Ha, ha. My last response inspired a thread. You know you're a difficult child if...


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You can lie while staring your parents in the eyes and cry on the spot, making parents feel very guilty.

You know exactly when to sneak out the door, get high, come back and never get caught.

You are on a first name basis with the cops.

You have had at least one car accident that was your fault (but you can coherantly explain why it WASN'T really your fault) or a you have a DUI. Of course, somebody else taunted you into drinking and you weren't REALLY drunk.

Your siblngs say, "Oh, him? He just has the same last name as me. We're not related."

You are caught with a naked picture on your cell phone, that your parents pay for, and you say, with conviction, "I have no idea how it got there. Somebody must have been messing with my phone."

We'll see if the thread takes off or not.

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You've dropped out of school and cannot hold a job for more than a few months yet you are smarter than everyone and are very good at telling people how they should be living their life because you are such an expert.


You can cuss your mother out repeatedly, them MAYBE apologize at the end and say you did not mean to be rude, then continue cussing, repeat apologizing until mom just hangs up. Then call back demanding money.

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If your parents wake up in the morning and find you drunk out of your mind on some booze that they hid in the closet that they thought you would never find....

If it's 11 AM and you are still in bed even though you were supposed to be at the office at 9 AM and your mom is yelling at you to get up and this happens at least three times a week...

If your mom has to dole out your medications every day because you can't be trusted to take them responsibly...

If she has to hide your medication because they are controlled substances but you get them anyway no matter where they are hidden or or even if they are locked up...

If your mom has to take her purse to bed with her and lock the bedroom door...

YOU MIGHT BE A difficult child!!! (Insert Jeff Foxworthy voice)


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You pawn your parent's belongings but you can justify it because, "You planned on getting them back."

You have never called your parents unless you need something.

You fail your first semester of college due to not attending classes, because "It wasn't what you thought it would be like". But you appeal, get back in the second semester, and do it AGAIN!


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If your parents went shopping for clothing while you were at work and you are upset they didn't buy you anything.

If you have the balls to call your semi nice car a piece of crap when it is being paid for by your parents.


If everything that's wrong in your life is because of that crazy *¢€¥¿«¡! who raised you.

If you change your circle of "friends" like the seasons and always claim that they are your "real family", only to have a whole new circle a few months or a year later.


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I forgot this one. This used to happen to me.

You find a bag of white powdery stuff in your kid's room and you hear, once again:

"I shouldn't get into trouble because I'm holding it for a friend. It's not mine."


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Your parents never understand you.

Someone disagrees with you so logically they don't understand you.

You're given multiple chances to own your parents old car by doing simple things but just cant find the time to do it.

You steal from your parents repeatedly then expect them to sell you, on payments, the car that you couldn't do just a few simple things to earn without money.

You complain bitterly about what a piece of crap the car is that your parents paid for, pay insurance on, put gas in, and keep running by paying for the upkeep of, and let you drive but launch into a tirade about how you need "Your Car" when said parents take it away because you did something stupid.

You disrespect your parents, then apologize profusely stating that it will NEVER happen again. Over, and over, and over, and over...............................................................................................................................................................................

Ooops! Almost forgot this one!

You aren't allowed to smoke in the house but when you're parents find cigarette burns on the carpet in your room it MUST have been one of your friends
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You prefer to be fired from multiple jobs instead of doing the boringly normal thing of keeping one. Especially if it's a good, well-paying job that would allow you to provide for your family. (Tally is 10 so far--)


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How about this one:

You complain all the time that your "friends" are jerks, idiots, users, morons, a-holes (insert insulting adjective here), but you have a fit if you can't hang out with them.


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Jabber, your post a few posts up triggered a big one in me.

You never said I'm sorry because somebody else made you say it, do it, etc.

The day I confronted difficult child about his "I'm getting a gun and coming to kill you" statement, he never once said, "I'm sorry." In fact, he got defensive and angry. "Well, it was a hard time for me and you know how I get an d you can't possibly have believed I meant it. DID YOU?" As if I'd have been a horrible person if I'd believed him.

So I"m adding you may be a difficult child if:
You never say you're sorry ever...or
If you say I'm sorry a million times and just do the same thing over and over again and say I'm sorry again. Especially when you want to hit the folks up for a favor.

Also, you may be a difficult child if one of your favorite excuses for anything you do wrong is:

You/he/she/somebody else made me mad.


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The day I confronted difficult child about his "I'm getting a gun and coming to kill you" statement, he never once said, "I'm sorry." In fact, he got defensive and angry.

I usually ignore our difficult child anymore when he says I'm Sorry. He's said it so many times that it means nothing. Also, he says it in a tone that would make mine sound kind when I was informing an offender to climb down off of the perimeter fence before I'm forced to shoot him. In other words, screamed/hurled at me.