Grrrrr ....They make me tired


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As many of us that seem to be having husband problems these days, (mainly thanks to stress caused by living with our difficult children)we might welcome a separate formum to vent at. Mine is driving me nuts :mad: Is it something in the air or what?!?!

It seems like the better she does the more he complains for gs sake. He wants her to be perfect in every way I guess. Sad part is...She's just like him!!! Go figure huh. :crazy:

Just having one of those,"I just wanna scream at both of them days!!" :grrr:

I think I feel better now. But then the day is young :rolleyes:



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Which is better - you screaming at both of them, or them screaming at each other?

Or do you only want them to scream at each other when they really grasp what is going on?

Life can be so confusing...



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Lea, when I read your post I skimmed your profile and thought I saw that husband was 23 years old and difficult child was 22. I thought - man there is one lucky lady to have such a young husband. LOL! Maybe if you pretend he is 23 you can ignore his grumpy old man act!!


My boyfriend told me the other day he felt himself becoming his dad - said he was becoming a curmudgeon!!!!

curmudgeon - archaic, miser, 'a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man'.

Just think of your husband as a crusty old man!!!!