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    how some manufacturers are saving money and charging us more for their product? I bought a bag of dog food (dry) today and noticed that for the second time in about a year, the designated weight on the bag has been reduced over 1/2 pound but the price for the bag has stayed the same. I noticed that on another "human" food product, too. Can you remember when a bag of chips actually held more than a half bag full?

    On a side note- difficult child is getting transferred as we speak. I had hoped to see him once more before this transfer because now we can't see each other for over a month. I just mailed him a long letter yesterday and I guess it will be sent back to me. *Sigh*

    Another rambling thought here- I had a buyer for an old piece of electronic equipment but he wanted me to drive further to meet him at a store. Someone else said she would meet me half way and get it right away. So of course, I went with the second buyer. After standing in mid-90's temps for 20 mins, she shows up, acts like she knows absolutely nothing about this type of item, scrutinizes it (it was EXACTLY as listed and shown in photo), then doesn't buy it.

    She is not my favorite person today. LOL!

    And I have learned that most resucue groups and animal shelters will not return pets to their owners once turned over to them. This is even when the owner turns them over because they temporarily can't provide them a home, is willing to pay the regular adoption fees to get them back, the animal is still available for adoption, etc- the original owner cannot re-adopt them even if they are the one who brought the animal in and the animal has not been abused or neglected. I don't understand the reasoning behind this. I could understand it if the owner had a multitude of pets- hoarding them- or if the owner had to repeatedly take this course, but after having pets the majority of my adult life, having these for ...well, one for over 9 years and the other about 6 years, I have never had to do this before. I would have thought finding a temp home would be easier.

    I'm going to give the dogs a bit of left-over chicken and rice tonight. The rice has some bits of potabella mushrooms in it- do I need to pick those out or are they safe for dogs to eat?
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    I don[t know about the mushrooms, I don't "think" it would harm them, but I'd perhaps do a google search , something like "are cooked mushrooms safe for dogs".

    I'm sorry you can't find a rescue to help you with your fur kids! That makes sense in many ways, but leaves little help out there for people who love their pets and are simply in a jam, such as yourself. I would perhaps put up some homemade ads at the local vets offices (with permission of course) as well as on your local free classifieds online (kijiji or something similar for your area). Something simple like : Devoted owner of 2 well loved dogs affected by economy requires help from fellow dog lover while relocating. Desperate to find a person caring enough to board (and love and care for!) my fuzzbuts in return for food provided (and any other costs incured). And of course, tons of immense gratitude from a relieved owner who is heart broken at possibility of having to perhaps permenantly rehouse my pets. Please contact me at : xxx-xxxx (or email address) if you have a temporary place in your home and a lot of love in your heart for pets the way I do.

    I really think you might luck out. And by posting at vets offices you are targetting fellow responsible pet owners, which is a plus. The vets or their staff may end up finding a solution for you this way too after staring at the signs a few days ;). It sure can't hurt!

    Very sorry to hear the lady didn't purchase your item. Is there a way to contact that gentleman and let him know that your buyer fell through and see if he's interested?

    Re: products and less product for more cash .... it frustrates me to no end!! On the flip side, I'm noticing a trend here in my province that many companies are lowering prices on certain goods to improve sales. The economy really changed the way people are shopping and forced people to shop more carefully and frugally. To continue profiting many companies are realizing they must do permanent price reductions. We also had a new tax added right at the height of a economic nightmare for most working families. So they are having to combat the loss of sales this way as well. It means that if we smart shop here (pay attention to sales and stock up at good prices etc), we are able to find some amazing bargains on things that are everyday needs for a family.

    I have become a major flyer watcher. I print and have sent to me many coupons for things I use, then wait to use them when items are already on sale. I am not only saving money compared to what I normally spend, we are all eating healthier and tastier foods. I have lost about 7 lbs without even trying, and since I need to lose 20 (yuck! Thought my yo you days were done), that first 7 going without feeling the effort has boosted the confidence I lacked that I could get the pounds off.

    I do loathe getting products that price stays the same (or worse, goes UP) while the contents shrink!!! I flat out refuse to pay $2.99 for a bag of potato chips that are twice what they used to cost and have half what they had before in them. I started buying popcorn kernels instead, air popping them, and instead of butter we splurge on nearly calorie free Kernels brand flavor sprinkles. We get the feeling of a snack and our favorite flavors (cheddar cheese, white cheese, nacho, dill pickle, sour cream and onion etc). It saves so much money (I pay about $2.50 for a good size shaker of sprinkles, and about $3.00 for a huge bag of kernels that last ages). I even send them in easy child's lunches to schools zipped into a sandwich bag.

    My crusty vent about products is meat. I can't believe how I used to be able to buy chicken and turkey (lean, versatile, high in protein and low in fat, and our favorite tasting meats) for next to nothing, and beef and pork were pricier. But now chicken and turkey are crazy expensive if there isn't a really good sale, while I can buy roast and pork for a fraction of the price even without a sale.
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    Yep, I agree. I started doing what some board members suggested though as far as buying meat and going to the store on the days when they cut the costs a lot in order to sell it before they have to take it off the shelves. That has saved me immensely. I bought a pack of lean beef yesterday for stir frying (not packaged as stir fry necessarily, just as lean cut in bite sizes) and only paid a couple of bucks for it.

    I noticed the major pizza chains have cut prices a lot on pizza that they deliver. I am not giving into that one though due to may present financial situation.
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    It bugs me no end when they shrink the amt of product and keep the price the same. In some cases they INCREASE it. Coke has gone to 20 packs of cans instead of 24 and the price is still higher than a 24pack used to be!!!

    We only get chips at Aldi's for the nacho flavored ones and Sams for tortilla chips. We also only buy cheese at Sams, and pepperoni. We have to drive about an hour one way, or the other way, to get to a Sam's - we are the same distance from 2 large cities. When we have doctor appts or husband has work we go to Sams and Aldis. We get a 6 pound box of tortilla chips for about $7-$8 bucks and they are GOOD. A five pound bag of grated Mozzarella or cheddar, or a 5 pound block, is $10. We also only buy batteries at Sams. We have rechargeable ones for many things, but still have need for the alkaline ones. Sam's has their brand of AA or AAA priced at just under $20 for 48 batteries. Or they have for the last few months.

    I get so frustrated when I get grocery items and think that it will make X servings and when it is done there simply isn't enough to make X servings unless we are feeding birds.

    There isn't much we can do except for continuing to be savvy shoppers. Grab those loss leaders, stock up when you see a deal, and don't be tempted by the expensive stuff unless a little goes a LOOOOOONG way.

    You can get quite a lot of coupons on ebay already clipped. usually they expire within a month or so, but I saved almost $30 using coupons I got for $2 (shipped) off of ebay. If you don't have time to cut coupons, this might help.

    Many women wear makeup for work or because they like it. We forget that it expires just like milk. Only expired makeup is harder to find than spoiled milk on a fuschia towel!!! It doesn't have an expiration date, but it does become an infection risk! You can find out when to pitch items online. I have mentioned EyesLipsFace a few times. If you sign up for their mailing list they will send all kinds of things. LOTS of discount codes - 50% off one of the lines, a free mini makeup kit if you spend $20 (the kits cost $15 to buy), blah blah blah. The quality is good, many magazines have featured their products, they are well thought out, and have items to appeal to the littlest girl playing with makeup to a busy mom trying to keep everything on track. You do not get as much of each item as with many drugstore brands. You pay a LOT less for it though. IT makes it a LOT easier to toss old products and get new ones.

    So when you are tempted by the makeup aisle and all the pretty new things they dangle in front of us, wait and check out ELF before you buy! (Plus, if you spend X amt of $$ they give you a subscription to a magazine - you don't get to pick, but it is free.)

    Try keeping a notebook of prices. List items you frequently purchase and write them down and the price at the store you are at. Then when you go to another store, take time to find the prices of those items. If you do 10-20 items the first few times, and 5-10 items after that, before long you will have an awesome pricebook and will know if that sale is really a good deal.

    There is a lady online who does a blog about coupons and saving $$. She even has videos of using the various Walgreen discounts/programs, setting up a coupon book, etc.

    This economy is encouraging a lot of frugality and recycling/reuse. in my opinion that is part of the silver lining, such as the silver lining is.
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    I am a huge pizza fan. We cannot afford takeout pizza even on sale. we splurge on the kids birthday and on New Year's eve and order in (well usually).

    A year or so ago I found a easy quick no rise pizza dough recipe and have been making pizza every 2nd Friday night for a family treat night type thing. The kids love it, it's so easy that its simpler than most meals I cook, it is very affordable and I buy cheese and pepperoni in large amounts when on sale and package it to the freezer in proper portions for pizza nights. (I shred cheese ahead so freezing it doesn't cause a problem)

    We were at a family members house not long ago and they ordered pizza for us all. It was allright, from a place that was our families favorite to order from for years now. We all said later that it was nowhere near as good as the ones we make, tasted much greasier and had a fraction of the flavor. easy child just had her birthday over the summer, and she didn't ask to order it, she asked me to make it for her dinner.

    If you want the recipe for the dough, let me know. takes about 5 minutes of actual work. And then about 10 minutes to "rest" , in which time I cut up any veggies we want on it and preheat the oven etc. I just make them on cookie sheets since we dont' care if it isn't round anyhow. When we dont have alot of cash, it can be a simple pepperoni and cheese, other times we use up veggies we need to use or that I've frozen previously in already cut pieces for just this purpose. I sometimes use pizza sauce. Other times if money is tight I simply use canned pasta sauce. I can make pizza for a hungry family of 4 (2 being guys who eat like horses) for about $6-8. (I make 2 cookie sheet size pizzas and we have tons of leftovers)
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    Thanks, MM- but since difficult child isn't here, I'm only buying the $2 packs of frozen single serving pizza. We did start making it at home when he was here and we liked that idea, too because we got toppings exactly the way each of us liked them. We didn't try making our own dough but I'll keep that in mind and might ask about it in the future. I bet it is VERY tastey!

    As far as chips- they last me a pretty long time as compared to most and I buy a regional brand that runs half the cost of the bigger name brands and I actually think they taste better.

    OMG, Susie, don't get me started on the price of make-up! As a working mom considered a professional who had to meet clients and local professionals often, I wore make-up daily to work for many years. However, I have never been one to go to the extreme of not even walking out the door to get gas without makeup on. Whether that's due to my generation of "bra-burners", my mother's fanatical focus on appearance, or being in the military, I don't know. I do wear a bra (LOL!) but don't put on make-up unless it was a situation like going out with friends or a date (in the younger years), going to work, dr, difficult child's court, etc. Other than that- no way. I am not putting it on to go to Wally World - I don't care how people want to laugh at shoppers there.

    And now that a small bottle of foundation alone costs $8-10, I use even less. I figure at my age, I can't look like I have the face of a 20-30 some yo no matter what I do and people do realize that I am not going to look like that at my age. So I put on just enough to make it look like I have put a little on- foundation is spread thin, a little eye shadow and rouge, and a little powder. That's it- and I doubt it's going to change unless I somehow do end up working in a professional setting again and need to look better but can afford to do so. (I do put on more and do a better job if I'm going to a job interview.)

    I just think it is absolutely senseless for these companies to charge so much for make up. I did hear on the news though that people are starting to steer away from using so many traditional beauty products and even some stars are wearing make-up less frequently. TG! Only a man could have encouraged this in the first place!! Age, generation, whatever- I have a problem with people thinking that I have to paint my face before I should go out in public but men don't.

    I like MM's idea about posting for a temp home for the dogs. I'm just a little leary that they would end up being treated porrly but it's a good point that if I put a notice up at the vet, at least the responder goes to one.

    Yep as far as contacted the first man back for the electronic equipment- we're talking about maybe trying again later this week. It's an older camera that photography students might use but no one else probably would since digital cameras are now so popular. But, if a student needed one for a photo class, the price sure beats having to get a new one by a long-shot.
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    Yep, I notice here as well! My H was always a fan of Kingsford charcoal and in recent years he's commented that the volume has gone down and the price stays the same. That company even goes so far as to write on their bags of charcoal that the smaller amount burns slower so it's like getting the old larger bag! The gall! He wrote them a letter and they sent him a coupon for a free bag. We don't buy that brand anymore and it still makes his blood boil. My beef is with certain canned or bottled products - same idea. I have been shopping at Price Rite and buying ethnic brands or store brands and that seems to make a difference. Those seem to be the larger volume at the old price, but you do have to be careful of some items. Also, the dollar store can get you some good deals. My problem is that I don't have time to run around to 3 or 4 different stores; it would be nice if I could get all the good deals at one place. Not happening though. Now I don't buy anything unless it's on sale or I have a coupon and just try to plan our meals around those items.

    We don't eat a whole lot of mushrooms, but when we have, we share them with our pups. They should be harmless.
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    I'm flirting with disaster with my makeup. Of course, most of my stuff is dry - and I clean my brushes - so that's not TOO bad (I also do NOT SHARE). Mascara and foundation go quick - I use those every day I wear makeup - everything else probably should be replaced!

    But you know? If I'm not at work (and sometimes when I am) - and I have to go out somewhere? I might change out of my sweats - but makeup? BLAH!
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    This is something that has burned me up for a very long time. Two things that are perfect examples are bacon and coffee. We're used to just grabbing a package of bacon and that was always a one-pound package. Suddenly that package wasn't a pound any more, it had gone down to 12 ounces, but the price stayed the same. And what used to be a 1-pound can of coffee is now 12 ounces too but the price stayed the same. I noticed the same thing with the cat food I buy. What used to be a 4-pound bag is now a 3-pound bag but the price stayed the same. I guess they thought that looked better than just raising the price, or maybe they thought that no one would notice?
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    Yes, I just noticed that this a.m. I bought a box of 100 tea bags, and thought it was a great deal. Turns out they are mini-sized and i have to use twice as many. Grrr.
    Sorry about the lost sale and the picky buyer. Grr.
    Yes, shelters are not the right places to foster pets. They don't normally have the space or $. I hope you can find a good solution. Did you already drop off your pets?
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    No, one of the ladies suggested checking with rescue groups rather than the typical humane societies and shelters to see if they could help find someone. Since there are so many pets needing adoption, I would really have thought it would be easier to find someone willing to commit to short term rather rather add two more to the adoption list. Anyway, the only other option is to advertise and try to find someone but that makes me so leary about the dogs' well-being.
  12. TerryJ2

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    the only other option is to advertise and try to find someone but that makes me so leary about the dogs' well-being.

    I thought of that too, but then the same thing popped into my head.
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    Is there a no kill shelter in your area or nearby area? Many no kill shelters have problems when they are full, because they don't euthanize therefore can't house new animals. Therefore they have foster parents to take the overload, and these people are screened well and are accustomed to not having the animals permanently. If this exists near you, you may be able to use that route to locate a foster parent and eliminate the fear of trusting the wrong person.

    Also, if you do post something in vets offices, you are always able to ask the person for references (they shoudl understand completely) and permission to ask the vet about them etc.

    If you located someone who has pets themselves, sometimes simply seeing their home and their own pets can be a real indicator. Healthy, happy, obviously well loved and treated is a pretty good indicator that they aren't going to abuse your animal. I think the risk can be much minimized by simple intuition and a few safety check type things. Just think how many people who are forced to rehouse their pets by putting ads in paper. They don't normally see the persons home or their current pets to ensure their pets are well treated. This is something it would be understandable for you to do if someone did respond, Know what I mean?? I guess I figure if its coming to the nitty gritty, I'd rather be uber cautious and hope to find someone who seems to offer a good alternative to losing them. I hope whatever happens that you can figure something out. I wish I lived nearby because I'd take them in a heart beat simply to be sure you could have them back when you are on your feet. Sending good vibes that a perfect situation for them falls into your lap somehow!!!!
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    This is what I was trying- these are the groups who will only let me surrender the dogs to them permanently. I tried two different ones- one lady was fairly friendly but explained that this is just their policy. The other one was quite snotty- never mind that I myself have helped them in the past by fostering a dog for 2+ months when they were over-loaded and never mind my good hx with keeping and taking care of pets, she said owners didn't deserve them back because it showed a pattern or at least starting a "pattern of not taking care of their animals". I wonder if she has the same attitude toward military people being called back and those displaced by natural disaster. The peeople who don't care about their pets are typically not making call after call trying to emsure they get good homes and will be taken care of. Anyway, this lady didn't know what she was talking abbout. She also said "if you would relinquish them now, how would we know you wouldn't relinquish them again when they get 9-10yo"? Well, they are that age now. But I'm not relinquishing them due to age.
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    Some people are so narrow minded :(. I'm sorry you're running into brick walls!
  16. klmno

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    Yep. I do understand that tthey need to be cautious and that some people do have habits of getting pets then getting tired of them and getting rid of them, but that simply isn't always the case. One lady was very understanding and said she'd been getting a lot of calls like thisd since the economy has left so many people losing their homes. The jurisdiction I live in though, where the snotty worker is, is just a snobby jurisdiction, I have concluded. I notice their attitudes in various agencies- detention, sd, etc, are so much "holier than thou" than reps in agencies outside this jurisdiction.
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    Call closer to a military base and see if there is some place there that knows of somewhere that does this. Single guys have to rehome pets all the time.
  18. klmno

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    Good idea- actually, I might make another trip to VA and see if I can get a lead there.
  19. DammitJanet

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    Well there are about 5 bases fairly close to you that I can name right off the top of my head so maybe if you just call one of the family readiness agencies on those bases they would know.
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    I hope things work out for you and the pets. It is really a worry.

    As far as products shrinking, I have been noticing that for quite awhile. The one that really makes me mad lately is toilet paper. I don't know if they've started packaging fewer sheets as I'm too far gone to pay that close attention but the rolls have all become a fraction of an inch narrower. So now when I put them in my toilet paper holder, they fall on the floor. :mad: I suppose a fraction of an inch times the millions of rolls they make may add up to some savings for them but now I have to go out and buy a new toilet paper holder. The one I have was painted to match my bathroom was put up over wallpaper. Don't know what kind of a mess I'll have when I try to put up a different one.