Have to bite the bullet


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and go apply for disability or SSDI or whatever I can get. My health is just too bad to cope with a job. May not be eligible for disability, but there has to be something to help me. We are sinking financially. Really sinking.

Medical, even just pharmacy bill, is easily our biggest bill other than mortgage. It really just kills me to see my husband work so hard and get so little for himself. Or for us.

Something has to change, or we will lose the house. I am scared. But as always I will find a way to cope.


ps. Have had all of you in my thoughts and prayers, but have just felt too cruddy and had too many medical tests for Jess and I to post much.


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You'll be in my thoughts and prayers that you find an answer quickly. Try to take things a day at a time, so the stress doesn't bring more damage to your health. I know how hard it can be. Go easy on yourself, okay?


Roll With It
Thanks. I am trying to go easy on myself. I keep feeling that I should contribute more to the household, esp financially. But I just can't. It is frustrating.

Prayers to all,



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I am sorry you feel this badly but can relate. Feeling like you cant contribute because you are sick is the pits.

I have been waiting for disability for 2 years now. Hopefully soon.


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Sorry you are feeling so bad, but guess that is what disability is there for. Health costs are one thing that is so frustrating. They can add up so fast and the "cure" doesn't always appear...

Sending good thoughts your way....