Happy Mother's Day

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I want to take this time to wish all of you wonderful moms a happy Mother's Day. I know this can be a difficult day for many of us. I remember years and years of my children being at their worst on Mother's Day. I was lucky though because my husband always made sure my day was special. I remember one year on Mother's Day when easy child/difficult child didn't say one word to me the entire day.

In case you are having one of those kind of Mother's Day, know that you are loved here even though your children may not appreciate all you do for them. Raising a difficult child (or more than one) is the hardest thing you will ever do and you often receive no praise along the way. It is easy to get a bit teary eyed watching other mothers receive so many shout outs on a day like today.

Wear your warrior mom suit proudly. Don your rhino skin ad try to let hurtful words roll off your shoulders today. You battle daily for your children, seeing more and doing more than you ever thought you would and often receive no thanks at all. Maybe you wonder (like I often did) if you are making a difference at all (you are).

Please know that here you are among others who understand what you are going for and are loved and appreciated.


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Amen Wiped Out!!
Lovely post!
Not a bad Mother's Day for me this year, because husband took her to his mom's for the day, so I could enjoy a day with my mom.

I've had too many of those bad ones you describe.


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I actually had a good Mothers Day. The best one ever. I finally stopped trying to do what everyone else wanted and enjoy my day. I got up late told them what I wanted to do and did it. They did really well and didn't fight at all.

Both easy child and difficult child got me a plant. difficult child got me the one I specifically asked for which was very sweet of her. husband ordered his and it is in the mail.

On the downside I ordered flowers for my mom and mother in law and they came in dead. I am going to have a nice long chat with proflowers today.


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Thank you for this post. easy child/difficult child made my day a little difficult. He was obnoxious and hyper the whole day. Sorta my fault. I didn't give him his Focalin for the day so I guess I can be partly to blame. difficult child wasn't too bad. A little whiny and argumentative but nothing out of the ordinary. We went out to lunch for about 45 minutes then came back home. I wasn't in the mood to put up with easy child's antics in public for too long. All in all in could have been worse.

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dstc-Glad your day was a good one; sorry about the dead flowers!

cb-Sorry easy child/difficult child made your day difficult. Glad it wasn't the worst ever!