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    Back in late feb my doctor's nurse sent me home right after I gave a sample for the drug screen (pain mgmt doctor). I was told there would be no charge - specifically told this plus they gave me the fee for the appointment back.

    Then I got a bill for the appointment. The whole $100 shot. I do not know the name of the woman who sent me away, but I will recognize her when I see her (oddly she reminded me of characters in a series of picture books from when I was a kid, lol). She also assured me that medications would be continued until the enxt appointment - and I have learned that THAT is a crock of boiling stink.

    The billing lady wants me to pay half - thinks she is being generous by doing this. My appointment is in a week so I need to figure this out. Can they legally make me pay? I am sure that the receipt is here, and they they have both receipts - the initial one for the appointment fee and a balance due and then the new one for just the balance due because there was to be no charge for the appointment.

    The virus was the reason the doctor wouldn't see me, and the days of vomitting and not having medications in my system were why the drug test was not supposed to be run. They did run it, but only after telling me they were not going to.

    Anyone know the law on this? Esp if I can find the nurse and cashier who set up giving my money back? Thanks.
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    I would simply tell the billing lady that you'll discuss it with the woman who handled you the last time, get her name when you go and either you'll both discuss it with the woman handling the bills or you'll give her a call with the name.

    Don't let her brow-beat you into anything. It's a simple matter of miscommunication, that's all. Just worry about feeling better, the rest will fall into place!

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    Skip the billing lady and the receptionist - write a letter to the doctor letting him know exactly what happened and what you were told.

    I'd bet anything that he will waive any charges for the doctor visit.

    on the other hand - the urine sample might have already been analyzed and charged to your you may owe the co-pay for the urinalysis.