Heat Lightning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Jul 8, 2008.

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    We have had so much lightning this year. We've had a lot of storms here, but even on nights we haven't been hit with storms, there is still lightning. It's been lightning (without thunder - heat lightning, which is really a misnomer) for hours now. It's done this more nights this spring/summer than it hasn't.

    Anyone else experiencing this in your neck of the woods? A lot of storms and/or heat lightning? I can't remember a recent summer when we've had this much.
  2. Hound dog

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    I haven't sat on the porch much this summer to know.

    But we did have a pretty good storm pass through earlier. Lots of rain, some thunder, a little lightening. I'm not complaining either. It got rid of that awful humidity and high temps.

    Darn storm caused me to only get 2 of the dogs washed. If it isn't raining we're scrubbing down Rowdy tomorrow. Nichole used to think I was crazy for bathing an outside dog. lol But it helps get rid of his winter undercoat and I spray him down for fleas and tick after, plus vaseline his ears for him. And on days like today, it helps to cool the poor ol' guy off.