help - is it the medications or is easy child/difficult child in real trouble


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easy child/difficult child has been on zoloft and respirdal for two weeks. She was depressed, hearing voices, seeing things and paranoid about objects.

The first week she was very tired but that went away. Now for the last four-five days she's been hyper to super hyper. Extremely happy to the point of sillyness. She couldn't sleep the other night so she cleaned the entire kitchen. She went from not being able to focus to being hyper-focused. To the point of loosing everything around here.

Today - she missed the bus because she was so hyper she got to playing with the dogs and forgot about the bus. When she called me to tell me she was so hyper she was actually HOWLING on the phone. As in "OOOOwwwwww!". By the time I drove home to take her to school. She was in tears and paranoid to go to school. She was afraid to be around all those people. She was losing it.

She's with my Mom right now. And we have an appointment with the psychologist this afternoon. We will see the Pychiatrist next Monday.

Any ideas about what might be happening???


It could be hypomania/mania caused by Zoloft. You should place a call to the psychiatrist ASAP and tell him/her what you're observing. You may need to rethink this medication.

How much Zoloft is she taking?



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I'm wondering why a child who is having some psychosis is put on Zoloft!!! That can CAUSE hallucinations! I'd question the psychiatrist about THAT medication, big time.


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I would call the psychiatrist as well. It could be that what he thought might have been a psychotic depression is bipolar instead. It sounds like she is manic.