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    I don't know why, but your "Crazy Chick" tagline made me think of this. Maybe you are the "chick" my nephew was looking for....
    And it might be one of those "had to be there" moments.
    When my nephew (not the one in question in the other post) was just barely a year old, his mama left my brother, his daddy. So when he was about 2 and a half and talking good, daddy was full-fledged bach-ing it again, and doing a fine job.
    He had a little routine everytime they left to go somewhere. He would take little nephew to the car and buckle him into his safety seat, then he would jump in the front and buckle up. Then they'd both get their sunglasses out and put them on (think Blues Brothers, here), and my brother would say "what are we?" and nephew would say "Cool dudes, dad!", complete with the thumbs up, Fonzie style. Then my brother would start the car and look back at nephew and say "And what are we doing?" and nephew would say "Cruising for chickens, dad!". (dad never could quite get him to understand "cruising for chics".)
    This is still a frequent phrase around my house.
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    That's CLASSIC! :rofl: I can just see it now...
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    Too cute. What a way to bond (and I bet dad got a lot of phone numbers with son in tow).