Grey's Anatomy


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In the throes of my storm (and now like a baby with a favorite blanket) I watched this show over and over again. Reruns, DVD's you name it. I am sooooo upset at the loss (yes loss) of Patrick Dempsey. Meredith and Derek's love story always ended up ok. I needed that happy ending. I wanted that happy ending. Boooo.

Scent of Cedar *

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I loved Grey's Anatomy. I lost touch with it, though. Remember the episode when Grey's panties wound up on the bulletin board?!?

And the one when the blond doctor lost her lover, and lay on the bathroom floor like a beautiful, broken doll?

The episode I most remember had Meridith dying, caught somewhere between life and death. She can see, but not be seen, by those she loves. And she says: "But I have intimacy issues!" That is her defense for the protections she has built around her heart.

I never forgot that episode.