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    Well let me tell you all about my day.. Got up this morning and went to let my boyfriends, parents chickens out of there pin..(yes i said chickens) Got a flat tire and where I live you can't leave a broke down car on the side of the road it will get towed.. So had to drive it 2 and half blocks up the road to the gas station.. And of course the seal broke so I couldn't pump it up and that was ok.. What really was the topper the spare tire was at home and no phone to call home cause there shut off right now.. So me and my son had to walk a mile and a half at midday in florida so about 85 deress or higher, and I'm not a skinny woman.. And wouldn't you know it when I was 7 blocks someone finally offered me a ride home and I took it (not that I usually take rides from strangers cuz I don't), But I really didn't know if I would make it those last 7 blocks. ANd the best part is my son was actually a very good boy thats a change.... THANK YOU ALL for listening.......
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    Lots of praises for your son! :)