Has anybody tried L-Theanine?

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    It's an ingredient in green tea, it's what makes people calm after drinking tea. What I've found so far says this helps to calm as well as concentration. I have a friend who's a naturopathic doctor who said this works on the same brain receptors that food dye does, but in the opposite way. Food dye severly affects my daughter. I want to try it but I have no clue about dosages. I read one person used 100mg 3xday and that seemed to work well. One person used 200mg 2xday and it did nothing. 50mg is what "they" consider a normal dose in something like tea.
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    Black tea also contains L Theanine as does white and green tea. I've (accidentally) a type of Gatorade called "Focus" that contains it. Other than wiring me to the walls, I didn't notice any real difference.

    It didn't improve focus or anything like that. The chemical is actually an adjunct to the naturally occuring caffeine in any of the camilla sinensa teas.