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    Hello I found the site today and I had to check it out .I am a mother of 5 children that are mine and than i have step son .My oldest child who will be 9 this year was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and ADHD and now my 7 year old has been diagnosed with ADHD annd ODD.It would help to have other people to talk to that knows what its like
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    Glad you "stumbled" across our humble home of support (but sorry you had to look for it). I've always said that the first, and most comforting thing about finding the CD site for me was the realization that I was not alone - I had found a place where they understood!

    Look forward to hearing more about you and your difficult children - welcome "aboard".

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    Welcome. Have your kids been checked out for Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) in any form? The combination of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) plus ADHD especially in more than one child would make such an assessment a good idea. I can't post much right now (utter exhaustion and lack of sleep - for once, not caused by a kid, but by a particularly noisy kind of bird in our area that doesn't seem to need sleep!(. I will watch for more posts here and maybe be back in about 24 hours, hopefully with a brain less mushy. But you say you want to hear from parents with similar problems - I've had a house full of them. Life can sure get interesting!

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    Hi there. I wonder if you could give us more of a history on your family and children. That would help us. ADHD/ODD is often a combination that morphs into something else. How were your kids early development? How do they relate to their same age peers? Are there are psychiatric problems or substance abuse in your children's GENETIC family tree (yes, including bio. dad). Are they on medications? Do the medications work? What behaviors worry you the most?

    It would help if you did a signature like I have done below. Welcome to the board :)
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    Welcome ! This is a wonderful site and I am sure you will find the support and understanding you need :D
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    Welcome!! Glad you found us. It is amazing the power that comes in knowing you are not alone!!!