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husband and I are having a surprise 60th for his parents. Of course, I'm the one that has been doing all the work. husband's sister did make the invites and sent them out. She is also going to make a dvd with all the pictures that I've been scanning. husband stole all the pics while they were on vacation. We went through them all and kept about 500 pics. I've been scanning them in. It's taking forever, but thankfully, my printer died a couple months ago and I got a new one that works great and I can scan multiple pics that it will recognize individually.

I still have another 100 pics or so, but I gotta finish in the next day or two, so I can send the pics to sister in law to make the dvd.

We are having it at a local hall. I am having the majority of it catered, but to save money, I'm having family members make the cold stuff like salad and I'm getting sandwiches from our local grocery store. husband's aunt is getting a cake from a really good bakery in NY.

Still have to get all the rest of the stuff and figure out favors. Have any ideas for party favors? Gotta keep the expenses down, since this is running a nice penny already.


I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but why do you need to give any party favors at all? We've never given party favors at wedddings, anniversary parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc. The only party favors I've ever felt a need to provide were for my kids' birthday parties.


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How about $1 scratch off lottery tickets with a with an anniversary theme,(I don't know if thats available-but I saw them once) or some theme on them that pertains to them?-Alyssa


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Are you talking about the "old :censored2:" type stuff? Or is this a 60th wedding anniversary? I kinda got confused there.

We did a 60th birthday party for my dad...or was it his 70th...must have been 70th. It was all done in pictures from his lifetime all over the walls, the obligatory old f a r t stuff, and then food and friends.

For a wedding anniversary I would think you could get by with maybe printed napkins or even stuff from walmart...check them out. You could probably do little bubble bottles or something and put their names on them with your printer. Check what walmart has for weddings.


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I always thought the chocolate molded into the theme of the party (wedding bells for a wedding or 2 hearts) is the most practical. Some will eat it, some will toss it. Most people toss favors anyway. Nobody likes to admit it though! LOL!


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It's 60th Birthday party, sorry I didn't clarify. We had a big anniversary party for them when they had their 30th about 9 years ago.

I suppose I could NOT do favors, but it is the norm here, so I'd like to. I do chocolate molding. I do lollipops for all the kids parties. I was thinking of doing something different.


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I love the idea of the $1 scratch tickets. Everyone can scratch off their tickets after a countdown and if anyone wins big they owe something to your dad since it's his birthday (something like a new t.v. or something he would like). Any smallish prizes are winners alone.
If that doesn't sound like something that would go over well, how about using the printer, using glossy "card" paper, and making a special thank you card with your dads picture on it and embossing the card with classy ribbon (glue gun to attach). It would be inexpensive, tasteful and something to be treasured instead of thrown away or eaten or whatever.