Great Question! Does This Question Resonate With Anyone Else, Too?


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I am awestruck by this question. It's easy to consider in the vague sense. But what about in the specific sense?

Job --- I have changed my job for healing......and it helped!

Moving --- I have moved to another part of the country (twice) for healing......once it worked, once not.

Attitudes Toward Others --- I have tried this many times. I'm 50-50 on how successful I am with it. Sometimes, I get stuck on fear, resistance to forgiveness, or habit. Surprising how strong habit can be....making new ones and/or breaking old ones.

Attitudes Toward Self --- This is the hardest one of all! I have had a VERY hard time changing my attitude toward myself until I was into my 40's. And then it came s-l-o-w-l-y. Now, in my 50's, it comes a bit easier/faster (still needs work, though........and this is why I speak of it out loud so often....shifts my focus back to seeking positives and gratitude in myself, too. I'm really looking forward to my 60's (not sarcasm) to see my own growth as it picks up the pace. So much more to learn and so much more appreciation for life to be had!

How about you all? Does this resonate with anyone else?


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Yes to all. However, I think the last one regarding attitude toward others and yourself is likely, by far, the most revelant/important/powerful.

Tanya M

Living with an attitude of gratitude
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I left a job for healing and it was a good thing.

I moved across country not for healing but within that move I found healing.

I have definitely changed my attitude towards others and that has brought healing but I still have some relationships to work on.

Now, in my 50's, it comes a bit easier/faster
I feel the same way. Now that I'm at the mid point in my life I find it much easier to accept things. There is a peace that I feel that I never had in my 40's. I know there are people who dread turning 50, I was not one of them. I embraced it. I plan to enjoy this season of my life.