difficult child does well at his new job!

Sharon-I hope you fit in some rest in preparation for the visit!!

Last night I finished reading the 9th Stephanie Plum novel :reading: -I started with number one in the middle of June. Today I am picking up 10 and 11 from the library!

Not much going on here today. difficult child has wrestling camp and I will get in a workout. Other than that just not sure maybe a nap, maybe the pool, maybe just sit and read.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in! :beach: