He brought bed bugs in my home i want to die

My son brought home bed bugs from his friends house,and fell down the stairs at work and i had to bring him to er. I of course told the dr not to give him any pain medications because he was an addict. I am freaking out hes hurt and cant help me and now missed a day of work,which he is doing well at. I feel like jumping off a bridge,,bed bugs i am mortified and have to pay alot of money to get rid of them. I really want to jump off somewhere


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I am sorry. Was he high at work or did he just lose his balance? Kay used to think of so many reasons not to go to work and eventually would quit after a week or tell someone off and get fired. Even if your son had an accident while straight, I am glad he will be okay, but its it's rotten timing. With our Kay it was always rotten timing.

I don't know what to say about the bed bugs. I am really a clean person and I would he mortified too. I hope you can fix that soon.

It seems like the kids who bring us here have one dramatic episode after another. Never a dull moment. I often wanted to run away and change my identity.

Be well.


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I don't know if those cheap sprays you can buy online work. Sounds like you have a really bad case. Be thankful it's not termites, which would be really expensive. Look at it this way: When we had carpenter ants, we didn't know and had to replace the siding on our house. I know this sucks, but a lot of things could be even more expensive. I hope your son heals quickly.


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I have a bed bugs story, so you can laugh at me. I used to do very high pressure work and push myself very hard, and on top of it, I volunteered to work 14 hours a day instead of 10. I was staying at a hotel. And on my day off I broke out in bumps all over my torso. And I blamed the poor hotel for bedbugs. Self-righteously. The hotel tried to defend themselves, but I wouldn't hear it.

And then several years later the same thing happened. Different hotel. Different job. But same me. Somehow I had figured out that it wasn't bedbugs. It was hives. So I called the on call nurse and she told me to take a high dose of Benadryl. And the "bedbugs" went away.

I was so completely out of touch with what were my feelings and needs, and held so much stress that my body erupted in hives.

There used to be a mother who posted here not long ago named Elsie. She would talk about the third arrow. It's the arrow we turn against ourselves. We don't have any control over the bedbugs but we do have control over the arrows we turn against ourselves when the bedbugs show up.
I havent eaten much or slept because i cant sleep knowing there are bed bugs. I had two guys come estimate and i have been emptying dressers ,closet and other items tomorriw the two large closets that are full. I am in a small one bedroom. Not replacing my sons mattress,,hes working so he needs to contribute. He goes to alot of sleezy places and who knows where he got it

Deni D

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When I think about it I know I'm very lucky I've never had to deal with bed bugs being brought into my house by my son. He's been in some pretty sketchy living environments. But the thing is people get them from hotels on vacation so as gross as they are... I think I'd throw the mattress out also. A blowup mattress for him does sound like a good solution to me especially if there's a good chance he might be spending a night or two crashing at houses that might be questionable with regard to cleanliness while he's living with you.

As far as him falling down the stairs, it's great that they didn't get him any addictive pain medications. I hope he really did just have an accidental fall. Was he okay without getting the medication? I hope so. Better yet would have been if he told the er not to give him anything that could lead him into trouble.


Sending good vibes...

My heart goes out to you. Several years ago my son had bedbugs in his bedroom and he said a friend of his who had come over had them and he brought his backpack over our home. It was one of the worst nightmares. I threw out the mattress ripped up the rug, threw games and stuffed animals out and washed and dried ton of clothes, blankets , curtains etc. we had professionals come in but it was a long exhausting process. It felt like such an invasion. Luckily it was only in his room and I had the exterminator check the rest of the house to make sure nothing had spread. I think we caught it right away.

They are a serious issue not to be taken lightly.

I hope things work out for your son and he will be well enough to get back to work soon. Does it appear that he will?

Sending good thoughts.


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Misty: I believe Advil will help him with pain if he takes 3 instead of 2.

I'm sorry about the bedbugs. When it rains it pours.

Prayers your son won't lose his job and can get back to work.


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I used to worry about bedbugs when my daughter came over when she was still using. She slept in a lot of sleazy places. I used to make her change her clothes in the garage into clothes I kept at my house for just that purpose. Then she would change back when she left and I would put those clothes right into the washing machine.

I don't know if I was overreacting but we never got bedbugs. I am so sorry that you are going through this. It is just one more crazy thing that our substance abusing loved ones bring into our lives.

I also use a flashlight when I go to a hotel and look for signs of bedbugs. I may be a little obsessive on this.



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My daughter brought bedbugs into her apartment. Well..she claimed she had a friend sleep on her couch and that’s how it happened. The couch was very old, so we dumped it. We replaced her mattress and pillow. Had her wash all her linen. Plus the special fumigation. Two visits. This worked. No bed bugs. The worst place was the couch. It’s creepy.
These kids are so frustrating!
Hang in there!