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  1. Jena

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    so i need help..... last week my easy child totally crashed. yea the new one lol.

    so i backed up all my files ran to store and bought dvr's their like dvd's except well ya know.....

    so anyway i restored system. and how i have all these things and i have no clue how to get them back into my easy child...

    does anyone know how? i slipped them into side and it just comes up with all the info inside them yet no direction on ok how do i copy it back into easy child

    thanks!!! yes i'm not good with computers!!
  2. rlsnights

    rlsnights New Member

    What kind of computer do you have, what operating system and how long has it been since you got it?
  3. AnnieO

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    ...Also depends on what kinds of files. Documents, pictures, etc. you can just drag and drop.
  4. DammitJanet

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    Im not quite sure exactly what you are

    What did you back up? You did a system restore right? Or did you re-install windows whatever on it?

    Like my computer is several years old and was running pretty sluggishly so we saved everything I wanted to save over on a portable hard drive and then we wiped my machine and installed Windows 7 on it. Now I have a clean easy child. I dont have some of the programs on it that I used to have though. Like I used to have Microsoft office that came with my old copy of Windows Vista. I had to lose that. Oh well, Im not buying another copy and will use OpenOffice. Its free. I can go to my portable hard drive and click on my music and "COPY" music to a file on my new easy child if I want to. Or I can just leave it where it is.

    For you, if you did a simple restore, you should have whatever basic programs came with your machine from the factory. You should be able to click on the file on the disc that comes up and send it to whatever location you want it to go. If you click on your mouse on the start up button (I guess thats what its called, its the one with the windows logo on my computer screen right now) it will bring up a menu with a list of programs. On mine it says Janets, documents, pictures, music, etc. If you click on Janet which will probably be Jena on yours, it should bring up all your folders where you will copy your files.

    I hope that made some sense.
  5. Jena

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    it's everyything my word program, i can't write now. it's my pics, it's literally everything i had in the easy child, my book etc. i did a factory restore. so it's back to original shape it was in when bought. does that make more sense??
  6. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member you have a word processing program on your computer? Did it come with one or did you have to buy Microsoft office? If you had to buy Microsoft office or if it only came with the trial you have the original discs that came with this computer? You may have to just do a re-install.
  7. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    So, you are saying that you did a system restore - but did not save the data that was on there before you did the system restore?
    If that is the case, you might have a real problem. It may be that only a professional will be able to retrieve that data.
  8. rlsnights

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    It sounds like you are asking how to move or copy your files from the disks to your hard drive. Is that right?

    Before you do that - do you know why your easy child crashed? If it crashed because you had a virus or trojan horse or whatever, that could be hiding in those files and they need to be checked before you put them back on your easy child. For that you will need help from someone else like the Geek Squad or an independent computer person who can check them for you.

    If you KNOW the files are safe, then put a disk in your disk drive. Go to My Computer and open it. You should see the disk drive showing and a disk in it. Double click on the disk and it will open and show you the files on the disk. To copy them to your hard drive, just drag them to your documents folder or to the file you want them in.

    Hope that answers your question.

  9. Jena

    Jena New Member

    ding ding ding patricia you got it!! that's what i meant!! lol. sorry i guess i wasnt' direct enough.......

    see that's what i was giong to do yet i have no idea what's on the 5 disks and where to drag them to. itdoesnt' specify on the disks just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. my microsoft office program i had just installed is on there also.

  10. rlsnights

    rlsnights New Member

    If you have the program disks for Office I would just do a new install of that rather than try to transfer files.

    If the names of the files are mumbo jumbo then they are almost certainly program files - not data files like word documents.

    When you save your documents/pics etc you name the files and hopefully you organized them into folders.

    You need to look for "Documents" folder name in those mumbo jumbo lists. It may be a subfolder within a folder labeled "C". Open that and you should see your folders or files. You can either transfer the entire documents folder to your new computer and then move the files around or you can transfer the subfolders and files one at a time.

    So why did your easy child crash?