Great progress made on my library!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Aug 23, 2010.

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    We found a nice, inexpensive build-it-yourself corner computer desk at Office Depot yesterday. Hubby put it together, cleaned up that corner of Miss KT's room, set up the computer, cleaned another corner, dragged the printer table in there, moved various items about, and after I vacuumed, sorted, and put assorted Miss KT memorabilia in bins, it looked pretty good in there. Except for the high-gloss black walls with lime green trim, punctuated here and there by holes and the previous color scheme of pale gold and navy blue, and the unidentifiable multi-colored spots on the light gray carpet. Then, Hubby vacuumed the living room, and moved things around so we have a lot more room in here.

    In the motivating spirit of home improvement, I decided to finish painting the bathroom door. The door has four panels carved into it, and my plan was to paint the different parts in different colors, and use the colors in the shower curtain as accents. However, that all changed when I took the doorknob and face plate off. That is the most beautiful wood under all that paint! OMG! It looks like redwood! It's gorgeous! All painting has been suspended until further notice.

    I really should go clean up the kitchen, and start some laundry, but it's just so nice to listen to the quiet.
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    How cool about the wood! Enjoy that quiet!! You've earned it:)
  3. ML

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    Enjoy every moment of this transformation :)
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    Wow, what a productive and happy day!! I couldn't help but chuckle when I read the description of wall colors but am so glad you noticed the potential redwood. You sure are adjusting to this empty nest well!! LOL!
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    Looking forward to hearing what kind of wood is under the paint.

    Glad you have the opportunity to enjoy all these lovely simple things.