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    My son no longer attends our local high school. I was having constant battles about his attendance and having 6 of his 7 classes being taught by a series of subs. Everyday he was being counted tardy or absent in most of his classes. The flip side was that he was being counted present when he was absent. The attendance people swore that no mistakes were being made. We were about to have to go to truancy court which in my county is very lucrative. He was withdrawn and enrolled in another program. In the mail on Saturday I received 2 letters from the former district. The first informed me that he has been tardy to all of his classes everyday since his withdrwl from school and the second one was a current progress report indicating that he has a 100 in all of his classes. There are no other students with his name at school and the id # is the same # he had since kinder. I can't wait until Monday. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.
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    How bizarre. He must be in a really challenging program .... don't have to really be there much to get a great grade. It will be interesting to see how they defend themselves this time. Is it the same district but a different program or a fully different district? I've been feeling like its not worth the public school stress lately. I get it!
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    The tardies and grades are being reported by the school he has been withdrawn from. I just don't get how you can have tardies and grades and you are no longer there. I read my post again and did an edit.
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    Lordy, I hope you have kept documentation because when you are dealing with ignorant staff...life can go from beyond bizarre to totally insane. Fingers crossed. DDD
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    I would love to be a fly on the wall when you "walk in there with the proof in your hands". No mistakes are being made huh? Let us know how they respond to THIS one.

    Just out of curiosity, where does he go to school now? Home-school, online, private......?
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    TeDo, He is doing an online program. The nice thing about this program is that there is an in person tutor that he can go to at the academy he is enrolled at. He can work at his own pace and at the level he needs to address any gaps he has.
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    OMG!!! Those two letters, side by side, say it all.
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    I feel your pain.

    Cory was in a wilderness program for 16 months. It was considered a private accredited school. He was disenrolled or unenrolled or whatever it is called from our local school district when he was sent to the wilderness program but even so, he had been in a self contained classroom when he left at school A.

    Well at the start of his 7th grade year (he entered wilderness in 6th grade), I get a call from our neighborhood school but that isnt the school he went to or would even return to because he was enrolled as a self contained IEP kid. They should have never had his file. Anyway, they call me up and tell me about 6 weeks into the school year that they have noticed that my son has been missing quite a few days this year. I got very tickled and played along and said "What? Your kidding me? He isnt going to school?" They told me that he had quite a few unexcused absences but he did have some days he did attend. I asked how his grades were. Oh they were okay. Good. I was about to split my seams. They said I needed to get a doctors note for his unexcused absences. I told them, but I dont understand, I have made sure he was on the bus. They kept telling me he wasnt there all the time. Then I asked them if they were sure they had laid eyes on my son. Oh yeah.

    I then told them that would be a really interesting considering my son was living 90 miles away and going to a private school there and had never even stepped foot into that school! Nor would he when he returned from the wilderness camp. He would return and go to School B.

    Lord did they sputter and fume. This was all the work of a guidance counselor who disliked me because of something that went on with Jamie. She knew he had a younger brother and was trying to get me in trouble for truancy on the younger one. Really...I would keep him out 6 weeks? LOL
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    There have been several issues in my state of school fudging attendance records in order to look better on the state report card. I wonder if something like that is going on?
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    Hmm, good point, Flutterby. Which is worse, incompetence or deliberate lying?
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    It is both. The school district makes money when kids go to truancy court. This is the same class he was "absent or tardy" for everyday. The teacher in that class did not want him in the class, because he created more work for her. She was also the only teacher who was not a sub. All of his other classes have teacher vacancies. I spent thousands on an advocate last year and it just made things worse for my son. I pulled him Occupational Therapist (OT) and I don't regret it at all.