Hallucinations and violent thoughts

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  1. Well, today was the brain SPECT test that my son was having. But this meant yesterday he couldn't have any medications. Even with the Abilify, he was still having visual and auditory hallucinations and violent dreams and thoughts. I went to visit difficult child last night and he said when he saw me "I haven't had a good day and I don't feel like visiting" I told him lets visit for a few minutes and if you want me to leave I will. I asked him what was wrong, why he hadn't had a good day, and he told me because he was having a lot of violent thoughts and he was seeing alot of "shadow people" as he calls them. Our visit only lasted about 20 minutes because he was really having a difficult time and was very agitated, so I took him up to the nurses station and explained what was happening and talked with one of the nurses when they walked me out of the unit. They were going to go back in and talk with difficult child and try to help him get through.

    My dad and I went and picked difficult child up this morning about 8am to have him at the hospital by 9am across town. He was fairly calm, just bored. It took forever for the paperwork once we got there and then when we got back to radiology, they took him pretty quick for the injection of the stuff for the test, but then you have to let it be in their system for 45 mins, before they can actually do the test. The test takes 10 mins, but he moved his head during the last couple of mins, so they had to extend the test for another 6 minutes. He did really well. He was worried though that he missed lunch in the cafeteria, but when I took him back to the psychiatric hospital, the adolescents had not gone to lunch yet.

    Hopefully the rest of the day goes well for him, he will hopefully get a phone call tonight. I hope so, I can't go see him tomorrow night because his sister has counseling at the same time as visitation.

    I just really felt bad for him yesterday because he was having such a hard time.

    I was going to go to work this afternoon, but I didn't sleep well last night and this morning was stressful. I have a mountain of paperwork to do, because I am applying for Medicaid for him (my private insurance runs out next week) and SSI. We will be moving him to the state facility (hopefully there is a bed - there is right now, but next week, who knows) as soon as our benefits are out.

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    Its heartbreaking that he's having the hallucinations:sad-very:
    Hoping the testing is helpful and gives you some answers.
  3. Thank you. It is very heartbreaking. I am really hoping for some direction from the doctor. I am just glad that we are making some headway. I know we have a ways to go and we are still looking at further inpatient and residential for him. I also know that the test may not be conclusive, but at least we are trying.

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    It's very heartbreaking to see your child like that. I am so sorry.

    Sending hugs to you, and sneaking in a couple hugs for difficult child too ;)
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    I am so sorry....{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} to both you and your difficult child.