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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Today David and Grant had well child appointments. David got 3 shots. He was crying and getting hysterical. It took 3 people (I was one of the people) to get him ready for the shots in his arm. Then right at the pinnacle before the shot went in he passed out. The nurse hurried at did two shots in one arm and was just finishing the shot in the other arm when he was coming to. Of course, we had to go get ice cream and pizza at the store afterwards.
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    Poor kiddo. I remember one time when they just couldn't get my difficult child's blood. About 5 people poked at him til they sent him to another part of the clinic where they were able to get it. He was crying and it was so hard to listen to. Strangely enough, it had no lasting effect on my difficult child, he actually likes to get his blood drawn now. (((Hugs)))
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    Oh, my!
    I've found that when the nurses are really friendly and young (and cute) and work really FAST, the shots are easier. Then difficult child doesn't have time to ramp up. Also, as the yrs went on, he came up with-more expensive "rewards" than just a hamburger. :) Once, he asked for an XBox 360. Oh, yeah, right!!!
    Be prepared for future negotiations. :)
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    Awww, poor kid. I hate it when they make me help hold them down. That just makes me one of the bad guys (like I needed their help to get that label). Did the pizza and ice cream help?
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    The nurses weren't young but they are very fast and good at what they do. From her coming in to shots finished was about five min. Pizza and ice cream helped lessen the impact.
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    I remember when my daughter had to get her booster for K. It took 4 people to hold her down. I was 9 months pregnant at that point, so I was the one who had to hold her head in place so she couldn't kick me. She's almost 20 now and gives blood whenever she can. When we tease her about the booster, she reminds us of her first urine test, the same day. My mother in law went into the bathroom with her because it was too tight for me and my belly. Grandma held the cup and daughter peed on grandma's hand! It's a good thing we love her.