Halloween--no medications!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Nov 1, 2008.

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    I am so exhausted. I dropped difficult child off at a friend's house last night for trick-or-treating. The mom promised to give him his medications. (Clonidine and Vistaril.) It was nice to be able to leave him, because I dressed up, too, and went to a small party.
    difficult child's friend's mom had friends over, eating and drinking ... guess who forgot?
    I didn't realize it until this a.m., when I awakened to a trashed house, lights on everywhere, TV running (a weight loss testimonial program ... I can only imagine what it was in the middle of the night), four TV dinners at various points in the house (difficult child's bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room).
    Armchair quarterbacking is great ... I should have given him his medications way early, knowing that in the Halloween chaos I couldn't and shouldn't depend on someone else to do it. I should have, I ought Occupational Therapist (OT) have ...

    Of course, husband is out of town. :sad-very: And easy child is out of town (checking out James Madison University--drove up to the mtns all by herself!!!)

    And, the crowing glory ... difficult child was MEAN and defiant and obstinate this a.m.
    Luckily, he took his pills this a.m. (clonidine and adderall) but went back to sleep and I missed my a.m. mtng. because he refused to budge. I was so ticked! I am finally getting my heart rate down. I wish I could create a better buffer for myself. It's all about detachment. Sigh.
    I am home printing out Halloween photos to calm down. I dropped him off at his game, and am missing the first half of the baseball game but I really need a break.
    easy child is absolutely convinced he is bipolar.

    I will read all your Halloween notes (disasters, I'm sure :anxious::sad-very:) when I get back from the game this afternoon.

    "Just keep breathing" is my new mantra.
  2. totoro

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    Yep... this why my post last night was a big Grumble. Even though K got her medications. It is still a huge headache.
    Sorry he had a rough one. I am still scared of letting the school nurse give K her medications, and she does a great job!
    Both of the girls woke very UP today. K has a little skate party,she can't skate, so I have to go and stay. (she is not stable enough enough to leave her alone anyway)
    So tonight, I am hoping for a relaxing calm night for all of us post traumatic long Halloween weekend Moms!!! Or just stressed out Mom's...:wine:
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    Some folks just don't understand the importance and ramifications of a difficult child not receiving their medications. Big {{{hugs}}} to you today.
  4. Andy

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    Oh Terry, I am so sorry! What a mess and I am sure difficult child feels terrible. He certainly doesn't like feeling this way. I hope is baseball game is GREAT!
  5. Jena

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    ugh is all I can say. That truly stinks I"m sorry to hear that. You try to escape for a little while and boom. I hope he levels off today. I get it was Halloween but come on i can't believe they didn't remember to give him the medications.

    I hope remainder of your weekend is better.

  6. TerryJ2

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    Thank you all.
    The funny thing is, the other mom has an autistic son who is also on medications so she knows how important it is. Still, it wasn't really her "fault." I should have done it b4 he went over. It was just so early in the evening ...

    difficult child spread all his Halloween candy on his mattress. I can hardly wait for the dogs to get into it ... just what I need, poop and throwup all over ... :sick: