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  1. Hound dog

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    Soooo, it's that time of year again when it gets cold outside and the mice try to get in to stay warm over the winter. Imagine they're surprise when their "heaven" upstairs (Travis' room-food/trash depository) no longer exists. husband and I still have work to do up there, but all food/trash is gone. So now the little buggers are forced downstairs if they want to eat.

    Few nights ago I see one dart from under the stair door and make a bee line for the kitchen. Bruce the cat, who happened to be snoozing on the back of my chair, didn't even move a muscle. Previous cat/mouser we had would've been on that mouse 10 secs after it emerged from under the stair door. Not Bruce.

    Then I'm changing in the morning for school. Yup. A mouse comes scurrying thru the room to head under the door leading upstairs. Now Bruce follows me everywhere.......even the bathroom. Again Bruce didn't move.

    Later.........yeah, another zooming thru the livingroom. By now I'm getting more than a bit perturbed at the cat I let easy child con me into bringing into my home on the basis I'd have a good mouser. phhht.

    So I look Bruce in the eye. I tell him both Mr Underfoot and Skinny Minnie - 2 outside strays we've had for months now- have been doing their utter best to come inside. That maybe I needed to bring them in to do his job, and toss him back out. As mouse darted thru again I just plain got frustrated and tossed Bruce onto the darn thing and told him that was what he was supposed to be doing. His expression was one of disbelief.

    But since then...........Bruce no longer spends 24/7 on my lap. At this very moment he is strategically positioned by the kitchen door waiting for the appearance of a mouse. The slightest movement has his attention. During supper......I think he had the darn thing trapped under the stove...he wouldn't budge, stalking mode 100 percent. This morning he almost got him under the desk in the diningroom.......trapped him behind my desk, then was caught between a rock and a hard place cuz he wanted that mouse, yet Momma gets mighty mad when he goes behind my computer desk.

    Ok, so he's no pro yet.:tongue:

    But he's getting the idea........and he's trying. lol From the moment Bruce came inside I swore he could understand people talk. When it came down to him and the 2 strays outside trading places.......he decided to mouse. lol

    Ok, so I wouldn't put Bruce outside for that, but he doesn't know that.:D
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Glad he's finally getting the concept, but are you sure his name isn't really Garfield? :p
  3. GoingNorth

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    My former feral cat never had a problem mousing. He is an excellent hunter who learned his skills in the wild and went hungry if he wasn't successful.

    He's tamed into the sweetest, most loving cat you could imagine. The problem is that he insists on going outside to do his 'business".

    He'll go the door and actually ask to be let out. He even goes out in sub-zero temperatures though he sure doesn't stay out long.

    He is not a longhaired cat. He's just a PITA, LoL.
  4. Abbey

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    Let's hope he can't read or your evil plans will be exposed.

  5. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!


    He'll get it.

    When I was a teenager we took in a cat that had been abandoned in the North Georgia mountains and was starving to death. We found out why later....she had stalking down fine, but just before she pounced, she meowed!

    She finally got the hang of it, and every morning I would open the door to find gifts of dead field mice. She never ate them. I think they were more of an offering. :rofl:

    Then she'd come in and sleep all day. All that hunting wore her out. But, she finally got it!
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    The conversation you didn't hear.......

    Bruce - you there man?
    Yeah Manny- Geez you guyz are gettin' me into all kinds a' trouble
    Why whats up?
    Well Mom since all the kids are gone it's like she's got Super man vision she sees EVERY thing. You can't keep running around in broad daylight. I'm being threatened.
    Threatened - How (takes a few bites of toast)
    SHhhh she will hear you - the woman has the ear sensitivity of a bat....I'm telling you Manny I'm on my last bag of Meow Mix maaaan and I'm worried. I'm going to get tossed out into the snow. Just this morning she tossed me against the wall. I swear.
    Ohhhh is that what that was about ? (eats an apple core -itches self) I thought - Hey lookit there - cats CAN fly (laughter ensues from the mouse community)
    Well anyway --either youze guys stop with all the daytime traffic and start playing along with the cat and moust games or I'll show you who can feeling me now rodent? (drums nearly dull claws trying to look sharp)
    U....Uhh yeah bbbb Bruce....WE ah uh....we we'll play along......
    Okay then....I' realy detest these things - but the thought of snow is just as (shakes head makes ugly face) preposterous as having to make nice with the K-9....and even worse is the chance that she would let frick and frack the homeless bums in here to really mouse you out and then I'd have to share my bowl, and my food, and my space - (dreadful) so we have an accord then? I pretend to be a cat - you pretend to be scared - etcetera etcetera....
    Yeah Bruce - whatever you say good buddy.

    And that is what went on - when you WERE NOT listening.....The Bruce should be nominated for a Tabby Award.
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

  8. AnnieO

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    Oh that is so great!

    Last year, I think about this time, Possum got locked in what we call the "smoking room" - it's the old one-car garage between the house and where I park. Anyhoo, came out in the morning and there was a little black lump. He was guarding it till we got there. I made husband dispose of it.

    Happened a few more times. Mind, Weasel and Squirrel are more chasers. Possum is... Well... A possum.

    Since then, the litter bozes are now out there and there is a cat door.

    A couple of weeks ago, Jett's friend spent the night. Friend's mom came to get him, and while we were in the living room talking, Possum came in with something in his mouth, walked up to me and dropped another little black lump at my feet. It landed on its back, paws up. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE KID'S MOM!

    EWWWWW... When I got a paper towel to dispose of it, it was still WARM!

    So I have a mouser, and he keeps bringing them in from the smoking room. OK fine, it's next to the garage.

    So last night I'm putting dirty laundry in the washer. I grab the detergent off the dryer and start to pour, and something gray flies off the top of the dryer (pile of sheets up there), onto the basket of clean clothes, to the floor, around the basket, across my foot, around the washer and into the shadows behind it. Oh, I got a good look. It wasn't quite the eek-up-on-a-chair of the sitcoms, but I did a cute little dance I am sure.

    Stomped upstairs and took Possum into the laundry room.

    I don't care if they're in the smoking room. Course, with litter boxes there... LOL. Outside? FINE.


    Cats don't like laundry room, either... Sigh.